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Hi, I’m having a problem inserting images using the visual editor.

When I use the ‘insert single image’ function and click the green plus sign to insert an image nothing happens.

It just links to http://site.com/wp-admin/edit.php?vc_action=vc_inline&post_id=13&post_type=page#

I hope you can help. Thanks for the great theme.



If you are using WordPress 3.9, please confirm that you have the latest versions of Invicta (2.0) and VisualComposer (4.1.1).

If you need further help, please contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com



Hi, I’m using WP 3.9.1 Visual composer and Invicta V2


In that case, you should contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com and provide them with the access to your site, and a detailed explanation of your issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi! how can i make the logo on the homepage bigger? it looks so small.

Thank you!


Hello, there. Please contact the support http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com . They will help you. Regards

This is a fantastic theme. I found it easy to customize and the support is fast and friendly. I needed a WPML compatible theme and Invicta is great.


I’m glad you are happy with the theme! Thanks for your kind words!

Hey there,

i got two probs so far :)

http://repair.mobile-spares.de/iphone-reparatur/ Sidebar isnt clickable.

I can not override the CSS. I set e.g. the hover color to blue, but still it is the default orange.

Best regards and nice stuff! Love your loading times ;)


For help, please contact the support team: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com Thanks in advance.

Hello, I’ve purchased this template and having trouble with logo size it’s shrinking in some browsers.

Please take a look at the link: http://fritzind.com/dfactory/


Hi. For help please contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com and provide them all the information related to your issue. thanks in advance.


I’ve put in a ticket I need a fix asap


Also how do you make the contact from send to the correct email.

Presales Question: Hello!! Is it possible to have two sidebars on one side (i.e. left) on a page using your theme Invicta? If yes, can the width of the sidebars be managed as well via the theme backend?

An early reply will be appreciated. Thank you


Hi. You can have one sidebar per page also and choose the desired position (left or right). The width of the sidebar can’t be adjusted via theme backend, unless you simulate a sidebar using the visual composer’s column elements.

Hope I was able to clarify you. Regards.


No it doesn’t answer my question. I need to have two sidebars per page on one side. Is it possible?


Sorry, maybe I hadn’t understand your doubt properly. Probably because I’m not seeing why you need two sidebars, if you want them on the same side… Even if you have two sidebars available on the admin-area to add widgets, on the frontend it will always look like one (the same) sidebar. Anyway, you can’t have two sidebars per page… only one or none. Regards.

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Hello, I have a WPML conflict with Visual composer; when I active them both I have a blank page in the wp-admin panel. I need to keep wpml disabled to have site running


I guess you will have to increase your WP/PHP Memory limits in your server… Take a look into the following FAQ: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com/faq/2350 If you need further help, please contact the support. Regards

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Pre sales question: Do you more than 1 Header style to chose from? I need a style with the logo in the centre, navigation below?


You don’t have the ability to choose different header styles. But centering the logo is achievable with a couple of extra CSS lines… that we can provide you. If you resize your browser window you will that that style is already implemented for smaller windows.

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There is an emergency :)

The download still include revolution slider 4.3.6. Some security issues has been identified apparently and an update is welcome.

I have Rev slider so tried to update with the last version (4.6) and this updated messed up all the site http://alter-equus.org/files/2014/08/AE_01-22.49.jpg

So i upload again the version included (4.3.6) and the have the normal site (http://alter-equus.org )

Thanks to have a look on that :)


Hi. I don’t think the problem is on the revolution slider. The only thing wrong I see in your print screen, is the font-size… I guess your browser zoom wasn’t at 100%...

However, if you need further help, you should contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com

Aphro Purchased

Hello !

No. This occures immediatly when i upload REvslider 3.6 :), without any other change :)

All is comming back ok when i reupload rev slider 4.3.6 :)


That’s strange. We’ve already tested and everything is fine with version 4.6. Please contact the support and provide them all the info necessary, so they can help you to sort that out. Regards.

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I just noticed that the Tabs (Tabbed content) not running on < IE9

Have anybody this problem too ?


Hi Ruhstrat. I’ve just checked it on IE8 and everything seems to be working perfectly…

Hi Pablo, is there a way to limit the size (lenghth) of the featured image on a page? I’d like to have it appear the same way as it does in blog posts, with the right sidebar appearing next to it not underneath it. Thanks and congrats to constantly rising sales. Attila


Hi. For help, please contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com Thanks.

Pre sales question: Hello,

is it possible and allowed to buy this theme and use it for more than one webpage?

Thank you.


Hello there.

You need to purchase one Invicta license per each website you create. You can read more about the ThemeForest licenses here: http://themeforest.net/licenses/standard?license=regular

Best Regards