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Please! Send a confirmation mail to info@troleibus.md – we really have paid for license InTime. And it was not stollen from free internet source.


Hi there,

Ok, I will send. Should I specify “lextoria” as a buyer?

I’m planning to buy your theme. Is there any big differences between this HTML version and the Wordpress version? I’m using Wordpress on my site and I thought the WP version would be convenient. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

InTime WordPress plugin was created by another author (megadrupal) based on our HTML template. Since we haven’t tried it, you should better ask the author of the plugin if it has some additional functionality.


Okay I’ll ask them. Thanks.

Hi there, thanks for the wonderful coming soon page!

There is one little technical glitch – I tried changing the YouTube video background in the index.php and it is changes only when opened on Desktop browsers but not via mobile devices (iPhone/tablets). Old placeholder video shows up any time I visit the page via mobile devices.

Here is the actual address:


Could you please provide a solution to this?

Many thanks,

Yavor Lazarov www.brandbears.com

Hi Yavor,

I’m using mb.YTPlayer plugin for YouTube video background version. It doesn’t work on mobile devices (iOS, Android, etc.) due to the restrictions applied by the vendors on media controls via JavaScript. That’s why the video player falls back to the poster image on mobile devices.

Hi there!

Thanks for the prompt reply! Your template is just great and I think we are still quite happy with the purchase. I hope that you find a way to fix this soon.

I just have one last question – how do you change the default poster background image for mobile devices? Could you provide a short walkthrough?

Many thanks!


Hi Yavor,

you just need to replace the default poster image (poster.jpg) located in the template’s images folder.


bimetic Purchased

Installed theme on clean install of WP and getting the following error:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description jgt_intime_v1.4 Stylesheet is missing. Delete

Hi there,

this is an HTML template, not a WordPress theme. If you need a WordPress version of InTime, there is a plugin available on CodeCanyon created by megadrupal ( http://codecanyon.net/item/intime-domain-sale-coming-soon-wordpressplugin/7066355?_ga=1.75809746.69698908.1409677165 ).


Looking to purchase this template. Could you please explain how the subscribe form works please? Do the submissions just get sent an email address you put int he AJAX file for example?

Please respond asap as looking to purchase today?



Hi Daniel,

yes, the form is submitted via Ajax and the notification email is send to you with the subscriber’s email address.

Hi Guys, Theme is working perfectly so far. Except, I can’t work out how to collect the emails from the newsletter signup form… they aren’t appearing in my inbox/I can’t work out how to hook the theme up with mailchimp. Please let me know what I need to do? I don’t want to insert another mailchimp form, just ensure that I capture all the signups from the landing.

Thanks so much, E


Hi there,

the subscription form does not work since you have change the action attribute value of the form element. You did not need to edit the form code in the index.html, you just need to change the default email address in the subscribe.php file. If you need assistance, drop me a message or an email at justgoodthemes [at] gmail.com and I will help you to fix the form or integrate MailChimp.



schurb Purchased

There seems to be a problem with the social icons. They won’t appear, the others (close, open) are working fine. I guess the problem is the separation between entypo and entypo social. Can you verify that?

I checked your link and I can see all social icons, except Facebook. As I see you have edited the CSS declaration for the icon-facebook in the style.css file on line 117. It should be:

.icon-facebook:before {
    content: "\e617";

schurb Purchased

That was just an experiment. The other icons should appear. But it seems that Chrome has a caching issue. Because after a restart of the browser the icons appear and after a reload they are gone. But Safari works great. So it has nothing to do with your theme. But thanks anyway for taking a look.

It seems like there is some issue with the mute/unmute function in the template – if someone mutes the video they cannot unmute?

Hi cashcanoe,

thank you for pointing this out! I will fix this ASAP.

I’ve played with the java a bit with the mute/unmute to see if there was something just not being replaced properly…I don’t think that’s it – I’m guessing there’s something in one of the ‘min’ files??

Thanks for your prompt response!

I’ve just uploaded the updated template and it should be approved soon. Thanks again for your comment.

Hi, I have your template running here http://lp4.networkmarketing-university.com and the sound is very very low. Any way to increase that ?

Best Michael

Hi Michael,

I updated the template yesterday. Please download the latest version from ThemeForest, the issue with the sound is fixed.



ilr Purchased

I’ve just bought, downloaded and installed the theme for WP. I get this message when installing the zip file on Godaddy: Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-6623462-intime-responsive-coming-soon-template.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

this is an HTML template, not a WordPress theme. If you need a WordPress version of InTime, there is a plugin available on CodeCanyon created by megadrupal ( http://codecanyon.net/item/intime-domain-sale-coming-soon-wordpressplugin/7066355?_ga=1.75809746.69698908.1409677165 ).

Hi before I buy this can you tell me where I would place my logo?

Hi there,

you can place your logo instead of “InTime” title. As for the separate call to action, no, you cannot have a separate call to action on each slide.

That’s a bit disappointing but OK.

I’ve just downloaded it but I seem to only have one template with the railway background. I bought this to use the video background, can you help?

Its ok, ignore this – I’ve just found more