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Very nice! :inlove:
Good luck!

I lke the clean design. Good luck!

Really cool stuff Ruben, now that’s tasteful minimalism. Best of luck mate!


Awesome dude. Good luck!

Hello, Accordion and Tabs dont’t works on Elements page. So, congrats … it’s a very clean theme! dB.

Whoops, sorry for that.. All works well now! ;)

Awesome WordPress Theme, GLWS !

Thanks! Congrats on your new badge :)

awesome work mate

Nice theme. Very clean. Awesome choice of vimeo video :D

Thanks! :)

I like to pick entertaining videos from the ones picked by their staff :D

Warning! Unique work here.
Thank God there are fellow authors still creating bold, original, courageus work.
Congrats Ruben.

Thanks for the awesome feedback! :)

Good job man! another wonderful theme! ;)

Love the simplicity of this theme! I was just wondering if it’s possible to add other social media icon links to it like instagram and pinterests? Thanks!

Of course! You have a lot of social media icons available, instagram and pinterest being two of those..

Quick questions:
01. Does it have an option to switch to other fonts?
02. On the gallery page:
– Can the image wider and essentially taller?
– In my opinion the dots are too small to c lick, can I make it so that c licking on an image will scroll through the images (essentially same functionality as the dots but clicking on an image instead to go next)

03. Can I make the center icon smaller?

Thank you

1. Sure, you have Google Fonts available

2. Wider no, taller yes. You can have any height in the slider, while the width is a smaller because the design (and concept). For your other question, if you’re good with JS sure you can do this (otherwise no).

3. With custom CSS yes..

This is a very pretty theme, and the demo was really good. However, when I purchased this theme and installed it on my Media Temple Hosting with the latest WP version, I found this theme is broken for me!

Shortcodes dont work, Page layout option doesnt seem to work. In two column view i get broken code visible in the front end above the post title. See screenshots:

The readme has the line: “After the theme is activated, you have to install the required plugins one by one in order for the theme to properly work.” — but nowhere does it say which plugins to install, nor is it clear before buying that plugins were required.

I dont know if i’m doing something wrong or this is a bad theme. I’d love some input to fix this.

I’m no stranger to wordpress – i’ve been using it since 1.2 and have used, built and edited themes and templates quite a bit.

Thanks, and awaiting a response! The Support page does not have list this theme, so writing here.


I am sorry for your bad experience, there were some bugs in the first release of the theme indeed, bugs which went unnoticed. An update is on it’s way and it should be online in a few hours (in the meantime i’ve attached the new files to your support ticket).

1. The shortcodes were wrong (if you read the manual you’ll see that the shortcodes are different than what were in the import file). Please look into the manual to see the real name of the shortcodes. The new package contains the correct xml file.

2. There is only one plugin needed for the theme and that one is needed for the Twitter Widget. If you read the manual you’ll understand what it’s all about, while you should also see the plugin which needs to be installed if you go to Appearance / Settings > Plugins…

3. The page layout (w sidebars) and the archives layout is also fixed in this release.

Sorry for any inconvenience and i hope that you’ll find this theme useful for your purposes!

Hi…ok will check out the new files. Just my bad luck i had to develop a new site over the weekend, so i had to fix or work around the errors in the php css. I may have to do it all over again now :-P

Thank you

Version 1.1 is out!! Check the changelog on the item’s description page!

Very Nice, gave you 5 Stars, but actually you i should give you 4 ! Your JQuery effects are very nice, everthing looks and moves smooth ! NICE, but there isn’t enough to personalize, i think if you would expand this theme: like changing fonts (size) or more than the main color (it dont copy it overall !!!) without changing the code manually. Another point is the startpage, you should create more than just the blogstyle, give your buyers the function to give it a title, a little intro etc… otherwise: GREAT WORK, a theme that have something special ! 5 Stars cause you made look it so nice, but please expand this theme, give it more complexity !!!

Thanks for the rating! :)

However, there isn’t any advertisement that you can change the fonts size or the colors through theme options. So you shouldn’t expect something that’s not advertised..

About the complexity, this was to be made a really minimal & simple theme from the start, again, there are no false advertisements about this theme being complex.

Anyway, i am glad that you like it and appreciate the great feedback! :)

Hi, i don’t expected this features, but if you follow my suggestions you have the chance to sell it really often. i think your template is great, but like i said, it’s not modifyable enough. we customized a lot, thinks like static ‘follow’ menu and a alot features you don’t created. but now its a really nice template. so i think you have to expand it, every good template creator do this, and i’m sure you get the extra work paid, with more sales ;) NICE ONE !

theres one more thing, if you change the main color, it doesn’t change it overall !

hi, is it possible to add a home page banner and freeze it so that the page content scrolls up and down without the banner moving?



Yes, if you’re good with PHP/HTML/CSS you can definitely do this. Otherwise no..

How can I have this look on the blog?, the option of OUR BLOG>RIGHT SIDEBAR Because my home page looks like that—>, the option of OUR BLOG>TWO COLUMNS I can’t change it from the option of COSTUMIZE, that wordpress give it.

Sorry for my english! u.u’

And thanks for the template! Really cool! :D


Thanks for your purchase!

Due to the large amount of support questions and for keeping everything organized, all tickets will be directed through my private support forum:

Please head over there and i’ll do my best get your problems solved!

Thanks for your understanding, Ruben.

Version 1.2 is out! Check out the changelog on the description page and update.

How do you put the subtittle to the menu elements?

Use the “title” attribute.