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Great work. Good luck with sales!

Very nice this has been book marked :)

Awesome, perfect for a photographer portfolio !

Thank you very much jimmy, findley, idowebdesign, I put a lot of work into this one. :)

before I make the purchase, I want to ask about the blog function, seems like it’s not an actual functional blog?! am I correct?

Right, this is a HTML template, so there is no working blog component. Thanks for your interest.

I would love to purchase this for my girlfriend, as she is an artist. The only concern I have is that I do not know if her many different size canvas’s will appear correctly. I have yet to find a theme that can display horizontal and vertical images. Can this?

Thanks, Montana Flynn

Hi Montana, good question.

Though the home page slide show does not re-size to fit different sized images, the gallery page will accommodate any dimensions for the full sized image, and can have thumbnails of any height as long as they are the same width as the ones shown in the sample gallery page.

One option is to crop the images to size on the home page, and have the full artwork on the gallery page. I’ve seen many photographers/artists do this. I understand if you want the full artwork in view however.

Hope these options work for you.

Nice work. good luck with the sales.

Thanks mabuc!

Great looking template – just need to find a reason to buy it now :)

Thanks, hope you will. 8)

Just awesome !

Appreciate it!

Very nice! :-)

Very nice! :-)

Cheers ronn0!

Thanks man. :)


Good work .

i am looking for a   Web designer for web pages.

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Do you have other id ?


Hi forbestcoder, please contact me with the form on my profile page. That way I can get back to you by email. Thanks.

Thanks !!!! REALLY GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s a lotta exclamation marks, thanks :D

It is because I’d never seen so professional Template. I bought it & it surprise me positively what I found inside. I will use for myself, because I do a bit of photography, two evenings and I almost finish it. The biggest problem is to choose photography (which should be best if I have your template) & put it to gallery. THX a lot!!!!

Great theme! and amazing photos!

Thanks, and I agree with you about the photos. Some great work on Flickr Creative Commons!

This is the most detailed and well documented template I have ever purchased on this site. Everything was easy to edit and nothing broke with any of the changes made. I can’t wait to see what else you produce and I wish you created the documentation for the other templates on here. Thank you for your wonderful template and good luck on your future productions.

Thank very much your review. I understand documentation is a big part of the template, so its great to hear that you found it useful.

For any future releases you can subscribe to my RSS item feed. I plan to release a theme every 2 months.


And thanks for purchasing, I appreciate it!

Fantastic template! Has worked VERY well for my portfolio and very easy to customise and very detailed documentation.

From the html files to the PSD files everything is arranged logically and very easy to work with!

Thank you so much for your hardwork and I appreciate it.

Thanks for your review, it means a lot!

Pretty good. But I need the almost hidden numbers below the slide markers on the homepage to go away. It looks terrible. Any tips?

My apologies for missing that detail. You can remove those by editing css/global.css. Go to line 304 where ”#pager a” is, and add the following line inside it: text-indent: 100px;

Now the text should be pushed out of the way.

Thanks for purchasing.

Hi I have a problem… The lightbox will only work when I turn on “Compatibility View” in IE8 … Can You help?

Hi herot,

I tested the lightbox in IE8 with and without compatibility view, and it functions as expected. Try deleting temporary internet files (Safety > Delete Browsing History > Check only ‘Temporary Internet files’ and click Delete).

If that does not solve it, try re-downloading the file from your account area, it could be that something you modified broke the functionality.

Let me know if those work for you.

Thanks for purchasing.

Hi, what should I write in the sendmailer if I would like to have a copy of the messages?

Ok, but what should I write if I want 2 or more destination emails?

For that you will need to add another AddAddress line in sendEmail.php (line 30)

$mail->AddAddress($site_owners_email, $site_owners_name);
$mail->AddAddress("youremail@domain.com", "Name");

Thank you!

Good luck on ThemeForest and… PROSIT !!!