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Is it at all possible, with your theme to be able to replicate something similiar to this?


I need to have videos auto play full screen when they would click FILM . Im not sure if this is something that is at all possible with your theme or not…


Hi, nope, this is not possible, sorry.


stentor Purchased

I’m having trouble getting the nav bar to show up. I’ve follow all the instructions to a T so any further help would rock. Thank you much!


Hi stentor,

Please ensure, that you installed the Theme correct:

1. Do not use WordPress Zip-Uploader. Themes from ThemeForest will not work with it. 2. Do not upload all folders from your downloaded Zip-Package. Only the /invictus folder inside your downloaded zip Package is needed 3. Upload /invictus folder direct to your /themes folder of your WordPress Installation


stentor Purchased

That did it again! thank you so much

Shariart Purchased

Hi Doitmax,

Did you fix this problem yet?

“ah sorry, this was my fault. i have build in a fixed order to the photos. i have to change this first. on the homepage gallery a sortable option is available in the theme options tab “Fullsize Gallery” of invictus. i will add an update as soon as possible for this feature.”


Does the latest update “in Review Queue” mean it will be ready soon to fix bug problems?

I really love this theme and am eager to finish my site :-)

Kind regards, Shariart


Hi Shariart,

the update 1.3 is now availabie for download. Please download and update your current Invictus Installation.

cheers, doitmax

makoch Purchased

Why do the posts not display on the front page ? If I define a page for posts, the read more links do not work, if I define ( In settings Reading ) the latest posts for the frontpage nothing displays ….


Hi makoch,

if you want to display your latest blog posts on the homepage, please choose the option “Static Page” from the “Readings” menu and than choose a page as front page you created before wich uses the blog template

cheers, doitmax

Update 1.3 Now live 03/29/2011

New Features

  • Navigation Pulldown Hover effect
  • New Improved Admin Panel (Slider, Colorpicker, iPhone Styled Checkboxes)
  • Homepage Sidebar support
  • Welcome Teaser as widget
  • Choose Sortable Template featured Categories
  • Free Post Order in Galleries
  • XML Dummy Data for fast installation included


  • iPad, iPhone Fix for Footer
  • Adjusted WordPress Thumbnail Dimensions
  • Fixed Welcome Teaser Bug
  • Fixed Related Posts Bug
  • Fullsize Overlay Bug on Blog Page
  • Fixed Standard values for Contact Form
  • Fixed Fullsize Gallery Template
  • All changes and the related files can be found in changelog.txt

    Hi Doitmax! thanks for this amazing template, but unfortunately i need some help….my galleries are not showing.

    I have installed the new (1.3) theme under the theme folder using cuteftp and activated the theme properly. i have also created a cache folder under the theme/invictus folder and set the permission to 777.

    then i have uploaded a few photos (following your help file) and associated this to a gallery, called “architecture”.

    then i have created a page called “architectural work” which is linked the the only available gallery (the one that contains the images).

    however when you try to access the page (from the menu), the images do not load.

    the gallery from the photos menu can be seen (http://www.michelefalzone.com/?gallery=36)

    but the actual created page which is using THAT available gallery does not :(

    any suggestion ? i’m getting crazy with this! :(

    best mickey


    Hi Mickey,

    thank you for purchasing my theme!

    is it possible to send me the login data to you wp-admin via my profile page? Your problem may have several reasons, so I have to take a closer look on it and it’s easier for me to figure it out.


    hi doitmax !! of course it is possible i was going to suggest that! i’m sending you a private message. thank you so much for your help mickey

    Hi doitmax, thank you for upgrade. I’ve updated my previous 1.2 installation with a simple copy-paste via ftp and overwrite all files, that’s correct? Second question, how can i show the Navigation Pulldown Hover effect? Thank you for your patience


    this hover effect should be shown by default. maybe you have to clear your cache.

    cheers, doitmax


    Thank’s. The problem was the cache. I’ve clean the folder “cache” and it works perfectly.


    ups…not the cache folder in your /theme directory. This can cause that your thumbnails will not work anymore. Please add the folder again. Files in it will be generated automatically. I have meant your browsers cache.


    Hello again. I have a question…

    Previewing the galleries, when I click to a photo, insteat of going to post page, the photo displays in full screen. How can I change this?


    I found it !!!! It seems that I am overloaded !!!


    go to your wordpress admin -> click on “Photos” the left -> Edit a Photo you have created before -> Scroll down until you find the Option Field “Image Detail Settings” -> Search for “Open in Lightbox or on a Project Page?”

    this step is also explaind in the documentation of invictus:


    You can find this on 2. Galleries -> III . Adding Photos to your Gallery

    Cheers, doitmax


    hehe ok, nice you can use your theme now with all features :)

    have fun with it and feel free to ask again if you need any further assistance.

    Cheers, doitmax

    nekmak Purchased

    Hello doitmax,

    Once again congrats for you work.

    The more i work with your template the more i like it!

    I have one question regarding the homepage:

    When you load the homepage the footer sidebar with the thumbails opens automatically. Is it possibly when you oped the homepage this one to be minimized and if someone wants to open it in order to choose other images?

    I also notice something like a bug. When you are in the homepage and you press the top right icon to show only the images, when you click again after for the menu to come back the images start loading and they do not appear properly. I tested in firefox and IE8 -9. Maybe its not an issue but i am just telling you to have in mind just in case.



    hi nekmak,

    i will add an option for hiding the thumbnails on startup to the admin panel. Thank you for this suggestion.

    For your second “bug”, i will have to take a closer look at it. Will inform you on any news about it.

    cheers, doitmax

    nekmak Purchased

    Is there any way that i can change the settings for this menu manualy now before you add the setting? Because i need it now thats why i am asking.

