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I noticed that on your HTML demo’s light version, on its contact page, the contact fields do not show up at all. I’m using Windows Opera.

Also, on that same demo, the media player in the slider seems not to function correctly. It plays and pauses audio okay, but the buttons on the player do not indicate a press.

Are both of these issues still unresolved if I purchase this product?



first about contact form fields : i see it fine and can type on fields easy so do you talking about background color ? because it’s light gray ?

second about video on slider : also this working fine with me, i can click on buttons in video player.

and this opera info which i tested on it :
Version : 12.02 
Build : 1578 
Platform : Win32 
System  : Windows 7 

sorry for late reply, thanks

Hi to all , our support will be out of service in this 2 weeks from today [21/8], and will come back in [ 5/9 ] .. thanks , Jozoor Team