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Clean and beautiful! Nice template!

Thank you very much!

nice! are you going to HTML it?

Thank you, it is planned yes.

Very clean and fresh interface. Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much!

Fantastic design, can’t wait for WP! :-)

me too ;) Thank you very much!

Nice template! Good luck with sales!

Thank you ver much, I am happy that you like it!

will there be a WP template soon?

Good Work!!!! GLWS :)

Thank you, glad you like it. :)

I like the lady :)

She’s OK :)


We are interested in buying this psd, just have some pre purchase questions. Which font did you use? Is it possible to get it on Google Fonts? Where can we buy the images that are in the psd? Our client wants the same lady picture that is in the slider :)

Thanks for your time and answers.

Hi, I’ve used Proxima Nova, you can use any font in the psd instead of this one. The photos are bought from shutterstock, I will look up you the exact number for the slider photo just drop me a message when you have started working for your client.

Awesome layout, GLWS :)

Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot! :)

Nice Job folk i love whole UI and concepts.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Hi :)

Can you please let me know when the expected launch date of html5 will be?


Hi kevvan approx. within 3 weeks.

Fantastic – we will wait for it then!! :)

The font used is Proxima Nova, as far as my understanding goes (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

And it’s not allowed for authors to use commercial fonts, yes, they all want to use such beautiful fonts but unfortunately it’s not a good choice and TF speaks about this.

Just trying to help not to get in trouble, it’s a good looking theme.

Gigitty, thanks for your suggestion, although i think this statement from TF stands more for the WordPress and Site Templates. If somebody buys the PSD he/she can easily switch fonts before starts to work on the HTML conversion. In the HTML and WordPRess version we’ll use Google Fonts though :)


Any update of availability of a HMTL 5 version of Invision?


Hi, It’s being uploaded for review to ThemeForest this week.

Do you have any update on the html template?

Hello, It is currently in the queue waiting to be approved. If all goes well it should be online as soon as Monday.

Thanks I bought it

Hopefully gets through first time – lovely looking file

Hi, I’m looking for your awesome Wordpress template for Invision, but I cannot find it… was it removed?

Hi! Envato disabled my partners account without prior notice. They play God it seems. It’s kind of outrageous. Now they wait for them to re enable it. I am sorry for the delay. I hope it will be back in a day or two now.

Any good news? :-)

It is back now!