    Sorry and thanks


    hi nekmak,

    please send me an email through my profile page. i have to give you more assistance to this fix. It is easier via email.

    cheers, doitmax

    niccyboy Purchased

    Is there anyway to set the thumbnails at the bottom of the Fullsize gallery on the home page to be hidden by default?

    (as opposed to having to click the arrow on the right)


    hi niccyboy,

    will be added in the next update due to several request.

    please be patience.

    cheers, doitmax

    Bug or not?

    Show Post Author works only for Blog Posts.

    Is it possible to fix it for photo posts too?

    redsue Purchased

    Hi DoitMax

    Love the theme, it really is one of the best I’ve worked with.

    I’ve completed the website I’m working on, however, I have one minor problem with the Blog Page.

    I’ve set up the Blog Page using the ‘blog template’ and added a couple of posts but the Blog seems to ‘sit behind’ the ‘Overlay Pattern’ on the page.

    I can’t interact with any of the comments

    Any ideas?


    Thanks in advance, Cheers Sue

    PS I only purchased the theme yesterday – so I’ve not updated to update 1.3


    removed double post…


    hi redsu,

    exactly this is one of the bugfix in 1.3 ;) so please update.

    cheers, doitmax

    bobdmb Purchased

    Hi doitmax,

    I really like your theme and I chose it for the website I’m currently making. Thanks for sharing – hope you’ll earn what you deserve.

    Und ich sprech deutsch – danke fürs Theme, super gemacht!

    I have some questions or requests, depending on if it’s possible. Would be great if you could give me a hint where to go to.

    I am a jeweler and I design and produce custom jewelry. I want my homepage to showcase some of the pieces I made. I have several photos of every piece (different angles or renders that were made before the piece was actually manufactured). I would like to only have one picture of every piece in a global showcase gallery but having this picture link to it’s project page where I describe the background and the specifications of the piece.

    Therefore I would like the project page of a photo to have the following: - I would like to have additional photos displayed as thumbnails below the main photo (different pictures of the same piece). When I open one of them, I would like to have all pictures show in a lightbox.

    - right now, the full size background is the same as the picture itself. I would like to be able to adjust that to a different photo. So for instance if I made a ring with calla lillies on it, I would like it show a picture of calla lillies in the nature. Is that possible right now?

    Thank you for your efforts and once again, great theme.

    cheers, Matthias from Innsbruck/Austria


    hi bobdmb,

    erstmal guten abend, war bis grade nicht im office ;)

    ok, i will answer your questions now.

    your idea with the images from a gallery shown on a photos page is a good idea. Will take a closer look at it and make it ready for the next update.

    your second request for an option to add a custom background to a project page is already on the featurelist for next update. please be patience. I hope the update will be ready for review tomorrow.

    falls du noch was wissen möchtes, frag einfach. auch gerne per mail, dann kann ich dir ausführlich auf deutsch antworten ;)

    gruss aus werl, germany Dennis

    bobdmb Purchased

    wow – thanks for the quick answer! That sounds great – thanks a lot!


    1. “Show Post Author” feature works only for Blog Posts. It should work for photo posts.

    2. Pagination doesn’t work at blog posts. It shows in the upper corner the previous/next article but no link exists.

    3. Pagination (next/previous) should be also included in photo posts.

    4. When posting a video, we have to place a picture to show up. If we want to display the video post as “project page” then the picture comes first. Normal display should be to show up only the video.

    Thats all for now Excellent work! Perfect Theme!


    hi sokorelis,

    will take a closer look at your suggestions.

    Thank you very much for your effort to make the theme better :) I think all those things will be included in the next update.

    cheers, doitmax

    Hi, great template! I have a questions: 1. can I set the thumbnails to auto-hide on homepage gallery? 2. can I use multiple galleries on multiple pages? Thank you.


    hi flash_design,

    1. will be added in the next update due to several request. I Think it will be ready for review tomorrow. 2. you can create as many pages as you want and attach a gallery to it.

    feel free to ask again if you need any further info.

    cheers, doitmax


    i would like to unable the thumbnail bar in the footer of the home page. it should be show online on klick – exactly the other way around now

    Unfortunately, I find the code not to make this. Can you help me?



    hi binderkreatiev,

    It is not that easy to explain, as this requires some changes to the code in different files. if you have knowledge about php, html and js, write me an email via my profile. I will then send you instructions how to change. if not, please be patient until the next update, then an option is available in the themes option panel to set this as you like.

    cheers, doitmax


    Hi doitmax, oh, thank you for the fast answer… I think i had to wait to the update. When do you think the update is online? greets



    ich will send in the update tomorry in the course of the day.

    thank you for your patience!

    cheers, doitmax

    Hi doitmax,

    oh, thank you for the fast answer… I think i had to wait to the update. When do you think the update is online?


    makoch Purchased

    I can not manage to get the customer menu to work, flollowed your instructions but … take a look at http://www.skizzenbuch.org/?p=2225


    hi makoch,

    Unfortunately, you have installed your theme incorrectly, this is why your navigation menu does not work as expected. Please do not upload all folders to your webserver and do not use the Wordpress Zip-Uploader to install your Theme. This will not work with themes from ThemeForest. Please take a closer look to this video how to install your WordPress Theme in a correct way:


    cheers, doitmax

    makoch Purchased

    Thanks for your ( very ) quick answer, I reinstalled and menu displays correctly now, thanks !

    wzygula Purchased

    There is still a bug in server configuration and thumbnails don’t work properly. Footer in my iPhone is also with some mistakes. No need to hurry with that, just wanted to point you things I’ve noticed.

    Regards and thanks for great theme!