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skaag Purchased

I’m using this theme, and I think it looks great. I get lots of positive feedback about our site, all the time.

My only issues: 1) Lack of auto-updates – It would be awesome if you had some mechanism that incorporates some kind of “key” into the template, so that it can update automatically when you make an update to the theme code. Turns out I was using an older version of the theme which I purchased a long time ago. I came here to look for a new version only because I had some issues with the contact form, and wanted to see if there was an update…

2) Multi-language support is lacking. I have modified contact.php myself and made it WPML compatible (it registers once all the strings it displays, and then displays the multilingual strings instead of the hardcoded english ones). However I find it hard to believe I’m the only person who needs to have a multi-lingual site. I think you should look into WPML and make your theme “Multi Lingual Ready”.

3) Seems to be some issue with the contact form when JS/CSS are minified by W3-TotalCache. I am still investigating this one…

Other than that, thank you for a truly awesome theme. And thanks for including all those new themes – You didn’t really have to do that, and the theme would still be worth the money.

grossiro Purchased

Hello, great theme. I am trying to use it as a child theme. However I have an issue with the child theme. It is correctly displayed by wordpress as a child theme but the following info are shown:

1) The stylesheet files are located in /themes/parallelus-intersect-child [OK] 2) The template files are located in /themes/parallelus-intersect/theme-admin [Not correct]

I followed the same procedure I have successfully used when defining other child themes but in this case it seems I am not able to point to the right directory for template files. Infact the website is almost “naked” when I preview it …

Can you please advise how I can use in the child theme the correct template files.




I believe the template files are located in “/themes/parallelus-intersect/” not “/themes/parallelus-intersect/theme_admin”. The “theme_admin” is only files referenced by the “functions.php” so your shouldn’t be referencing it in any way for a child theme.

grossiro Purchased

Andy, thanks for the reply. Yes, the template files are indeed located in “/themes/parallelus-intersect/” but wordpress is looking into “/themes/parallelus-intersect/theme_admin”. So my question was: how I can direct wp to look into the right directory? With other child themes (like twenty ten) wp looks in the main theme directory. In this case wp is referencing to the theme_admin dir but I did nothing to point there :-)

Hope this clarifies the issue.



I think you need to copy that folder to the child folder. I’ve created child themes for my themes before and if I remember correctly, you must include the “theme_admin” folder in the child theme folder. I’m not 100% on that but I’ve done this before and never saw an error like the one you received.

grossiro Purchased

I am not sure I explained myself. The problem is not with the theme_admin templates. I am not able to use ALL the templates of your theme with a child theme.

Either I am missing something in the configuration of the child theme or it looks like default values of some variables like TEMPLATE or TEMPLATEPATH are pointing to the wrong directories.

Anyhow, I included the “theme_admin” folder in the child theme folder as you suggested but it didn’t work. I also tried copying all the templates into the child folder (but it doesn’t seem to me the way a child theme should work!) and got the following message when previewing the child theme:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare this_theme_menu() (previously declared in …/wp-content/themes/parallelus-intersect-child/functions.php:85) in …/wp-content/themes/parallelus-intersect/functions.php on line 60.




If you’ve copied the CSS files to your child theme folder, you must also copy the images folder. The path to the images from the CSS files is relative to their location. If you wanted to update the CSS files to point to the main theme folder, you would not need to copy the images folders, otherwise you do.

grossiro Purchased

Any update on this? As I said I included the “theme_admin” folder in the child theme folder as you suggested but it didn’t work.

Please advise.




I’ve replied to your previous message. I don’t know any other reason you would have a problem using a child theme. If you figure out what the issue was please let me know.

grossiro Purchased

Issue resolved.

It is basically a wordpress issue, since you need to be very careful if you change the directory name of parent theme in the style.css file (like I did) when defining a child theme.

You have to switch to a different theme and back to the child theme (if you modify the template line) for the modifications to be taken into effect.

For more info see: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes


I am having a minor problem with transparency of the PNG images used for the slideshow on the home page when viewed in IE 7 .0. During any transition effect, the transparent portions of the PNG darken (to nearly black) during the transition, then display correctly once the transition is complete. This problem only occurs on IE 7 .0, not Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Currently, the only solution I have is to set the transition to “None”, although this is not very appealing.

I have noticed the same thing occurring when I view the “Live Preview” of the theme on this site (themeforest.net), so it appears to be browser/version specific, rather than the files/format I’m using.

