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Thanks so much

Hi Zerge! I bought this theme and it is great!

Just a question: How to make the featured images appear in their original size? I have configured the CT small widget slider but my image is 710×493px and in the slider is 150×150px then it appears pixelated. Any way to fix this?

plis is urgent.


Try to rebuild thumbnails.

sorry for this but… how? i used the plugin regenerate thumbnails but didn’t work :S


Svenli Purchased

Hi, i have two pre-sales questions.

1. Is it possible to hide or delete the navigation(menu) but only for mobile devices? 2. Is it possible to place the social media counter and twitter direct below the header for mobile devices

Thanks a lot!?


1. Yes.

2. Yes.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

can you delete the sticky header? or change it for something else?

Yes, this can be changed via Options panel.

Hi there, Thank you for the great theme.

However, when i viewed it in the small screen desktop computer, its looks more like you are viewing it using a mobile device. I mean the menu is there just like in Large screen desktop computers, but the sidebar and the rest of the stuff align in one column just like in mobile device.

Please work on this.



Hi Steve,


It works as should, but can be changed easily if needed.

Thanks for your response.

I should have purchase this lovely theme, but that was my only worry.

I think now am ready for my purchase.

Once again, thank you



Svenli Purchased

Hi, ihave got a question. The Sticky Post des not work. What could be the reason for this? http://www.snappshot.social

Thanks, Sven

1. Don’t see any “sticky” posts in your Blog. Try to use standard Reading setting (Front page displays -> Your latest posts)

2. I think yes.


Svenli Purchased

The post “From innovative #Crowdsourced Startup to the stock market in five years!” is selected with Visibility: Public, Sticky

Try to use standard Reading setting (Front page displays -> Your latest posts)

Hello , CT Shortcode , this conflict in my installation , I can not make it work , is there any special operation to make it work as it should ?

That’S Perfect! All problems solved , thank you! Great template .


Please! Is there any special action to enable views in the articles, not this recording even with the last update.


This feature enabled by default.

Intouch 1.12 Available for Download [2014-12-29]


- Fixed: Minor bugs
- Fixed: Issue with layouts
- Improved: Metaboxes


Hello Zerge! Please see this website, on a cell note that social icons are aligned to the left and a distance from the search box , the result is the same , or missing something in the configuration ?

page: (www.eumerecosaude.com.br)


Can you show me a screenshot with this issue?

It can be seen in the url www.eumerecosaude.com.br on smaller screens , mobile phones, tablets or here : (http://www.eumerecosaude.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/visao.jpg)

I need access to WP admin panel and FTP access, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Hello there,

I love the theme, but can you please add a top menu?

Thank you


Hi Stephen,

It’s possible after some development work.

Hello Zerge,

Thank you for your kind response.

Could you please include the same in your next upgrade?

Thank you.


We will consider such possibility.

Intouch 1.13 Available for Download [2015-04-03]


- Fixed: Minor bugs
- Fixed: Issue with site title
- Updated: WooCommerce template files (version 2.3.7)


The slider is not showing in my homepage, have tried to insert “Slider widget” and “Small slider widget” in HOMEPAGE SLIDER. Also the social ticker is not working as well.


Can you show me your site?

I already fixed it. Thank you.,

This is a pre-purchase question. Does this theme have members portal? Thank you.


What do you mean by “members portal”? Please clarify.

Is there a security update coming soon for the security holes exposed in lots of themes recently or is it not needed?


We plan to release an update soon.