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Hello imediapixwl,

I bought your template and I love it! Everything seems works, but I have only one problem. I cannot change the default color. It’s set in Orange and when I change to any of those 5 variants, nothing happens. I even changed the css styles and still nothing. Would you check where is the problem? I can provide the access information via email.



ok just contact me from my profile page regarding your issue, let me check directly at your site.


sent it!

I have a few questions about the Testimonials sidebar: - Is it possible to rotate? I want to display 2 at a time but they are always the same 2 whenever I refresh or click on a new page. - How do you remove the photo in each testimonial? I just want to display the text, no images. Please advise, thanks!

Hi, as said before, great template.

How can I make that blog posts title would not be always capital letter?

thanks for fast and useful answer. I dont know if you’d be kind to help a plug-in problem but this timely event calendar does not show Google maps, in their website they claim it can be theme conflict.

Sorry I cant help you for this, please refer to plugin official documentation regarding your issue.


Hi, it is confirmed that it is a theme conflict. Is there any way that you could help? I am out of options.

I do i remove the more Service from the service page

Thank you for the help

How do i rename the Fax to mobile Tel under Contact information?


Shortcodes are not working for me for lists. Any idea why this would be? I tried emailing you last night but thought I would post here in case you missed the email. I am using [bulletlist] [/bulletlist] and it’s not working, just shows the shortcode on the page as text. Help?

be sure you have formatted your content in unordered list first (from WP editor).


Hi imediapixel,

I’m currently using your theme. here’s a link to my site:

I would like to ask a couple questions: 1. Is there a way to disable the function to view ‘all projects’ in the portfolio section – so only the sub categories can be viewed

2. I messed around with the backend and accidentally deleted some code in the blog section while trying to get rid of the text on the right speech bubble ‘Kommentare deactiviert’ Can you please teach me how to restore the blog so it looks the same as before?

3. Is there a way to get rid of the speech bubble on the right of the blog posts with the number of comments inside?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.


Hi there I built a site for a client using your theme at He is very pleased with it but said he still has bit of a problem with the drop-down menu jumping about too much. He says he finds sometimes if you scroll over it with the mouse it kind of disappears and he asked if it is possible to slow it down and steady it. Please let me know what kind of code I would need to use to try to do this. Also, something seems to have gone wrong with the contact template – you’ll see on the contact page it says all the time ‘Your message has been sent successfully. Thank you!’ If you also have time to send me some tips on how to remove that, would be very grateful. Thanks again for a great theme. :-)


1) for dropdown menu, I have repeatedly checked in major browser and there’s no problem as you mentioned

2) I checked your site looks like you have replaced with contact form plugin instead of using default contact form page template



Thank you very much for your reply and I appreciate your ongoing support for this theme. Actually I haven’t got a contact form plugin installed and I just checked in the admin area again and the page is using the contact form page template. I have said to my client that if we can’t get it resolved, then we would have to look at using a plugin but I’d rather not do that if at all possible. The page worked fine for a while, so I’m not sure what went wrong here.

With the drop down, it’s an intermittent problem but one my client is quite aware of. I wonder would it be possible please for you to direct me to the area in the code that controls this, so I may see if I’ll be able to figure out some solution.

Many thanks again

Hi, the template don´t alowed me to insert special characters as “´” i am trying to insert the word “Móviles” in the slogan section and i only get “Mviles”, isn´t the template multilingual? how can i resolve this issue? i al ready try using ó but it does work still.


istudio theme used cufon font, by default it’s does not support your language accents, you can try search the cufon font at and place your new cufon font at js/fonts folder of istudio theme and activate from theme options => styling options cufon font.


Thanks it works correctly. :P

The demo site is offline :(

I am helping a client that purchased your theme through a different developer. After latest WP Update, the “Splash Sign-In Page” template errors when users try to log in or register. Error is:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare check_password_reset_key() (previously declared in /home/citizen3/public_html/teacher-login.php:256) in /home/citizen3/public_html/wp-includes/user.php on line 1644

Can you help?

the problem relate with the plugin and WordPress core functionality, there’s no problem with the istudio theme.


Hi there, It’s been years since I have updated the site, but when I go to the homepage, the images are gone (3 out of 4 images on the slider do not appear) though they are still in the media section.

The icons for the portfolio items are not appearing also. What could be the issue? I can send you the site privately.


acnewman Purchased

Hi! I have been trying to get the layout of my webpage just right. Unfortunately, your theme’s layout seems to change depending on the computer and browser. Is there any way to change it so it will adjust to each screen correctly?

Hi, for now the theme does not support for responsive layout, we will add a responsive layout option for the next update.