Any suggestions on how I might correct this?


It is a browser limitation. You can attempt to implement some IE specific styling or alpha settings using CSS filters. It might help. IE has limited support of transparent PNG ’s.


Sorry to get in touch via this forum, but Im having menu display issues using the Intersect them (latest release). I have tried contacting you via your profile page with no luck!

The very top menu displays vertically and disappears behind the main website. And the main menu on the site (next to the logo) does not show at all!

I have not changed any CSS . But I have changed a background image, keeping the same graphic name, I don’t think that would upset anything.

Hope you can help. This work is for a client.

Best Regards John Harris

PS. If you require a link to view, please just ask. Thanks


We’ve been trying to reply to your emails for weeks but your server keeps blocking them. I’ve even tried sending you the information from your contact form on your website but must not have gotten that either.

The problem you have is that you didn’t assign any “theme locations” for your menus. If you go to “Appearance > Menus”, you can set your menus to the proper theme locations (the box on the top left of the menu setup). The box will have the following text:

Your theme supports 2 menus. Select which menu appears in each location.

Primary Navigation [ select box ]
Top Menu  [ select box ]

Here is the error message from one of the many emails we tried sending:

On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 12:03 PM, Mail Delivery Subsystem wrote: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: [ removed your email address ]

Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error.

Brilliant – thanks. Can’t believe I missed that! Thanks for the help.

Don’t know whats going on with contact details. I have tested my web form and all is OK etc…

Thanks anyway for the help.

Regards John Harris


No problem. Glad the theme is working out for you.

Hi, this theme is working great for me, but I’m having a few issues when viewing the site in Internet Explorer (I’ve tried IE6 and IE8 , and the problem appears in both).

1. On the home page, there appears to be about a 5px gap between the header graphic and the top of the slideshow. I tried adjusting the CSS and Div tags to correct it in IE, but then it appears incorrectly in my other browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome)

2. On my sidebars where I have added widgets, none of the dynamic links work. Neither the href links I enter with HTML , nor the Blogroll widget.

Again, both of these issues seem to be IE specific. The first is only cosmetic, but as it appears on the home page, it looks a bit sloppy. For the second issue, it impacts the functionality of the site.

Any assistance you could provide on how to correct these issues would be greatly appreciated.

For a view of these issues on my site, the link is www.readyfortheratrace.com.



The only plugin I have been running is XCloner, for file/database backups. I have just now deactivated and deleted it, and now have no plug-ins running, but the issue still exists in IE.

I have noticed that the Contact Me buttons in the sidebars (created with the button shortcode, and which link to the Contact Me page), are working correctly.

Any other suggestions on what I might try?


Through some additiional troubleshooting, I have discovered the following:

1. If I change the order of the widgets in the sidebar, so that the Links widget appears below a Text widget (with only static information), then all of the Links work.

2. I created a category for my Links titled “Job Search Resources” which I was using as my filter to display the Links in the sidebar. If I change the selector to display “All Links”, then it shows the “Blogroll” links, which don’t work, followed by the “Job Search Resources” links, which do. And as above, if I drag the entire widget (still displaying All Links) to the bottom, below a static Text widget, then both sets of links work.

It appears to be an issue only for whichever widget appears first in the sidebar.

I suppose one fix would be to start the top of each sidebar with some small blurb of static text, but I would prefer not to clutter up the page layout with that, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Hope this info is helpful, and thanks for any help you can provide.


That is very strange. I can only guess it is something specific to your install of WordPress or maybe a server setting (.htaccess or otherwise) because I don’t have this issue on any other customer installs or my own demo site.

hello, I have purchased and installed the theme and works great for me except

The slide show is not displaying pics, where should I add the pictures?

Thank you in advance


Please review the documentation included with the theme.

Love the theme… great comments throughout the code for customizing, but I’m in over my head on this one issue…

1. I made a page called “Blog”.
2. I used theme blog options to assign categories to the “Blog” page.
3. The Blog page loads my posts just fine.
4. I set the theme home page options to use “Blog” as the first section of content.
5. Nothing appears.

I feel like this may be a bug. Is there a fix or workaround. I am moderately familiar with the languages in this theme. Maybe you can tell me where to look to fix it, and I’ll post the solution here for others to find. I’m just not finding where problem is. My initial thought was that the process to load the content on index.php was ending without having printed the content from blog.php.

