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Hello parallelus, thank you once again for this wonderful theme. My site is up and running.

Take a look at www.dailywiki.org and give your valuable suggestions to make the site more attractive.

thank you.

Is there a way to get the dummy content like on the preview?


i have possibly corrected lot of issues, but there is one issue i can’t correct.

site is taking lot of time to load in IE8 compared to google chrome and firefox which is faster.

Please take a look, my site www.dailywiki.org


I don’t see any reason for the site to load slower. IE is known to be a slow browser and will load most webpages much slower than Chrome or Firefox.

Ok parallelus, slow in the sense the page just freezes for 20 seconds then loads completely,that is awful lot of time. other websites load seemingly fast, I use 8mbps broadband connection.

Is there any code correction required as my site will reach world wide audience in months time.i just can’t ignore people with IE 8 browsers

I require a really strong theme to hold the surging traffic.


My IE8 test loaded much faster, 8-10 seconds. Still slower than the 3-5 seconds for Chrome, but it seemed to lag the most at the end. That could mean an external script at the end of the page taking time, possibly “statcounter.com”?

Do you get the same lag when loading my demo site in IE8 ? For me the demo loads much faster in IE8 (3-5 seconds) than your website. I’m not doing anything special on the demo, actually your site is using W3 Total Cache where the demo is not. My demo should load slower.

I don’t believe it’s related to the theme design or code based on these factors. The only thing I can point to is the content or a server issue as they are the differences between the demo and your site. Try disabling external scripts and testing again. Remove large images and test. See what makes the biggest difference.


ok parallelus i have tried it’s not rectified, but that is fine

Even in your site when you click blog the page freezes the then loads after complete download.

At least if the user is able to move the page up and down it will be fine but holding the page until it loads completely is annoying.

i hope in days to come the theme will get more stronger and faster. God bless you for this wonderful theme.



I’m also not experiencing the issue you described on my demo blog page. That might indicate a problem with the IE install on your computer, or other browser add-on’s delaying the load. It might be worth looking into.

Hi there, I am new to wordpress and am using your theme. I have one issue.. my imported blog, which has about 100 entries with photo attachments doesn’t load the photos in the blog list (because it wants to use the images that you have set in the theme), plus I don’t want all my photos to be the width x height that you have set. If I do set a blogheader photo, and then click into the post, then it shows the image twice.

Because I’m wanting to seamlessly integrate all 100 posts into this blog, it would be nice if I could just have the photos that are attached in the blog show up in the blog list, preview, etc.

I know some themes can do this, so there must be some way to do it in blog.php, but I have no idea how! I am comfortable going in and changing code tho – if you could let me know what some options are. THANKS !


Thanks for purchasing the theme.

This would require some advanced knowledge of PHP and WordPress functions to make the change. I won’t be able to provide quite this much information as support, but if you email me I can recommend someone who will do customizations for you. Click my avatar and scroll down to the form on the bottom right of my profile page to send me an email.



i have one doubt what would be the link for recent post?

when i click www.dailywiki.org/page/1 it is going to home page what would it be for recent posts or newer posts


I’m not sure I understand the question. The recent posts should always be shown first. If you are trying to load a blog page, create one using the theme options, or you can link to a category page. If that doesn’t answer your question, could you please give me more details so I can better explain.


canturko Purchased

Portfolio page, contact and failed to create blog pages. How about to do could you help? (mail: paylascan@gmail.com)


I don’t quite understand the question. Can you send me a link and specify what is not working. The help document helps explain a lot of the features and functionality for setting up the theme.

Hi, purchased your theme yesterday – great stuff

Help please :)how do I create portfolio page with sub-menu instead of default? sorry if the answer is obvious (newb)

Thanks in advance..


The portfolio page of the WordPress version does not include the layout for a side navigation. Using the included HTML files as a guide you could create this as an additional page template.

Kairam77 Purchased

hello, I write because I feel cheated … pay for it and the truth I could not raise the issue to my host, was an unfortunate waste of time and resource.


I’m sorry, did you have a specific issue I could help with? I don’t understand your post or what the problem you experienced was based on the information provided.

Hello – Love the theme.. trying to get the sidebars to show up…on the side of the pages. right now they are at the bottom of the post.




Have you made any changes to the code or CSS styles? Your content is centering on the page which leads me to believe there are CSS edits, or a plugin is imposing rules on the design that are causing the problem.

Two quick questions:

1) Does the latest version of this theme still require PHP short tags?

