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Awesome work peerapong, glws mate! :D

Indeed, a great wp theme with a bold design! I love the homepage gallery grid structure! :)

love the music with the theme! :)

Good job, Good luck with sales ;)

Hi, Nice looking theme!

I have a few questions:

1. Can I set the full screen mode to FIT the images instead of FILL the screen with a cropped version of the images?

2. How do I upload and manage the images? I want to have multiple galleries (e.g. “Portraits”, “Weddings”, etc’) – Is that possible & easy to manage?

3. Further to Question 2, can I choose which gallery to include in the homepage? Can I set it to display ALL images from all galleries?

4. I didn’t see any “introduction” text on the homepage.. Is it something that the theme support? (Not just the big title, something like an “about me” paragraph, what I do, etc’.



1, 2, 3 Sure, you can do that using Theme admin.

2. You can have big homepage title or select any static page to display as homepage too.

Awesome work as always! Can the page content have a background colour or are they fixed to a transparent one? Thanks


Sure, you can change its background color or opacity using Theme SEtting ;)

What a nice template! Wish you have a good sales.

Can I buy your brain? haha Very nice. Love it.


I am interested in this theme and have a few questions about it.

1. Is it possible to make the background all white?

2. Can we choose a font from many, like one of your themes, Kin?



Sure, you can do that using Theme admin. ;)

Thank you everyone. I’m glad you guys like it ;)

hi cool theme indeed. few Q:

1.on a gallery page, can i put text/article above the gallery? 2. is this theme RTL friendly (hebrew fonts)? 3. can the header be bigger? my logo is big…



1. Sure, you can add page content above image gallery.

2. I am no expert on RTL but I think you have to edit CSS code to change that.

3. Sure, you can ;)

hey bro, just bought!!! is there a tutorial how to install sample content?


Thank you for purchasing :)

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Is video content supported in any gallery? I want to mix video and images in a gallery. I’m looking to have around 200 or so images with approximately 20 videos inserted randomly in the gallery (and would they look the same as the images with a video thumbnail). So I’d actually be going full boat with the gallery… password protected, stills, videos, and audio in the background.


Sorry gallery is for image only content. However you can use portfolio contents for video.

Hey I am looking to purchase your theme. I like it a lot as a photographer trying to do my own site. I have purchase a few templates and have been very disappointed. I like the fack that it incorporate music How easy is this theme(template) to work with in WP do I need a computor degree to work with it? How good is your documentation and do you have a sample of a site build with this theme? Can you please reply ASAP . Regards dennis

Hi there!

I bought this theme yesterday and think it’s fantastic, but I’m struggling to get images into the galleries. I’ve followed your manual’s outlines and tried everything, but I can’t seem to get them to upload. They’re all small enough and work within the set limitations.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Sorry what’s your error message you got please?