Please help if you can! Here is my site…. wp.mattdudleydrumming.com.

Thanks!!! Daniel


I’m not aware of any bugs like you’re describing. I’ve tested my own install and it seems to be working. Have you modified the code? Check the settings again and if you still have problems let me know.

Hello, Love your themes I have Unite and Intersect. I am about to purchase Traject. I have probably the dumbest question ever though.How do you call your theme pages for this page. IE Home, Blog, Portfolio. I have looked and read and I am beginning to think I may have a bad install. Please let me know..

Thank you kindly, Gina Lujan


Hi Gina, thanks for the support.

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you trying to add a page, or have you already added a page and don’t know how to link to it? If you can explain just a little bit more so I can provide assistance.


Hello, I am not being able to set up home page, blog, or portfolio. What is the action to call them. Is there suppose to be a button or template to call? I think I may have a bad file..



I’m not sure about the home page question. There are theme options for setting the content of your home page. Look for the link in the theme options menu “Home Page”.

The same applies to blog and portfolio pages. You configure them in the theme options by setting a page to use for displaying the content then create a link in your menu to that page. It’s the same as my other themes that you’ve already used. If you are not seeing the same options you might need to download the theme again, or recopy it to your server as a file may be missing.


Ok..Well I guess it boils down to slide won’t work. I read the instructions and even tried disabling plugins..I had to disable the theme as I am trying to use it for myself but I really want to use this.. Help


I will need to see the problem. Please send me a link to the site. Thanks.

is there any way to have widgets on the home page? maybe using css somehow? really wanting to have a twitter feed on there. thanks,


The home page content area is designed to pull its content from selected pages for each of the 3 columns. Unless your widget also has the ability to be inserted into a page using a shortcode, it would require editing the code of “index.php”.

Hello, I wish there was a search feature on this support forum so that I don’t have to ask you a question I’m sure you’ve been asked a million times already, so I apologize in advance if I’m repeating common questions.

1) I would like to know how to link the slideshow pictures to a particular post/page. How do I do this?

2) How can I shorten the featured posts on the home page, there is a “read more” tag that doesn’t shorten the post and anything/everything that is written on that page shows up. I have tried editing the code but to no avail.

I am about to check out the upgraded version features (I got your theme through the bundled package). I look forward to presenting this site to my client.



Both items 1 and 2 are handled by the update. The image links for slide show images are included in the admin with v2 and the “more” tag on the home page has been fixed to mark the end of the content.


Yes, thank you very much for responding. I installed the new updated theme and it works perfectly. I have one other question for you, if you don’t mind.

I changed the content page background color to #333, now when the site shows up, there are white underlines beneath all the headings. I searched the style-default.css sheet for this white line to change it to #333 but I cannot find it anywhere. Can you tell me how to change the white line to match the content background color of #333?

Thank you, SR

Nevermind, I found it. Thank you!!!

Hi! I have some truble with slideshow. When I put url to image, or chane transition or anything I can’t save it. When I press “Save” button nothing happend (there is no “Update sucessfull” information. I try in different browser, and in IE8 i saw this warrning: line: 208 sign: 2 Kod: 0 Identyfikator URI: http://www.przewierty-sterowane.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=slideshow-options

When i tested this theme everything was great but when I move it to right hosting ther is problem with slideshow.

Please help me :)

PS: sorry for my english ;D


Are you using the most recent version of the theme? You can download it again (if you got the bundle) to get v2. I would check the version of PHP you host is running. If they are not running PHP 5 .2+ it is probably the cause of the error.

I check my hosting and it’s ok (MySQL 5.1 PHP 4 /5.2/5.3/6, CGI ,Ruby,Python ) Also I have downloaded bundle pack, and wordpress files and it’s not working. Also your icon in theme options in admin panel has dissapired. I can add url to image in Slideshow options, but when I press Save nothing’s happend…

I had install WordPress and send your theme (original files, not modifide by me) few times and ther is this sam problem…


It may be a problem with your WordPress install, or even that not all of the theme files were copied properly. Try a reinstall of both if you can.

Hello, Thank you so much for the help with my site. Can you please display the line code for removing page titles on pages. Thanks you!


There are 3 files: “page-default.php”, “page-leftsidebar.php” and “page_fullwidth.php”

Comment out or remove this line from each:

<h3><?php the_title(); ?></h3>