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Since the latest woocommerce Version 2.4.4, product variations (such as T-Shirt Sizes) are not displaying. This is an urgent issue for anyone using this theme for a successful band that makes a lot of money through tshirt sales. There hasn’t been an update of this theme since May and support tickets are being closed with no resolution on actual bugs.

Hello Rudigarude,

As the theme say, we don’t currently support version 2.4.4 in the latest version of IronBand:

However, it’s on our top of priority to make it fully compatible.

Quick question: While we gonna fully test IronBand with the latest eCommerce version, does the product variation issue is the only problem you hit or noticed with version 2.4.4?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Maxime,

The product variation issue is the only one I’ve noticed that is being caused by the wooCommerce 2.4.4 upgrade.

There is also the rather annoying bug with the shop landing page displaying the first product html title rather than that shop landing page title. This was prior to the wooCommerce update and is visible on your live demo (it’s much more noticeable if you’re displaying categories on the landing page). My support ticket for this I submitted in June has been closed with no resolution, so hopefully this will be fixed when an update to this theme is released.




chenese Purchased

How do I get the updates? Do I have to download and re-install all over again?


I am considering purchasing this theme. I would like to know if its possible to have copy above the blog archive grid of posts. Also, is it possible to have “Filter by” feature on the blog archive grid or to have the blog archive grid style (mainly I want title & date inside the image box) on another page that supports “Filter by” feature?

Thanks! Dasha

Hi Iron Templates,

Please let me know if the above questions are possible within IronBand theme.

Thanks! Dasha

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, we were in vacation but we’re back on track now ;)

I don’t quiet understand what you mean by having the copy above the blog archive grid of posts ? can you elaborate ?

I don’t understand neither the question having “filter by” feature on the blog archive grid to have the blog archive grid style ? For the blog archive, only the list style is available (see the demo).



There is a new warning on the screen and I’m hoping you can help me figure out where it’s coming from? Warning: stripos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in ../../../wp-includes/formatting.php on line 3274


please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary username/password of your WP-Admin.



Does this theme come with demo file?

I’m hoping so :)

Hi there,

Yes it does. We have implemented a feature into the theme that allows you to automatically import the demo of your choice. Go to Lush > Import Default Data and choose the demo you want to import. This will import the demo of your choice as-is with the images, text, sliders, discography, etc..

Otherwise, you can use the xmls provided with the theme. this will import everything except the look and feel (colors) and sliders.

Also, we are always there to help if you have any issues.

thanks, Maxime

Great theme, but I would agree with a comment made more than 2 years ago by Disabled_Absyynth that we need the ability to add more social media icons to the site, i.e. YouTube and Instagram. Two years ago you stated in reply to Disabled_Absyynth that “the next update will contain links to more SM.” Has this been done? If so, where can I find this? I have the HTML version of the site. Thanks.

Hi there,

The best way to implement these icons, would be that you use the font awesome library. It’s kinda pretty easy to setup. Check this article:

Thank you,



deano_ Purchased

hello, How can I change the color and the padding of the footer area? I changed it in the style sheet, but it remains the same as the default setting


You can do this by editing the style sheet. Perhaps you don’t target the right class ? Or try to add !important to your class.

#footer {
    background: #615E5E!important;



I just installed it, from fresh wordpress install, i install the theme and the chrome is saying is virused! contain virus from pooldady…


Hi there !

Can you list me every plugins you have installed in your site beside the one that comes with our theme?

Make sure your FTP password has been changed for a strong password.

Make sure your wp-admin username is not “admin”, and change your password for a strong password.

Make sure your server’s PHP version is 5.5 and higher and MySQL is up to date.

Also, install Wordfence plugin.

As I said, our theme is secure and our code are esacaped correctly to avoid hack injection. So I’m pretty sure that your hack comes from your server, wordpress, plugins or mysql, not from the theme file itself.

If you have issue with the theme or know exactly which file of our theme can cause an issue, please tell us. You can open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.

Also, takes note that on the 3500 users that use Lush, you’re the only one who has reported a hack.




Sorry but my server is very secured, i told you the theme is so bad! I can;t download it because this contain virus! the chrome don;t let me download.

Here is the screenshot from fresh install on my localhost: same results on new server, fresh install:

What can i do?! You can send me the theme via e-mail?

NEW: I found the infected file: look.


Please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and access to your wp-admin.



Hi! A couple of questions. 1. How can I change the font in the menu and the banners in the CSS? We see the CSS style file with fonts section but I am afraid to change the whole block as it seems the fonts are connected with some other code. The sizing can stay i would just like to put OpenSans of simmilar weight as we have special characters in Slovenian language and the default font is not displaying them. 2. We are using subscribe to newsletter form, the API key from Mail Chimp and the List ID is set but an error keeps appearing: Something went wrong. How can we know what is the problem? 3. Where can I change the English translations of – “latest post” – etc that appears on the home page? Really thankful for the answers. Keep up the good work!

