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Refer to this website: http://vip.hengkarnchang.com/

I want to change the color from orange to black.

I tried to change it in template > magic theme but it doesn’t work.

Is it possible if you could change it from my backend?

Moreover, I want to change the logo background to black, how can I do that?

we did this. please check your site.

I want to change core color ( background color left menu ) to black color. I find custom.css not found in css/themes/orange/ I found bootstrap-responsive.css,bootstrap.css,component.css,home-responsive.css,home.css,megamenu-responsive.css,megamenu.css,off-canvas.css,template-responsive.css,template.css….not found custom.css

I try change color orange in template.css to black color #000 but frontend not changed to black color

I want to solve this case. Thank you very much.

you will get custom.css file under css folder css/custom.css there is only one custom.css file


Woeler Purchased

I sent an email twice asking how I could make the logo bigger. Got no response at all, even after 2 weeks. Quite disappointed because it’s a good template.

So for the third time (and this time not via email): How do I make the logo bigger?

please check your site. we made bigger size for logo. it is under template.css folder .logo-image a {} section. As you have used red color your template.css is working from css->themes->red folder


Woeler Purchased


Whenever I add an article to k2 it doesn’t scale the image. How do I set image height to 100% for k2 articles?

This happens http://gyazo.com/dcd55dfe95693b493047f59ab0b8c476

Please send us mail with your site link and admin access. you can send us mail using our TF profile. Today here is week end. we will send guide by mail tomorrow.

The session table on the demo has crashed, need to repair.

we fixed this. thanks for letting this.


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I sent an email from Jason with CS Design Studios. Wyatt has not received an email back. I need instructions on how to fix the front end error:

getLayout(); $t3app->loadLayout ($layout);

Thank you.

Jason Dumont CS Design Studios

may be we sent you a mail. please open index.php file in this template folder . you will get <? notation. please use <?php instead of only <?