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I have another issue… I’m trying to add a link to the footer and the url is broken. Could you take a look?

The theme adds an extra ”/” before the href which breaks the link. How to fix?

Thank you!

showkarelians.com -> Click on “credits” on the footer to see this error


My client made me take off the link because it’s faulty.

I hope this helps:

I’ve typed [a href=”http://www.google.com”]CREDITS[/a]” into the footer under theme options.

The word CREDITS appears as a link, but when clicked on goes to a 404.

“[a href=”\”http://www.google.com\”“]CREDITS[/a]” is what firebug pulls up when I hover over the link.

How can I get rid of the ”\” so the link works correctly? Is this something in the footer.php I can fix?

(I replaced the ”>” with “[” in my comment)

Thank you