Hi there,

In fact, to change the styling, you will have to do some tweak to the CSS file. It should be easy, but it requires a little bit css knowledge. If we can help, please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.

for point 2, I would like that you open a support ticket and provide us your wp-admin access so we can take a look.

for point 3, you can change it in Appearance > Widgets. See screenshot:



URGENT HELP! I’ve had Ironband for over a year and I love it, but today I just uploaded to the latest version 2.07 I think and now my whole site is “BLANK”. There’s a FUNCTION error.

Nevermind. False alarm. Duh..SET UP WOO COMMERCE. I never had woo and honestly I just upgraded b/c of the Retina update, but maybe it’s time I considered the store. Sorry!

No worry ! thanks


For those Iron Band theme/template website buyers wanting to add more social media icons to their website, I accomplished this by modifying the “sprite.png” image found in the following 2 folders:
(i) /images, and
(ii) css/colors/[your selected color, i.e. pink]
My modified “sprite.png” contains 2 new social media icons for Instagram and YouTube, and you can download this from my website at the following URL:
Remember, this modified sprite image must be placed in the 2 aforementioned folders on your own website. This will not affect any of the other “sprite.png” images currently in use. Simply overwrite the existing file.
Next, you will need to modify the “all.css” style sheet code.
1. After line 435 on the “all.css” style sheet, insert the following lines of code:

.social-networks .instagram{background-position:-307px 0px;} .social-networks .instagram:hover{background-position:-307px -30px;} .social-networks .youtube{background-position:-341px 0px;} .social-networks .youtube:hover{background-position:-341px -30px;}

2. Save and then upload/overwrite the existing “all.css” style sheet.
3. None of the other style sheet code will be affected by this change. It simply allows you to add 2 new social media icons for Instagram and YouTube.
4. After uploading/overwriting the old “sprite.png” images (remember, there are 2 of these), and the original “all.css” style sheet, you must then change the HTML code on each page of your website to allow for the 2 new social media icons (Instagram and YouTube). Your updated unordered lists (appearing at the top and bottom of each page) should now look like this:

Try using the “global change” function of your HTML editing program; it’ll save you the trouble of adding the above code page by page.
If you want to add more social media icons to the Iron Band theme/template website, for example, Soundcloud, Spotify, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine or, just follow the above example by first adding the icons to the “sprite.png” image, and then inserting the additional code on the “all.css” style sheet. The positioning of each icon in the style sheet code, i.e. -307px 0px; refers to the icon’s location – in pixels – as it appears on the “sprite.png” image.
Good luck!

Sorry, but the page formatted the code I wanted to show you in my earlier comment for adding more social media icons to the Iron Band theme/template website (e.g. Instagram and YouTube). I’ll try and correct this.

Hi! Just purchased and put up the theme on my website, I use WPML and everything is great except homepage, I cannot seem to find a way to translate Recent videos, Recent posts, Recent gigs titles on the homepage.

Do you have any solutions?


You can change the title of each of the widget by going to appearance > widgets. See screenshot:

If your site is multilingual, a solution is to install the plugin Widget Logics ( so you will be able to hide the widget for a certain language, and show up another widget for a second language.



Hi, i added the revolution slider on ironband – and it displays the slider but when i add layers on to the slides they don’t appear – but when i look at the source code i can see the layers, they seem hidden

Hi there !

Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.



Hi Maxime,

I sent one 2 days back already…the ticket number is #2103


Is this theme compatible with Visual Composer. I know you have another theme called Lush that uses it but this layout is much nicer than the Lush demos. Thanks

Hi there,

Sorry, IronBand do not come with Visual Composer. However, you still can use Visual Composer by buying a license at and use it with IronBand to build your secondary pages, etc..Only the homepage will not works with VC.


Hi, I already asked my question through your support system and I still didn’t receive a reply in over a week. Here is the link: Please reply to my inquiry, thanks!

Having problems changing colors on the site. I’ve changed or added CSS for most of it but cannot find a few. Anything in red here I want to change. SEE: The sooner the better would be awesome.

This is the live website:


Hi there,

Add this to your custom css:

.carousel .datetime, .article .datetime { color: #yourcolor!important; }

.icon-concert-dropdown, li.expanded .title-row .icon-concert-dropdown { color: #yourcolor!important; }

.concerts-list .title-row .date { color: #yourcolor!important; }

.concerts-list .title-row .link { color: #yourcolor!important; }

.concerts-list .title-row .time, .concerts-list .title-row.hover .buttons { background: #yourcolor!important; }

Replace #yourcolor by your hexa color.



Awesome, thanks a ton Maxime. One more question. Anyway to change the ”+ ALL GIGS” text to something else and link it to a specific page of my choosing. I cannot seem to find where to do that.


