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Dear author. Template looks great! But, can you tell the optimum version of jQuery library? I counted 4 versions on demo (1.8, 1.7.1, 1.7.2, 1.6.1).


used jquery 1.8


Thank you for the template. I is really clean! However I am having problems with the language setting: - I have the same problem than rgarciareina with Spanish language with virtuemart as the design is lost. - In fact when I change the default language of the whole site to Spanish the design is also lost. - If I create new main menus (helix) in other languages the menu that will appear is the one assigned to all languages and not to the one recently created.

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how i can disable the effect in the news flash? the flash effect or javascript effect? i mean the sprocket plugin.


no its CSS3 Effect. you can edit or disable through css only.

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i cant disable the near effect? i will disable it :(

Hello again! Could please reply to my comments or emails? There are two major issues in the template: 1) changing the language in the virtuemart component will remove the layout. rgarciareina also had similar problem and apparently he solved changing the JQUERY code. Could you send to everybody the code? 2) in the layout of the virtuemart component “Feature Product”, the one you show in the “Home variations 1”, the links of the head titles are completely messed up. Even in your demo is wrong!!

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Hello Download this template but to add the extension to Spanish language and enable it from the languages? manager, on the site do not load css files as it loses the style of the template, can you please help me, thanks.


I see we have a e-store tab. How can I feature/show products on the home page as well? Is there a module that can set products to the home page?


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Hi, I have bought your template which is very nice template. I have installed the full clone but there is nothing appeared in my website. Please see www.jlcomp.com Thanks

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I have the same problem wI have the same problem when I add the Spanish language, does not load the CSShen I add the Spanish language

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You must tell your support to increase the memory limit to 64. I had the same problem and so was solved.

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@Keynerac: I have increased the memory limit and still did not help. Any other suggestions?

@iBrave: I hope you can support me soon to solve the problem. Thanks

Hi everybody! @keynerac and @matracon I solved the problem of the language issue updating any virtuemart product with the Spanish translation and installing the language package for both Joomla and virtuemart.

I still haven’t solved the problem of the layout of the virtuemart component “VirtueMart Products”, the one shown in the “Home variations 1”, the links of the head titles are completely messed up. Even in the demo is wrong!! Any solution???

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I’m using Google Translator., Excuse the spelling.

This language just fix Virtuemart creating tables in the database since the Virtuemart disable all modules are solved. I did as follows when:

Export tables that have “en_gb” at the end of his name, and a notepad replaced all “en_gb” to “en_us”. Then load the code to the database for those tables that were created new and ready … problem solved.

This has worked for me several shops Joomla – VirtueMart, should work with any other language simply by changing the language code in the name.

Estoy Usando Google Traductor., disculpen la ortografia.

Este de lenguaje acaba de solucionarlo creando las tablas de Virtuemart en la base de datos, ya que al desactivar los modulos de Virtuemart todo se solucionaba. Lo hice de la siguente manera:

Exporte las tablas que tienen “en_gb” al final de su nombre, y en un block de notas sustitui todos los “en_gb” por “es_es”. Luego cargue el codigo a la base de datos para que se crearan esas tablas nuevas y listo… problema resuelto.

Esto me ha funcionado con varias tiendas Joomla – VirtueMart, deberia funcionar con cualquier otro lenguaje simplemente modificando el codigo del lenguaje en el nombre.

@GlezMoreno… Prueba creando las tablas en la base de datos a ver si con eso se te soluciona… Yo solamente hice eso y el sitio esta trabajando bien, el menu y todo se ve bien y en la tienda tambien, y no he tenido que actualizar nada, todo esta tal y como viene el Demo Full que se descarga.

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Hi I have installed your template and it was working fine until I checked it after adding around 20 menu items. It is now throwing a 404 on all pages. I can get to the admin just fine but can’t even view the site. Could you advise on what could be causing this?

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Website Translation to pt_br, it loses all formatting template, how do I solve this.


I’m Diego Gutiérrez, web developer from Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia. We’re very interested to buy this product for the new version of our website. Before a payment process, we have some technical questions to ask you:

- ¿Does LDAP authentication plugin works correctly?

- ¿What’s the support scope?

- ¿Is the support fast and timely?

- We use web services as Youtube, Facebook, Flickr and Calameo. ¿What of these services can we integrate with?

- ¿Does Virtual Domains (multidomain component ) works correctly? We worked with this component in a preview project built on Joomla 2.5.8 and the results were great.

- All our dependencies and academic departments have a template instance working on a separate subdomain as their web site. ¿Does the regular licence cover all these template instances working on differents subdomains?

In advance, Thank you for your response.

Regards, Diego Fernando Gutiérrez Méndez

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I have purchage the iStore template and used the quickstart to install, everything works great, but when you use a tablet vertical there is a black stripe on the right? Is there anyone who can tell me how to fix this? Thanks

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I have purchased the istore template. Am having trouble with the installation. I have uploaded the templates to joomla but am still seeing the Joomla information on my website. When you mention about install the sample data, where abouts do I do this?



I have just updated the version of Virtuemart and it seems to have changed the VM template in some areas.

Can you help?

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great work – but i want to use a different menu-modul. How do i deactivate the original menu – in the backend it wont work :-(

Please help! Thanks a lot!


i have pruchased the template and the dropdown-menu did not work on the front-page. (it only work on sites without unit revolution slider).

please help!