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Hello! Really nice theme! I just wanna know if there is an easy way to sync the subscribe footer form with Mailchimp (or if I need to use API keys). Thank you!

Hi, about subscribe form in footer get it from here :
just change form action from your mailchimp form and will working fine..thanks

Where may I find instructions for the twitter widget located on the footer? Thank you.

Hello. I have one pre sales question. In demo, why do i have click twice when ever i wont go to some other page? Im using IE 11. Thnx

hi, sorry template not support IE 11.

What do you mean no support for IE 11? Are you saying your template is not working in Internet explorer 11?

hi, i mean not fully supported whatever if you talking about this issue enough we solved it in support forum here :

font you are using does not support Turkish characters. If you use a font that supports the Turkish character I think buying the theme.

hi, we solved this issue in support forum here :
so after purchased you can do that :

1- download this file from here :
2- extract it you will found [ font ] folder, copy it and past & replace it in [ css ] folder.
3- after that should every thing will be fine.



I like to place “Facebook Like Box” in footer

Where and how I can do that, please advise

Great, i hope everything working fine now.. thanks

One last thing, what is the best Logo Size (height * width in pixels). I have tested with 3 different sizes, some works good with desktop and some wont work on mobiles, which Logo size you suggest works best. please advise

Hi, You should upload your logo image with (@2x) size , example if logo size ( 100×100 ) px should upload logo with ( 200×200 ) px , to appear fine in normal devices and retina devices after that open [ css/custom.css ] file you will found this code :
.logo img {
so just add half size like the example in top you should add code like that :
.logo img {

if you don’t know best size for your logo please provide site link to check it.

I have a problem that I have to click twice of the dropdown menu for it to work, how can I set to just click once? Thanks.


Thanks it looks like it works, take care.!

Thank you!


epicw Purchased

My review: This theme is lacking streamlined organization. Customizing is more frustrating than it should be.

Thanks for you opinion and we will be more organized in the next themes.

I’ve forgotten my Jozoor Support password and can’t seem to contact Jozoor any other way but here without it. No email address, no phone number, and no response from its contact page. I can’t get into the support forum.

Hi, we sent to you new password for your account.

Hi, how can I get the slider2 image to be responsive?

okay please do that :
open [ css/custom.css ] file and add this code :

.flexslider4 .slides>li {
background-size: contain !important;
background-position: center;
and save file.

Thanks! That worked.

You’re welcome.. thanks

I just wanted to comment that the embedded Twitter widget included in this template does not work. After visiting the github of the open source provider, I could see that due to Twitter’s API changes in 2013, this widget has stoped working as of 2013-06-11. See here:

hi, we updated template after API changes check the demo : .. regards

Hi! Great theme. But a bit short on the info about shortcodes… I cannot find shortcode for Galleries (latest or other) or Google maps. In your docs it says that it exists.

Pls help.

Thanks, Daniel

Hi, this is shortcodes in template :
and this gallery :
about google maps founded in contact page :
which this pages static html so you can change or edit what you need.. regards

Does anyone know any good tutorials that would help me make the blog work?

Hi, this is just static HTML template so blog will not working, you just need the WordPress version from template :

What file and line number changes the Flexslider text to have a shadow? The search string “text-shadow” brings up too many instances in various directories for me to identify which one it is. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Your demo page for shortcodes shows a single lightbox image and tables, but I do not see any shortcode for those in your options.

hi, are you talking about invention WordPress theme : or invention HTML template : ? the both theme and template have this options ? so what you talking about exact because you added your comment in [ Invention – Responsive HTML5 Template ]


awm0121 Purchased

Hi, how do I get a radio value in php when they all must have the same name of “option” in order for the js check/uncheck funtionality to work? Since they all have the same name of ‘option’, I can’t distinguish them in php to get the values. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

hi, really i don’t know is this issue related to the template or not ? whatever if you have issue with js functionality you can disable it also can you provide your page link to check it .. regards


awm0121 Purchased

Hi, here’s the link:

Please take a look at the multiple radio buttons and how to distinguish them with PHP while retaining the js check/uncheck functionality. Thanks!

hi, the name in inputs should be the same and you should add value to achieve what you need for php and why you don’t using value like that :
<input type="radio" name="gender" value="radio_male" id="radio_1">
<input type="radio" name="gender" value="radio_female"  id="radio_2">
this should working fine.

Hi, I am thinking about a purchase for this theme. My question is when was your most recent update??? I would like to purchase the most recent if there has been changes/updates.. thanks

hi, template working fine with clients and sometimes need to change small codes so we provided it in support forum : also if you need any help sure will do that.. regards

Hi I need RTL Template for Implementing Out of WordPress is RTL Template Version Ready for my purpose?

Hi, sorry this template doesn’t support RTL .. regards


I bought this template and have put some basic content into it to test it out. When I uploaded it to my live test server, the portfolio images don’t render properly when the page first loads. They are all bunched up on top of each other in columns. Once I click one of the masonry tabs, they all spread out again as normal.

Can you help please. The link to the page is:

Brilliant, that’s sorted it.

Another question for you. The client I am using the template for wanted the dark style and now they’ve decided they want the light. Is there a simple way to change from one to the other or do I need to recreate the whole page again using the CSS files for the light template?

Hi, please check out this support post :
will help you .. regards