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Hi Sir, Great theme. Tell me please. I check download files and I can’t found dummy content. Can you send me please.

Thank you!


Hi Radu,

There is no dummy content for this theme. You only have the default slider. If you meet any problems setting it up, please send me a mail on support@smartwpress.com, I will help you with details. Also, you can check the online video& written documentation, there is a step by step guide about how to set up this theme.

How do I change the events posts from saying TOUR DATES and program the posts that are old to go to Archives? I need only 10 posts to stick.


Hi, Please send me a mail, I will help you.

Hi! Love this theme – is there any way to scrap out the images and just have a video slider that can autoplay?

I really like it a lot.



Hi, Thanks for being interested in JamSession theme. Unfortunately, auto play on slides is not supported yet. But you can still add a video to each of the slides.

cnokuri Purchased

Hi the upcoming events bar isn’t showing all my events


Hello, The upcoming events will show the next three events, just like it is in the demo. If the events have passed, then you will be able to see them on Past Events. For further questions, please use the support email – support@smartwpress.com

is it possibile to change the permalinks structure ?


Hi, it is possible from WordPress Dashboard. Can you please send me a mail to support@smartwpress.com with more details about what you need?


I solved editing jamsession-post-types … with rewrite, example:

register_post_type( ‘js_videos’, array( ‘labels’ => array( ... ), ‘public’ => true, /* ‘has_archive’ => true,*/ ‘supports’ => array( ‘title’, ‘editor’, ‘comments’, ‘thumbnail’), ‘menu_icon’ => ‘dashicons-video-alt2’, ‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘my-desidered-slug’), ) );


Hi, please roll back your changes. For custom post types you already have settings implemented that allows you to change the slug. You asked about the permalink, not about the slug for custom post types. Please do not change the theme code, or you will loose the changes when applying the next update. Also, please use the support email for support questions.

Great looking theme but I have a pre-sale question for you. Is there (or do you plan to) offer an option for a boxed layout design instead of full screen? Thank you.


Hi and thanks for being interested in JamSession theme. Unfortunately, at this moment there is no option to turn the design into boxed layout. Please let me know if you have other questions.

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hai, i have question that i already download the new one ( I choose : installable wordpress only ). Then i uploaded to my wp-admin, when this is done the installation process,but the result is :

Destination folder already exists. /home/chriicom/public_html/wp-content/themes/jamsession/

Theme install failed.

Can you give me a solution? regards,


Hi, You can try to install it via WordPress admin interface (delete first the theme folder in wp-content/themes). If you still have problems, please send me a mail to support@smartwpress.com and I will help you.

Hi I purchased this theme and absolutely LOVE it! my only issue is that the page is not responsive to smaller screens so when I am on a laptop the menu page titles overlap. please take a look



Hi, I will check and fix this as soon as possible. Please send me a mail on support email (support@smartwpress.com) to be able to reply on your email address.

lwolfe63 Purchased

Just want to say what a great theme this is! Not only is the theme really cool & easy to use but SmartWPress offers amazing support. I was really impressed with the help I got when I needed help making a few custom changes. Really happy with this purchase! Thanks!



Is it safe to delete old version folder(theme folder in wp-content/themes) to install theme update? All contents will remain safe after installing theme update?


Hi, you can simply overwrite the theme folder. Anyway, I will prepare automatic update functionality, from the WordPress dashboard in the very next version.

Hello there!

It’s a great template, I love it.

I just have one question: The home page, does it work with livestream?


Hi, Please send me more details about what you need on the dedicated support email – support@smartwpress.com. Thanks

rjay Purchased

How do I use this with Woocommerce – your documentation doesn’t say anything about it …


Hi, You only need to install WooCommerce and start building your website. You don’t need to do anything special. More details about how to set your WooCommerce shop, you can find on the plugin official page: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/managing-products/

I’m interested in purchasing this theme. I have a few questions:

1. Can I remove the hardwood flooring background?

2. Can I remove the side bar (Search, Tags, Recent Posts, Categories, Archives, Calendar, etc.) from the contact page?

3. Can I change the color of the text from white to black on the pages only?

Thanks and I anxiously await your response.


Hi and thanks for being interested in JamSession theme. 1. The background can be replaced from the theme settings. 2. The theme comes with two contact pages, one with sidebar and one without sidebar. 3. The text color is set for the entire website, this can be done, but only by changing the code of the theme, through a child theme.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme. I wanted to simply ask: is it possible to replace the audio players with SoundCloud players? Also, how hard would it be to reposition the social buttons from the bottom left to the top right just under the main menu bar? Thanks!


Hi, JamSession theme already have this functionality, so you can use your SoundCloud albums/playlists in your album post type, to replace the audio player. Related to the social media icons, it can be done by making some small changes in a child theme. I will send you more details if you want. Please send me a mail on dedicated email address, support@smartwpress.com.


I am still having problems sending the contact form to the correct email. It doesn’t seem to go through – can you please take a look? I have added the correct email under Jam Session settings.

Also, when I upload an image to the Main Slider (Home page)- it seems to zoom in/crop on the original image, where do I change this so it shows exactly how it should look? Or give me CSS Style code please.


Hi, I will help you, please send me a mail on the support email(support@smartwpress.com), with your URL. Also, to check the contact form problem, please send me a user/password for your wordpress installation. The contact form was tested on different web servers, it should work flawless. Also, related to the slider, the image is always perfectly centered to the screen. We’ll discuss through the email, I will wait for your email.


Great theme, but have troubles to come into the backend. Got this warning when i will enter backend via wp-admin:

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Your administrator may not have enabled CGI access for this directory.


Hi, seems to be an issue related to the web server configuration, I’ve sent you a mail describing a backup solution for this, until you fix the problem with your hosting provider.

fallen_a Purchased

Hi! I have a question. Can I change the order of past events. I want “newest” past events to be shown on top of the page and “oldest” past events to be shown on bottom of the page.

Great theme btw.


Hi, please send a mail to support@smartwpress.com, and I will help you with this.

Hello, I have noticed an issue with submit buttons not displaying in Widgets when using the theme. I have tried several different plugins to add a MailChimp signup form to the sidebar AND also simply embedding the code directly from MailChimp into a text widget but none of these methods have displayed the submit button for the form. Is there something in the theme preventing the button from being displayed? Please advise. Thank you.


Hi, please send a mail to support@smartwpress.com and I will help you with this. Thanks


I’m interested in this theme, however the menu (hamburger) button on mobile is not working. Is this a temporary issue or can it be fixed?


Hi, a fix for this problem was already made for the next theme version. The new version will be available at the end of this week. Thanks for being interested in JamSession theme.