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where i can find the the registration code of revolution slider?... thanks

The theme buyers do not get a license key for the included plugins, as they are in-direct buyers of the plugin, because the plugin was received as a part of the theme and not by a standalone license. This is just the general policy on Envato. Please let me know if you have other questions.

Hi Alex,

How can I add my custom CSS for the website logo ?

What is the difference between child theme and normal theme? Am I working on the parent theme right now? How can I start working on child theme instead?

Hi, a child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme. Why using a child theme? If you modify a theme directly and it is updated, then your modifications may be lost. By using a child theme you will ensure that your modifications are preserved.

Please send a mail to and I will send you a empty child theme and more details about how to extend the parent using the child.

Hello, I have installed and actived the “JamSession Post Types” plugin; however, when I try to create a new menu, this plugin doesn´t work properly: the “POST, VIDEO, PHOTO ALBUMS, EVENT, etc.” options are not displayed in the menu configuration.

Hi, the plugin works, you probably need to activate this options from Screen Options (top rightpart of the page). The presence of this options when creating a menu is not handled by the plugin, it is part of the WordPress functionality to show you all post types. Please send a mail to with this issue, I will take a look.

hi, thanks for great help, i need empty child theme …. and how to extend functionality of parent theme using it ,,, thanks

Hi, please send a mail to support, I will help you.