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hey ive opend a ticket on support with a Q.

great theme btw

Your ticket is updated.

please how do i change the layout color of the accordion. and other tabs

Dear Tegaenai,

Please send your ticket via our support page : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com we will provide you custom CSS code.


Hi Tohid.

WHERE is the directory folder that contains the theme’s ICONS? I want to replace some icons using the same name with an overwrite, or just ADD some of MY own custom icons to the theme. Also, if I didn’t replace existing icons with overwrites, how could I insert my custom icons INTO the shortcode of an “ad box”, “featured box”, etc.?

Thanks! Jason Frey

Dear Jason,

Icons of the theme are Font-Icon and comes from font folder from fontello font family, if you want you can use your own Image Icon in Featured Box but in Ad box you can not use your own.


Hi, do you have a planned date for the woocommerce-support? thanks!

Dear secBIT,

Not exactly, but we are working on it and will update the theme ASAP.


just wanted to compliment the support team. for every open ticket, i get an answer in less than 2-3 hrs, usually even before, and the team is very helpfull with custom help.

keep it up!!! great theme, even greater support!!!!!!

Thank you for your feedback, Your Welcome :)

How do I increase the text size of the slogan, the one right under the logo.

Thank you.

Dear Newton,

You can use this CSS code in Interio Options > Custom Codes > Custom CSS

.sub_header .slogan{
    font-size: 14px;


I do not go for the latest products in the home slider?

Dear Angeldavo,



but those are not the last I uploaded…..

Dear Angeldavo,

You should set Orderby to “Date” and Order to “DECS” in Interio Options > Portfolio Carousel



I can’t change the icon color using the shortcode, why is that? This is my code for example:

[icon icon=”check” color=”#99CC00” size=”xxl”]

That color code is green, but it appears as red, the main default color from “Theme Options > Colors > Icons Color”.

I thought we were able to change the color for each specific icon?

Please send your ticket via our support page : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com


Is it possible to:

1. have image (with more height) as header background with the menu (without affecting other elements in the page, for example still having sliders option in the page) 2. totally remove icons 2. changing default background pattern 3. make other ‘mixtures’ of elements other than the default shown in demo (for example, if I want to keep only ONE portfolio-carousel on the left and have accordion or a still image next to it to the right, instead of the other portfolio-carousel: I am trying to choose elements equal in width!)

Dear Minar,

All you need is Possible, Please send your ticket via our support page : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com


Hi, 1. header image: name of site appears ON the image. How to make it go behind it? 2. using shortcodes to put elements together: – How to make elements have the same height (frirst element: 2/3 column portfolio-carousel or tabs, second: 1/3 column accordion or tabs) – Is it an option to have portfolio-carousel as content for accordion or tabs element?

Thank you

Please send your ticket via our support page : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

Hello Tohid,

I'like to reduce the sidebar width and the space between the items in the 'navigatie'? In which file can i find this parameters?

Here’s the site http://www.aardwarmtepompen.be/warmtepompen/

Regards and many thanks!!

your ticket is updated.


Thank you so much for this great theme I just have one question .

How to disable the gray glow of the clients slider and keep the logo colored as they are?

thanks in advance

Dear Masjidi,

You should edit the functions/carousel-clients.php file and remove this from line #102



How can I change the colors of navigation menu?

Thanks …That’s ok , but how to change the menu text color when mouse is over the text to make it looks like a button?

Is there any plugin you would recommend using for that?

You can use this in Interio Options > Custom Codes > Custom CSS

.sf-menu a:hover{color:#999999 !important}



Does anyone now how to remove the diagonal lined affect under the header and in the footer as it stops the colors matching ?

Thanks TC

Dear TC,

You can add the background color to end of it:
.band.title {
    background: url("../images/main_bg3.png") repeat-x 0 -78px #666666;

Hi Tohid,

So i pasted that extra bit of code into the css box , nothing changed what else should I have added? The top has changed footer hasnt


Dear TC,

I sent you footer CSS code before but you can use this:
footer.footer {
    background: url("../images/footer_top.png") repeat-x center top, url("../images/footer_bottom.png") repeat-x center bottom #999;


lotfan pish namayeshe noskhe tire ham gharar dahid toie demo mamnon

I see comments dating back as far as 9 months ago, where you have mentioned the upcoming “Major update” with WOoCommerce integrated. I am considering purchasing your theme, but would like to have WooCommerce integration out of the box. Could you please provide a realistic timeline of when this major update is likely to be released.

Dear jmdezigns,

We are working on our new theme with woocommerce support, after releasing this theme, we will update Interio. but right now we can give you an exactly time.


The support for this theme is quite simply the best there is!!!!! Highly recommended!!!

Thank you so much :)

Hi, I’m using a page with portfolio 1 tamplate. (RTL site) can you help me to move the image to the right and the text to the left?

thank you

ok, I did it myself :) thanks.

Good Luck :)

Dear all,

Just to let you know that I am impressed by the provided support services, both the WP & HTML themes. Highly recommended!


Thanks Jan :)

Hello Question before the buying… Is any Page Builder integrated in this theme or only shortcodes?

Thank you

Dear gww,

You can create pages with shortcodes.


Hi, A question I purchased the theme, installed it and started adding pages and content. Now, if I want to import the Sample XML Data so the website will look exactly like the demo, will it override everything i did so far (pages, settings, content, etc.) and leave me with a blank theme like in the demo?

Thank you

Dear Olipman,

XML data only added demo content to your website and your settings and content is safe.