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Is it possible to add a shopping cart to this theme?


Sorry, its just html template if you know how to create dynamic websites then you can do it.

The responsive part of this template isn’t working for me. I don’t know why , The preview site works fine.
But when I got the files and tested locally the responsive part has major layout issues .
The nav isn’t snapping to the centre when I reduce the window size, and the red.slide underneath the nav became so long that almost can reach the width of the browser window .
Please check this issue and tell me how to fix it.


Hey,I kinda fix it.
Looks like all the #container-wrap’s width should be 240px inside responsive.css.
Was there any reason for you to change the width of the container-wrap????


May be mistaken while updating theme.

Please Fix the responsive function of this theme.
Please update the responsive.css of this site!!!!!!

The preview site works fine ,but the downloaded package ain’t the same.
It has huge layout issue when viewing in mobile platform.


How are you today? Please I will like to know if I can use your html template to create a shopping website where people can add to cart and can check out.

For checkout, can I link it to 2checkout.com?

In the template, I noticed that for now, I could not add to cart, and even I cann’t even update cart.

So what is the way out of that as I love the template and will like to buy it but I need a fully functional cart enabled site.



Sorry, its HTML website which do not support shopping cart.