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I have downloaded (and uploaded) all files. And one extra time the .js, .css og the header…. None of the graphs works either.


If you have a direct link, could you please show me the page? Because i don’t see any issues

Hi Eugene. This theme is wonderful.

Man, I have a doubt. Can I decrease the size of a field?


Sure, you can. But need more info to suggest you anything. You can email me your question so i’ll be able to check and provide a help.


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How’s your new theme coming? I am interesting in seeing it.. and also interested in seeing an update here as well.


New theme is coming very very soon, working on documentation and responsive layout. Right after its release i will get back to updates for my prev themes!

There is a smaller contacts widget in the psd, how do we get that in html?

Can I use this to create users with a password and username, and let them throug to only one page, where they can update some few informations about them self?


I think yes, but keep in mind this is an html template only and it doesn’t have any databases, dynamic code etc.

Okay, do you have any template or script that can allow me to create users with password and usernames, and then let them login, just to change there profile information, nothing else?

Hi Kopyov, just wanted to say thank you for this fantastic UI Set!


Thank you so much! ;)

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Kopyov, Thank you for a fantastic theme template to work with. It is so robust, I am itching to implement some new features for our site.

I have a couple of questions for you: 1. I am using the liquid (responsive) theme, and would like to make my logo responsive as well (shrink in size for mobile devices, etc). Do you have any suggestions?

2. Do you have any documentation for using the icons in the widget headers, or buttons?

Thanks again for a superb template.




1. You can set max-width: 100%; for your logo, it should scale it depending on the screen size.

2. Hmm, do you need it? I mean all icons are inserted as images, not css, so just add proper icon name to show it.

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Thanks Koyov,

I was referring to the ones that you have set up like the following:

<div class="table"> <div class="head"><h5 class="iFrames">Dynamic table</h5></div> </div>

Oh, sorry for misunderstanding.

Unfortunately not at the moment, i didn’t add a flist with icon classes, but will add in the upcoming updates for sure!

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Ok, no problem. Thanks again.

BTW , how soon before an update is out for this template, and has your new one been released yet?

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I have a huge problem with the dynamic tables with a lot of columns. They aren’t resizing correctly. I have dug into the datatables.com site trying to find a solution for it, but haven’t been able to find one. When you change the size of the window down, to anything less than 1440px wide, the table stops shring and the right edge of the table gets cut off the smaller you get.

I am building this in a secured site, but can probably reproduce it in a static page if you need to see an example.



You can try to wrap the table into some div with overflow-x: auto; and set white-space: nowrap; to table td. Or there is a parameter for datatables – bAutoWidth or sWidth, you can set it to false.

Please check this page for more info – http://datatables.net/ref

The theme is great but I need it to do more, just a few questions if you don’t mind.

Users are shown default tags. These tags will have a border color of #CCC with no internal color.

1) Use Case – User can add their own tags. A user added tag would be given a different color then “default” already generated tags. Default tags would always be present unless user deleted them. (Q) How would this be done in the JS?

2) Use Case – User needs to be able to click on square buttons in the top right. Each launching a modal window with html content. In applying the code to launch a modal window to two elements. One button would work, the other does not. (Q) How can this be resolved?

In not needing everything on a page. I began to remove imports to JS files I thought I no longer needed. Such as for pics and cal. in removing these the site would break at that point? I would rather not have to call every JS file if I dont need them.

Thank you for any help you could provide. Let me know if you would like for me to place what I’m working on live so you can check it out.



Sorry, but i didn’t get your questions..

What tags do you mean? And what square buttons on the top right?

In modal windows you need to use 2 different buttons with different id’s for 2 modals with different id’s. If it doesn’t work, please send me a link to your page so i’ll be able to check.


Kopyov, Thank you for the quick response. I can see an id=”opener”. I can apply this to a button and it will launch a UI dialog box. The box thats being opened is being called from within JS right? What would I need to do to the JS code in order to be able to launch two different modals?

The tags I’m talking about are in Forms/Dropdowns and Selects. I have 7 default tags that are always persistent to the user. These have no background color but a border color of #666. When a user adds a new tag. How can I color these user added tags a different color? I’m sure this is out of scope but I’m almost completed with what I’m working on and could really use your insight.

Thank You,

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No. It’s an admin template. I use it for administration (password protected). I’ve the problem with the standard .html-files as well …


What kind of problems do you have with html files?

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How to get data from sql-database (with php) into the charts?


I am not an expert in php, but check this example


Great theme. It helps my a lot.

I would like to use the Range Slider (the one which uses values between $0 and $500 from the demo) to select a time interval of the day, so the result will be easy to use in a sql query. So the format will be hh:mm Do you have such a control that i can use easily ?

Thanks a lot. Catalin.




Is this what you mean? I don’t work with php, so can’t be more detailed, sorry.

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Hi, Good theme. I’m making a admin site.

i have a table list page. top search area + bottom table layout. i need select box + search box in single div. That is very difficult select box with search box in SINGLE DIV . (always these two objects are separated two line. or line feed, or invalid selectbox location… TT)

Can you help me?

How do I set the dialog modal to w fixed width and remove the resize handles? I see the class name of uDialog but can’t seem to find it to edit it? Is it being generated via a JS somewhere?

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Hi buddy, firstly thank you for this theme. amazing job.

I have a question. I must use chained selectboxes which second is generating with ajax content. First selectbox standart html but second one is generating by ajax. For this reason it is look like standart selectbox it doesn’t have any style or etc. I tryed one more process but I can’t success.

how can I handle this issue? thanks



Could you please email me a link to your page, i’ll check what’s wrong there?

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OK I wrote. thx