2) Looking at the demo, it appears that the links at the very top of the site are the exact same as those that are just below it [with the exception of the login & rss feed links]. Is there a way to make these two menus different, as from a UI standpoint, it seems a bit odd to have two “blog”, “portfolio”, “about”, etc links that close to one another.



1) The code has been completely rewritten and does not have any PHP short tags. There should be no issues for servers that do not have short tags enabled in php.ini.

2) The two menus at the top can be completely customized independently of one another. There are only so many pages in the demo site resulting in duplicate links in both menus. The menus are created using the WP 3 menu manager allowing you to create your own custom menus to apply to the theme. There are 2 different theme menu locations defined, top and main menu, and you have the option of applying the same menu to both locations or a different menu to each. It’s all up to you.

vjl Purchased

Excellent news on both accounts! You’ve got another sale. :-)

Keep up the great work!

I was ready to purchase this great theme when I noticed in IE8 the portfolio page is aligned left and looks very different the the portfolio page in firefox that looks even and properly aligned. Please let me know if there is a fix


Hi Charli,

Thanks for letting me know about that. There was a small spacing issue in the IE specific CSS file which did not get updated during the v2 upgrade. I’ve corrected the demo site and the updated files are in the ThemeForest queue now.

If you don’t want to wait for the files to go live just email me after purchasing and I’ll send you the updated CSS file.



Just received confirmation the update is live. You can download it from ThemeForest.

Hi, i’ve purchased the Envato ‘WordPress Pack’ Bundle some time ago and it was including this awesome theme. Is possible to get the updates too? Because the demo has some nice themes that the file included in it don’t.



Yes! The bundle files received a one-time update thanks to the ThemeForest staff so you can get this version by downloading the bundle again from your account downloads area. Future updates however, will not be included in the bundle files as specified in the bundle terms.

HI Parallelus…

I have purchased this through the WP Bundle and then downloaded the updated version today. I have review the comments and the documentation so am feeling very dumb. I can not seem to get the slideshow working or the three articles on the home page even thought I have followed directions. I didn’t even see the placeholder images when I set the default for that.

Now wondering if it could be a server problem (am with go daddy) Here is the site I am working on – appreciate any hints on what I am doing incorrectly



Looks like everything is displaying fine to me.


Yes – discovered I had a static page as the home page – had to change to blog.. Sorry for my stupidity

wmguk Purchased


I’ve been using this theme, and it is excellent, I love all the extra’s you included!

I’m just wondering if there is a way to hide the sub pages in the sidebar until you are on that master section.

I have this:

Compton - Banbury - – Options - – Features - Apex - – Options - – Features

but I wanted the Options and Feature pages to only display if I am on the master page (Banbury or Apex etc).

Is there an extra setting I can set for the menu area?


Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you are enjoying the theme.

If you are using the theme included “sub-navigation” widget you don’t have a lot of control over these settings. That widget is designed to be very simple and has no special settings available. You may be able to control these settings better with a custom navigation using the WordPress custom menu widget. If you need more control you can also look for navigation widgets on the WordPress plugins search. Add-on’s like that may require some updates to the CSS to keep the theme styling.


I’m having the same IE issue.

Page freezes (around 5 sec’s) before finish loading. For some sec’s, a message apear in status bar “downloading image from http://geo.yahoo.com/ps…”

Any thoughts?

Btw, the theme is AWESOME , great work on that! realy simple to change and very clean code.

Best Regards

Felipe Rodrigues | Radioative


I can only guess the reference to the external page is waiting for a response before finishing loading. If that’s added by a plugin, try disabling the plugin. If you test the demo site you shouldn’t see a delay. I’d be happy to take a closer look if you can provide a link.

I’m having an issue with the Intersect theme where a
tag is being added before INPUTs. If I switch to another theme the problem goes away and the page starts to look the way I want it to. Any ideas?

Here’s the page for reference: http://pahba.ca/members2/


I replied to your email regarding this issue.

Received a reply after sending an email, author got back to me with not only the solution (wrap the plugin shortcode with the raw) but a great explanation and breakdown.

Thanks! Great theme!


Thanks for the post. Glad I could help.

Hi. great theme. I have configure my front page to display a blog. How do I stop the theme from displaying an excerpt. In other words, I want the full blog post to show, never a summary or excerpt. Thanks!


The home page will show the full content as long as you don’t add the <!--more--> tag.

If you’ve changed the code or altered “index.php” you might have a different function to include the content into the page. Make sure it’s using “the_content()” and not “the_excerpt()” or another function.