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I noticed that on your HTML demo’s light version, on its contact page, the contact fields do not show up at all. I’m using Windows Opera.

Also, on that same demo, the media player in the slider seems not to function correctly. It plays and pauses audio okay, but the buttons on the player do not indicate a press.

Are both of these issues still unresolved if I purchase this product?



first about contact form fields : i see it fine and can type on fields easy so do you talking about background color ? because it’s light gray ?

second about video on slider : also this working fine with me, i can click on buttons in video player.

and this opera info which i tested on it :
Version : 12.02 
Build : 1578 
Platform : Win32 
System  : Windows 7 

sorry for late reply, thanks

Hi to all , our support will be out of service in this 2 weeks from today [21/8], and will come back in [ 5/9 ] .. thanks , Jozoor Team

Hi just a pre-sale Question. is the home page customizable? can we add more rows? also can we add items below the slider like making it 6 or more?


hi, i replied on your comment in WordPress theme which i think you talking about it, so you can check it now.. thanks

marcoiak Purchased


My name is Marco Iachetti.

I can not find a section where I write this request

I purchased a template invention for html 5.

I was wrong purchase, I had to take the template to word press. Can I change or should I buy a new one?

I look forward to your response

Thank you

Marco Iachetti


hi, you can contact Envato support from here : http://support.envato.com/ and sure will help you.

Preview is not working.. =(


hi, demo is working now, thanks

Any timeline on when you’ll have all the latest updates that WordPress has pushed the the HTML5 version. Thanks Nice parallax and new custom sections etc…


hi, did you talking about Invention WordPress version ? because you added comment on HTML version from theme, whatever if you talking about latest wordPress version 4.0 do you have any issues with it or just asking about HTML5 version ?.. thanks

DIBUS Purchased

Problem with the menu Explorer11 We have to double click on the menu rather than a single click Why? Can you resolve this problem?

Hi to all , our support will be out of service from tomorrow [ 15/9 ], and will come back in [ 21/9 ] .. thanks , Jozoor Team

Chad Purchased

I’m trying to edit the homepage slider font size to something larger. Problem is, it ends up increasing the font size on mobile site too. I only made the edit inline on index.html. How do I increase the header / title (inside 4 slides) without breaking the mobile output?

Chad Purchased

I have another problem on mobile. The square menu button is below the logo. I even reduced the logo size to 120px. Not sure why this is happening. Should be on the right as your demo shows.