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I would also be interested in dummy content too as i`m struggling to add portfolio items to the homepage.

The XML file is in \wp-content\themes\jacked\lib\SilverWp\config\jacked.xml

I have the same problem which sitebee has. I just emailed you

Mailed back! ;-)

Unfortunately the (homepage) slider doesn’t work very well on mobile devices – are there any solutions to this?

Everything else is great.

Hey, which mobile device do you use? We have checked it for some mobile devices and it works

Hey. I managed to switch the drop down to hover, but I can’t figure out how to style the colours and make the BG colour show up on hover.

I also am looking to get rid of the small 1px border on the bottom of the nav bar.

Here’s the site: http://test.vancouverbreatheyoga.com/

Any help would be appreciated :)

I went to search for it in the FTP. Wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it.

All i can find is the less.css file and I only see it calling on color functions

Yes you can change all settings with the less.css file http://lesscss.org/ will help you to edit this file correctly

I like this theme and will hopefully buy it, can you tell me a little more about the “contact form 7 integration” you list in the features…does that mean any forms we design in cf7 take on the styling of this theme?

What field types does the styling work with? For example…what do drop down lists look like, checkboxes and so on. Text boxes and text areas look neat but some of my forms use drop downs and check boxes…and date pickers so any insight you can offer would be fantastic thank you.

Please write in our support forums here and we will answer your questions asap.

Can you adjust the height of the slider? I hate “the fold” but client wants more content above it. Appreciate the help!

Yes of course!

Is there a preferred size for the featured image on the slide? I have uploaded an image however, it is not responsive and covers up the button and some text on a mobile device. Is there a fix for this? How can I have the image scale down for mobile viewers?

on second look, I see your sample scales, so I’m not sure what I miss or if I did something wrong? please advise: www.paintnothingtoit.com

Please write in our support forums here and we will answer your questions asap.

Hi, I need to know if this template JACKED provides a ChildTheme or, if you can indicate how we need to go about doing this and where we should refer to in the WordPress documentation.

we use Roots Starter Theme, but Roots should just completely drop child theme compatibility

hi there,

I have send you a message through your profile page but i did not receive any reply. After installing you theme, WordPress dashboard is not accessible. No plugin is enabled. the problem occurs only with your theme. How can i fix it? thanks

Can you explain what the problem exactly is? Please try to use our support forums here

Hey there,

I want to “disable” the responsiveness of the theme. And keep a fixed-width at the maximum width you currently have for content. Please point me in the right direction, I don’t see any media queries in the css.

Thanks in advance. Fantastic theme.

I have never try to turn off responsive, but you can remove my @media definicions (from style.css), and turn off responsive-utlilities.less file (bootstrap) from CSS.

For more information visit our support forums.

Thank you!

Tried your suggestions with no success. How do I log into your support form? My Envato username and password is not working. I’d really like to remove responsiveness. Thanks.

You should ask Envato, because our forum is integrated with Envato system. I think you have got wrong number or login, please try again!

If you use LESS it should be possible to turn off responsive, but you need to try some special solution, e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17935601/how-to-remove-responsive-features-in-twitter-bootstrap-3


How do I remove the ”@” symbol from automatically appearing in the testimonials? Also how do we remove the “JACKED” which is tiled in the background of the testimonials section?

Thanks in advance. Loving the theme.

You have to remove these files: testimonials_pattern.png is in \wp-content\themes\jacked\assets\img\ folder and ”@” you have to remove from \wp-content\themes\jacked\templates\home-testimonial.php file (ln 22, col 214)

I`m getting this error

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/wp-content/themes/jacked/lib/SilverWp/Helper/Page.php on line 51

Any Ideas?

Please post this question to our support forums.

Where can the demo data be found? Thank you!

Please send me your email and I will send you the dummy content. You can also ask in our support forums for fast help

1. I get this error when adding new images in the Gallery of the Portfolio.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/dev/wp-content/themes/jacked1010/lib/SilverWp/MetaBox/MetaBoxAbstract.php on line 232

2. How can I customise the colours?

3. Is there anyway I can change the order of the sections on homepage?

1. please contact our support forums for such questions!

2. you can cusotmize style and colours with the less.css file, you will find all information listed in the documentation

3. you can change every section in the wordpress admin panel

Is the theme compatible with WPML Multilanguage Plugin?

I think there is a them responsive issue. On the client list for the jacked wordpress theme, when I click on my tool bar and it shows my favorites, the client list shows double of the clients logos. Let me know. Thanks!

Hey, the logo images might be too smal than?!?

Hello. When I post my logo at a certain size, the top gray bar on the site will move in ways its not suppose to. Ive contacted you several times, but still no response. If I could speak with you over email or if you could just tell me the problem now. I can send you an email of what I mean if you’d like. Thanks!

Yes, please send me an email with the contact form here.

I sent an email but no response yet. Let me know please thanks!

I sent an email back to you!

Hey there, how i remove the thumnail from the portfolio page?

Hey, from which portfolio page?

so is this theme major base on the sage starter theme? what version is it? And if I buy this theme, can I still do the “gulp watch” or bower these kind command line while I need to customize the theme? Thanks!

Yes it should be included in the download files.

hi, I don’t think I see any those files.

Please check your documentation carefully!