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Hi. I just bought this theme. I’ve figured out most of it, but I want to use a MENU icon like in the Minimal Demo that opens up to the menu bar instead of having the menu items across the screen. I can’t seem to figure that one out. I’ve looked through (I think) all of the Settings. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, you can find the setting in Appearance – JamSession Settings – Use Mobile Menu (drop down). Please let me know if you need more help, feel free to mail me at


vtdiniz Purchased

wow, really cool theme, congrats! I have some easy questions:

1 – Can I put a soundcloud player at the home page? 2 – I only saw vimeo videos at the sample pages. Can I use youtube on home page? 3 – Can I put galleries at home page, or only featured images? 4 – There is no Bio or About page? 5 – Can i put band’s social networks at home (or any other page)?



vtdiniz Purchased

There is a date for the next update? I loved the theme, but social icons are very important to us.

Hi, If you need this so fast I will prepare a short update regarding your feature in the next 2-3 days.

Hi, the update containing the feature you asked for is now available. If you already purchased the theme, please update to the last version.

Hi, Just installed the theme. When changing the background image it dissapears behind the standard texture that comes with the theme. How come?

That did the trick. But why is the background image looking blurry?

Hi, you need to use a image with a bigger resolution, the actual image is only 300px width which is too small for a full screen background.

Hi, i don’t want my youtube video to autoplay. But activate with a play button. How can I achieve this? I added the URL with revolution slider.

The youtube/vimeo should not autoplay by default. Hi, please send more details to support email –

how do you get the default theme.. I want to use the Jam Session Extended version.. I would like the intro video as well, if possible?

Hi, please check your email configuration or provide another email address, because I cannot send emails to your existing address. I’ve sent three emails and for all I got “mail delivery failed”. Thanks.

just sent you info. I hope you can help get this fixed. After uploading the theme I got hit with malware on my site. took me all day to get it fixed and now back to square one… So please Help make my theme like the demo..

Hi Wayne, I just sent you an email. I will handle this later on.

We have a problem about sending messages by contact page. The confirmation message “Thanks, your email was sent successfully.” appears but e-mail is NOT sent. We already configured correctly the e-mail on theme configuraction.

Hi, please send a mail with a user/password for your installation. The confirmation message comes after the wordpress successfully sends the message. Either your web server has a problem or you need to check the client email. I will make some tests on your installation.


chcshow Purchased

When using Visual Composer can you use a youtube video as the opening page but with different sound playing than whats on the video?

Hi, it is quite difficult to say since this would mean to separately control the video on youtube which is embedded code. Wouldn’t be a solution to create a video with a different sound (take the video and change the sound)


I need to show a single photo album in a page is that possible?

Thank you

You mean the Visual Composer Gallery element?? i have tried that and put the album URl in the Gallery Page URL field but only shows the title, not the album

You mean the Visual Composer Gallery element?? i have tried that and put the album URl in the Gallery Page URL field but only shows the title, not the album

Can you please send a mail with all details? I will check this later on. Thanks.

HI, Looking at purchasing this theme, just wondering if it’s possible to change the background ‘black timber’ look. I’m sorry if this has been asked about before, just couldn’t find anything about it?

Hi, you can set a general background for all the inner pages from theme settings, and you can set also individual page backgrounds from page edit.


RevSlider video and songs on my homepage don’t work on Chrome, only on Firefox and Safari. Should I take some actions to clear this error?

Have you got the login info?

Hi, I got it. Most probably the slider was not correctly imported. I’ve imported it again and now it works. Please send a mail to if you have other questions, I will help you.

Hi, please update your theme to the last version (4.6.3), there is a fix regarding the audio player behavior in chrome. Please send a mail if you have questions.


I sent you an email regarding the a problem with the shortcode but I still haven’t heard back from you. Please respond asap thanks.


Hi, I did a reply yesterday to a mail related to shortcodes missing for extended layout. If is not you, can you please resend the email? The response time for support email should not exceed 24 hours in the working days. The email address is: Thanks!

Hi i have installed the theme but when I click ‘Begin installing plug-ins’ in WP a blank webpage opens with the message ‘Cannot load tgmpa-install-plugins.’

The URL is:

Please could you advise? I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few days now but I’m getting nowhere.



Hi, i was told someone would be able to look at this today, if you could send me an update that would be great, Thanks.

Just found your response, it had gone in my junk folder – thank you for your help I will try those steps. Thanks

No problem, please use the support email for communication, it is easier to trace all the messages. Feel free to ask for help anytime.

how do I achieve jam session 3 template? cannot find any documentation on it.

Hi, you can replicate the extended layout by importing the demo xml that you can find in the download package.

Also, there is a dedicated entry in the documentation related to this, please check the following URL:

If you have more questions, feel free to send a support email –

Hello, We are from Envato Studio and we have a client who wants to install your theme and the demo. Would you tell us is it possible to install the demo as

Best Regards, Creatica Studio

Hi, the extended demo can be replicated by importing the xml file included in the download package. If you need more help feel free to mail to, I will support you.

Hi, the extended demo can be replicated by importing the xml file included in the download package. If you need more help feel free to mail to, I will support you.

hello, I have a website where to load first images appear on top of other overlapping

Hi, can you please send a mail ( with a detailed description for your problem. Also, please send the URL to your website, I will take a look. Thanks.

Is it possible to leave an active wp theme in place while working on a new theme that will eventually replace the old theme? Thanks.

Hi, I don’t think is possible to have two themes active in the same time. Instead, you can create a coming soon page in JamSession, based on the coming soon page template. Then set it from theme settings, and it will be visible by all not logged in visitors. In this way, you can build and set up your website while your visitors will see the coming soon page. Feel free to send a support email if something is not clear or you need more help.

I need to add fields to the Contact form. How can I do this? I sent you an email last week but have not heard back…

Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi, you have my reply to your email.

Hi there. I really like your theme, however I have some major questions regarding using this for a fan site for a large and famous band (whom I won’t mention).

Since this band has well over 1,500 past concerts dating back nearly 40 years, is there a way to organize/sort the gigs or tours section by “Tour name” and “Tour leg”? For instance, there may be 3 legs in one tour, one for North America, one for Europe and one for South America. In each leg there may be about 30 or so shows or gigs.

So I’d like to sort each tour by name/leg and then when you click the featured image for leg you are then able to select separate dates, shows or gigs. After clicking the show, you can then read a review, setlist, video/audio, etc. on that page. Can something like this be done using your theme, “JamSession”?

Hi, I will try to help you, please send a mail to since this might be a lengthy discussion.

Hi there,

Love this theme. Before I buy, please answer one question: Is this theme ready for multilanguage? I don’t mean just translate but have it run parallel in different languages. Cheers

Hi, and thanks for being interested in this theme. As you said, you can use the theme in any language, but it does not offer multilingual out of the box, you need to use a third party plugin for this. Please take a look on the following resource on the WordPress Codex website: If you have other questions feel free to send a mail to

Hi, my events section is not working. I create an event, and it looks good on preview. When I publish however, I just get 404’s after a user clicks on the even on the events page. So the single event page with details is not working.

Hi, please check your permalinks settings and make sure they are set to “post name”. There is a known WordPress problem related to this, for certain permalinks settings it is not able to show single pages for custom post types. Please send me a user/password for your installation by mail to and I will take a look.

Woo! That worked and you’re a fast responder. Thanks a bunch!

You’re welcome, let me know if you need more help.