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if you have solution for this issue means i’m ready to buy this scrip

does your wp theme prevent downloads from mp3 grabbing software’s like IDM internet download manager if you are secure means i’m ready to buy this

Feel free to ask any presale question on

do you have option with out using sound cloud ???

the media player is based on default wordpress media player, so I guess it does not cover this situation. Unfortunately, at this moment these are all the options to publish your music via JamSession theme.

Hi. How do I set up my website to look like the Jam Session Extended format ( ? Thanks.

Hi, I I did not receive your email, can you please send it once again? Or you can contact me via the envato account.

I just sent the email again and sent a message through Envato account just in case. Could you please send the xml file as soon as possible? Thank you!

Hi, I’ve sent you the email with the demo xml. I hope everything is ok now.


I just bought this template and installed succesfully. When i configured my site (new background and stuff) than the default video shall always be shown. how come ? How can i delete the default video ? I’m a beginner in all of this so needs some support.

thanks, Hans

Hi Hans, please check the email I sent to you.

For some reason when I insert an image into a post it gets re sized to roughly 900×600. How do I get an image to fill up the container like you’ve done in your demo. My images are roughly 1600 in width, so I’m sure they’re large enough… Any ideas?

The extended demo is based on visual composer. JamSession theme comes with custom visual composer elements, what you need to do is to create a new page based on Empty Page Template, and start adding Visual Composer elements. To be able to set the full background for a section, add a new visual composer row, and set the background for that row as cover. Also, you have custom options that allow you to set the background as parallax background or to use a video for a backgroung. I will prepare a video tutorial for this in the next days. Please send a mail to for other questions, I will help you.

Hello. I just bought this theme and am having two issues with it on my site (at

1) The demo content import file is not working. It imports the media, but the home page fails to show the “events” popup and all of the other various items.

2) When I am in the “customize” options, I change the navigation bar color, “Save and Publish” it, and it doesn’t stick – When I view the website, it reverts back to the default colors.

Please help! Thank you,—CHRIS

Also, a new issue just arose – When I attempt to add a custom menu item to the “Main Menu,” the wheel spins and nothing happens. :-/

Hi Chris, Please send a user/password for your WordPress installation to the support email – I will check your setup. Thanks

Hello I am very interested in buying this theme but really want my top or home menu to be one that stays at the top of the users screen even when scrolling down to lower content. I also would like to add the basic social media links like twitter and facebook to be on this top menu/banner. Is this something that is possible? Thank You for all your time and help, Brody

Hi Brody and thanks for being interested in JamSession theme. At this moment, the sticky menu bar cannot be disabled, but this can easily be added to the next theme update, since more customers are asking for it. Related to adding social media links to the menu bar, this is more difficult to implement, since I will completely change the theme design&idea. Feel free to send a mail if you have other pre sale questions.

How do I get the pages to display pictures for the background of each page. I purchased this theme from themeforest and the only page that will allow me to use the photo I select as the background in full page mode is the maintenance page. How do I get this to work?

Hi, You can set a background image for the inner pages from Appearance – JamSession Settings.

Hi, now you can use a different background for each page. This setting was added for the latest theme version.

Hey, nice theme. But, before I buy this theme, I just wanna ask. Can I set different backrgound for each page (biography, discography, etc) and tab/section (like home page)?

Hi, At this moment this is not possible, you can only set one background image for all the inner pages, but I will consider adding this feature for the next theme update. Please send a mail to with this request.

Hi, the option you are asking was added to the last theme update. Now you can use a different background for each page.

Hi! pre sale question: I manage an events webpage, can I use this theme to show just eventsin the homepage? can I list it by months or categories? Thanks!

Hi, you can create the events page and set it as a static front page, so yes, you can do that. Also, you can define event categories, just like you can see in the demo. Please let me know if you have more questions.