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Hello, I sent an email to you 2 weeks ago…pls answer if you can help me

okay ty, i send the mail again..

Hi, the response for the support emails time does not exceed 24 hours, if you still did not receive the answer, please check your email settings, or check the spam folder and let me know if you got the reply. Or please use the contact form on my profile on Envato –

Hi. I just bought the theme and I want to set it up just like the Jamsession Extended design. I tried using the wordpress installer to bring in the extended import xml. However, I get a error saying the file is empty. Can you help me troubleshoot this? I just want it to look exactly like the demo. Thank you!

Hi, I’ve sent you an answer by email, can you please check?

Great theme and really great support! Awesome customization from the author and easy to talk to! You rock!

Thanks a lot!! :)

Hi there, photo albums stopped working after last update? Please check email to resolve. Thank you

Your permalinks needed a refresh, please check, now it should work.

How do I change the Name for upcoming Events on the bottom of the homepage?

Hi, please go to Appearance – JamSession Settings. You have an option to change that in the theme settings.

Pre sales questions …..

Are there shortcodes available? Say I want to make tabs in a page.

Is the visual composer free with this theme or do we have to buy it separately ?

Is there Import Demo facility?

I believe in Discography albums can be added to different categories, is that right? Could there be a tab which will show All albums? I noticed in the demo that is missing.



Hi, You can create a page based on discography template and put it to the menu. It is quite simple to do that.

Ah So purchased it. Just a quick question, How do I import 1] demo content and 2] child theme ?


Hi, the demo can be imported from Tools – Import – WordPress. Just upload the xml file contained in the download package and check the option that gets the post attachments. If something is not clear please send a mail to For a child theme, I can also send it to you by mail.

Undoubtedly the best template ! It has everything and most importantly the best is very quick support !

Thank you very much !!! I really appreciate !!!

And thanks for your nice words :)

Actually not really. I just want to keep 2-3 big = 12 to 35 Mb files (my print sized pictures and my tech rider) for the concert organisers. Woocommerce will be too much. I was using a simple download manager plugin but it is clashing with the visual composer and the page isn’t taking the formatting.

The theme was not tested with a different e-commerce plugin, other than woocommerce. Can you send by mail a URL to your website with a page where you’ve used download manager?

My background images do not resize on ipads and iphones. They stay the same size as on the desktop. So they look ridiculous. Please can you help me.

At this moment not, I will send you a detailed mail on this evening, please don’t forget to mail to

Hi, have you seen the non responsive background images on my site yet. Not the main slider page but all the others. Need help. Thanks

Hi, I’ve send you a reply by mail, please check.

Hello. I have written twice in the past week via the support page without any respone. I have installed the page, but am concerned about the security of uploaded audio files on the discography page. They are quite easy to find and download. Also, the background image does not change in response to saved edits that I have made on the customize menu. I would appreciate hearing back. Thanks!

The response for the support emails time does not exceed 24 hours.

Thank you very much! I found the message in my spam folder!

No problem :) Feel free to reply to support email.

Hi, i want to renew my website and create the Extended layout for my homepage. I followed the instructions in the documentation but I’m having some problems:

1) I can’t find or see the “Jamsession” extension in VC.

2) If I add an item with VC as it is now, my whole page is going blank, even the menu bar disappears and i really don’t know what to do.

3) I tried to find the demo xml in the download package, but it is not included in my version of the package.

I hope you can help me, Thanks!

Hi, first of all please make sure that you have the latest version of the theme and the plugins that are coming with the theme. Also, please send a mail to with the URL to your website. Thanks

What is the page template you used for the the tour page on the demo?

Hi, JamSession theme comes with three page templates for the events: Events/Past Events/All Events. You can also choose between two different kind of layouts, list or masonry, for events page. Feel free to mail to if something is not clear.


Hi, the site just stopped working today, home page appears but no content where browsing from menu. All pages just show a dark background and nothing else. I updated the theme and verified Envato credentials and forced update on all plug ins yet a warning message keeps popping up asking to update JamSession Post Types and WPBakery Visual Composer.

How can I procede? Thanks

Hi, the theme update was not made correctly, please send by mail a user/password for your wordpress, I will update it for you.

Hi, I need the demo content for my page please!

Hi, you can import the demo content from Tools – Import – Wordpress – by uploading one of the import xml that you can find in the full download package. If something is not clear, feel free to mail to, I will help you.

Hi, the demo content didn’t work. May you help me?

I will help. please send a mail to and describe your problem. Also, a user/password for your wordpress would be helpful.

Is there a way to do repeat events? Even a paid add on?

Hi, please send a mail to with more details about what you need. I will try to help you.

Hello. I got an email that there is an update available. I logged in but I couldn’t find where I can download the update from… Thank you.

Hi, you can download the update from your Envato account, please go to Downloads section. If is not clear, feel free to mail to, I will send you a screenshot.

Hi. I have this template installed on the website – Unfortunately, even whithout change any code or even update any content for the last 2 months, right now the Visual Composer is just not Loading, it takes forever and never loads, so I’m not able to update content using the proper toll. Can you please check this issue? Thank you.

No problem, keep in touch.

Hi SmartWPress, did you get the email? I realy need to fix this, thank you

Hi, please let me know if you receive the answer.

Hi, the demo contents (xml file) don’t work. How can I obtain a refund of my money?

Hi, please send a mail to Envato support for refund. Can you please tell what exactly do not work in the xml?

Thank you for the support

No problem :)


pkc827 Purchased

Hello. I sent an email, but want to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. I installed the theme and trying to set the extended homepage. After walking through the steps, I’m unable to add elements. I click on them, and nothing happens.

Please update the theme to the latest version, there was a problem with visual composer running the latest WordPress version. Please make sure that you are using the latest theme version. If you need more details about update process, feel free to mail to, I will send you more details.


pkc827 Purchased

I just purchased this theme last week, so I have the latest theme installed. 4.6.8. I’m sending an email.

Thanks, I’ll check.