Hi there,

Please go to IronBand > Widgets and Sidebards. You will see the option there. See screenshot:



Hi. I screwed up and deleted ironband user and all my content got deleted. Is there any fix?

nevermind. i fixed it.

Hello- Can you send me the default code for gig.php.

Somehow I messed it up.

Here is the code I have: <?php

$expanded = ( isset($_GET[‘id’]) && $_GET[‘id’] == get_the_ID() ? ‘expanded’ : false );

if(is_single()) { $expanded = ‘expanded’; } ?>

  • > <!- title-row -> <?php iron_the_gig_date(); ?> <?php the_title(); ?> <?php if ( get_field(‘gig_city’) ) { ?> <?php the_field('gig_city'); ?> <?php _e(get_iron_option(‘gig_more_alt_label’), IRON_TEXT_DOMAIN); ?> <?php if ( get_field(‘gig_map’) ) { ?> <?php _e(“View Map”, IRON_TEXT_DOMAIN); ?> <?php } ?> <?php if ( get_field(‘gig_tickets’) ) { ?> <?php _e(“TICKETS”, IRON_TEXT_DOMAIN); ?> <?php } ?> <!- slide -> <?php if ( get_field(‘gig_venue’) ) { ?>

    <?php the_field('gig_venue'); ?>

    <?php } ?> <?php the_content(); ?>
  • Here we go:

    <?php $expanded = ( isset($_GET['id']) && $_GET['id'] == get_the_ID() ? 'expanded' : false ); if(is_single()) { $expanded = 'expanded'; } ?> <li id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" post_class="">> <!-- title-row --> <div class="title-row"> <i class="fa icon-concert-dropdown" /> <?php iron_the_gig_date(); ?> <span class="location"><?php the_title(); ?></span> <?php if ( get_field('gig_city') ) { ?> <span>@<?php the_field('gig_city'); ?></span> <?php } ?> <div class="buttons"> <a id="gig1" class="open-link" href="#"> <span class="opener"><?php _e(get_iron_option('gig_more_alt_label'), IRON_TEXT_DOMAIN); ?></span> </a> <?php if ( get_field('gig_map') ) { ?> <a class="link" target="_blank" href="<?php the_field('gig_map'); ?>"><?php _e("View Map", IRON_TEXT_DOMAIN); ?></a> <?php } ?> <?php if ( get_field('gig_tickets') ) { ?> <a class="button" target="_blank" href="<?php the_field('gig_tickets'); ?>"><?php _e("TICKETS", IRON_TEXT_DOMAIN); ?></a> <?php } ?> </div> </div> <!-- slide --> <div class="slide"> <div class="entry holder"> <?php if ( get_field('gig_venue') ) { ?> <h2><?php the_field('gig_venue'); ?></h2> <?php } ?> <?php the_content(); ?> </div> </div> </li>

    I have ironBand v1.6.4, If I do update new version 2.0.2, will it cause any problems?


    Shouldnt have issue. However, you will need to edit each of your event and “hit save button” on each of them.

    Also, make sure to do a FULL backup just in case.

    Here’s the change log since your version:

    V.2.0.2 – 14.09.2015

    WooCommerce template to be compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.6 Fix widget Widget_Recent_Posts Widget now show the related category with the correct number of posts, and fix the stripos() php error. Fix browser title for shop pages V.2.0.1 – 22.05.2015

    Updated WooCommerce to 2.3.8. All templates are up to date Fixed dropdown “Country” on WooCommerce Now Retina ready ! Added retina css for logos in the header and footer Updated CSS for dropdown and checkboxes in forms Updated TGM to 2.5 V.2.0 – 17.12.2014

    Integrated WooCommerce V.1.7.0 – 14.08.2014

    Fix contact form dropdowns Fix slider arrows on mobile Add option to show / hide post author Add option to show / hide breadcrumbs Fix radio player on some browser versions V.1.6.9 – 16.06.2014

    Fixed redux group field order V.1.6.8 – 02.06.2014

    Updated Redux Backend Font Awesome to 4.1.0 Added a category filter to the Recent Posts widget V.1.6.7 – 29.05.2014

    Updated Font Awesome to 4.1.0 Fixed single post image original width V.1.6.6 – 29.04.2014

    Added get_content() to archive-photo template MailChimp Fix and update to v2.0 Added Facebook page url option for the like button to work Fixed social networks custom icons Fixed Redux upload field bug Updated Advanced Custom Fields Added Responsive On / Off option V.1.6.5 – 16.04.2014

    Added post archive default template option (List / Grid) Added featured image options within each single post Revamped ajax pagination system Moved the contact options from theme panel to the contact template it self. NB: This will break the existing page. You will need to enter your contact info within the contact page it self Fixed breadcrumbs bug Fixed scheduled gigs 404 page. NB: You will need to edit and re-save each scheduled gig in order to make it work Fixed newsletter widget when used within a sidebar zone Support get_content within all archive templates. Fixed child theme redirection bug when saving theme options