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jlevsae Purchased

Great theme! Easy to customize, very happy

I’m very pleased to hear that! Good luck :)

Love this theme! Very nice designed, and easy to customize. Very good work by JGT !

Thank you for the awesome feedback!


raxxon Purchased

Very good Template. Well documented.

I’ve forund two “Bugs” in the mobile Style with Safari (iOS 8 ).

1. If you scroll, the background-image is jumping.

2. If you try to enter an email-address, half of the screen gets a grey background.

Hi there,

this is caused when the mobile browser transitions from displaying to hiding the address bar. The same is with the virtual keyboard when the input field is focused. It’s a known issue and if there is a solution for this we’ll implement it in the future updates. Thanks for your comment, we appreciate it.

Hello there how do i change the Our Website Is Almost Ready font. and my other question is about the background how do i re size the background images in slider.

Hi there,

to style “Our Website Is Almost Ready” you need to add the following CSS rule with your desired declarations to the css/style.css file:

#main .section-title {
    /* CSS declarations */

If you need further assistance, let me know.

As for the background images, you can resize them using an image editing program (Photoshop, Gimp or other).

Hope this helps.

alright thanks for the help

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing your theme and would like to know if there is an advantage to using YouTube video backgrounds, rather than HMTL5 .mp4 ? thanks

Hi there,

if your video file resides on a single server with a limited amount of bandwidth, it can load slowly and users who visit your page may experience unexpected pauses during playback. So I would choose to host my video on YouTube.

Hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for a great theme!

I’m currently having one issue. In IE11 the YouTube Video does not fill my 1920×1080 monitor (it stinks to about 1/4 of the screen from the upper left hand corner); however, it does fill the entire monitor screen on other web browsers.

Can you help me with this?

Hi again, just used Google Page Insights and they suggested these changes to better optimize the template as well https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36589234/optimized_contents.zip


I’ve tested your site on IE11 and IE10 and it works fine for me. I think it can be a problem with your pc environment setup/browser extensions or preferences, and it’s not a bug of inTime.

As for the errors in Chrome console, it’s not a bug in our code or the browser’s code, this is a known bug with the official Chromecast JavaScript library. Instead of failing silently, it dumps these error messages in a browser where the Chromecast extension isn’t present.

Thank you for your suggestion for optimizing template. It’s a good practice and it will improve your page speed. We don’t minimize the CSS/JS code because it would be difficult for buyers to customize the template according to their needs.


Thank you for the responses.

Have a great day!

my site was setup and hosted by squarespace.com . it’s a website template. is there a way to easily inject this countdown clock by injecting some javascript code into the head of the static page?

Hi there,

sorry but I don’t know. I’ve never used squarespace.com and I don’t know how their service works.


I mean insert the countdown as a widget to a anchor on an existed page by javascript?

Hi there

I’m also having some problems with the Subscribe function – I’ve changed the send to address to my own, it worked a few times and now just seems to be perpetually loading when anybody enters their address. No confirmation that they’ve subscribed, no email comes through to me…any ideas?

Thanks so much!


can you give a link to your website?

Can you send me your edited template via email (justgoodthemes [at] gmail.com) and I’ll have a look.

I have just installed the theme but the subscribe function is not working. I have already tried to change the .php many times just like you said on the documentation. My website is qhov.com.br

Please take a look!


if you have changed the default email address to yours and you still don’t get any emails, please check your SPAM folder, the emails maybe in there. Also the problem maybe caused by the server as you must have the PHP mail() function set in your php.ini file. In this case you should contact your server provider. Hope this helps.

Hi, When I change bg1.jpg with my own image which is the same size, I lost a lot of the details because the script seems to enlarge it bigger than it’s original size. Is there a way to solve that? I want to be able to use my image as it is or very slightly larger. Hope you can help.


Just forgoto to mention, I replied you by email :)

Hi – is there a way to point the video player to a locally hosted SWF instead of Youtube?


no, InTime supports only YouTube videos.


jopfe Purchased

Hi mate, beautiful template, i like it alot! Unfortunately i have a problem with on the iphone. I changed the font but on iphones it is changed to something else, not the one i chose and not the premade. Where can i change that?

An other question i have is about the compatibility with different browsers. I’m using the YT version and on safari the video is not displayed, just a black screen. WOrking fine on chrome though.

Cheers, jonas

Hi Jonas,

I replied to your message via email.


Are the photos included with this theme?

Hi there, yes, all photos from the demo are included in the inTime template.

I want to change “days, hours, minutes, seconds” in their translations in french: by “jours, heures, minutes, secondes” in the timer. Need your help. Thanks

Hi there,

to translate countdown timer to your language download the language file from http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html#l10nPkgs. Then copy this file to the template’s js folder and then include it using

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.countdown-xx.js"></script>

at the end of the template’s index.html file above the closing body tag.

If you have any difficulties, drop me a message.

Hi, Great template but having issues on mobiles is there a fix for this or even a temporary fix I cant seem to locate what’s causing this problem as other templates don’t seem to have this issue:

There seems to be an issue with the image size on mobile. Try scrolling up and down. About 1/8th of the bottom of the screen is a white rectangle.

Hi there,

glad you like the template.

I need more information regarding you question. What kind of mobile device and browser are you using? Can you give me a link to your website?


Screen shots attached using your live preview link;

The issue is on all mobiles and tablets, when you move the page up after scrolling down and the address bar goes to hide it leaves a white space at the bottom (as attached pictures) and only clears when the address bar closes and the background image resizes / jumps. (can this be fixed ?)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/11jgk0iamysn9g1/Screenshot_2015-07-03-00-17-24.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/pr47s37b0q4ke5n/Screenshot_2015-07-03-00-08-12.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yvb6j3hsp42sx1/Screenshot_2015-07-03-00-11-18.png?dl=0

This seems similar: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24944925/background-image-jumps-when-address-bar-hides-ios-android-mobile-chrome

Such a nice clean template would really appreciate if this could be fixed even if you could send me a temp fix that would be great.

Thanks again

Sorted ignore my previous post if admin could delete Thanks Whappy

Hi, This is great theme. and i have a question..

This theme comes in the mail, press the Subscribe button to e-mail address, I hope When I press the subscribe button connect mailchimp.

I was try form action change mailchimp id, but it doesn’t work … Help me. please. Thank you.


thanks. Glad to hear you like the template.

Regarding you question, you need to generate the signup form in MailChimp (Signup forms > Embedded forms > Naked) and replace the form code in the template with yours. Since the MailChimp generated form HTML tags have different ids and classes, you will have to make the adjustments in the template’s stylesheet accordingly.

If you need my assistance, drop me an email at justgoodthemes [at] gmail.com.

problem fixed. issue removed.

Never mind I got it to work… was a server issue that I now fixed.

But thanks, really is a great theme.


ibm13 Purchased

Hi, I would like to ask how much it would cost to have you install this template I bought for me and how long it would take? Thank you!

Hi there,

I’ve send you an email.


fredetco Purchased

Is it possible to configure subscribe.php to use an SMTP server to send the email ? (with user / password / port )


fredetco Purchased

Is it possible to configure subscribe.php to use an SMTP server to send the email ? (with user / password / port )