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Hi. Really Interested with our themes, but i have few question before i continue the process :

1) can your themes to readjust the size, make like what my site layout look right now, http://goo.gl/9TcvDP which is have two coloumn (content area and sidebar area) content area 660 px for content news and 300 for sidebar area plus small padding size to make my site


Logo Navigation bar Ads suit with this size (970×250) Content area (660px/650px width) + sidebar Area (300 px width) Page Navigation Footer widget

2) can your themes make image gallery like my site page liek this one, http://goo.gl/703w9W which is can help us to increase the page views?

3) is it your themes can appear bubble comment at every post to increase visibility user to engaging with other user at each post?

4) Can your Themes put background color to every post headline like my site right now?

5) is it your themes have features for us to put facebook comment at every post?

6) Your related post function is appear post listing based on tags, category or keywords?

That’s all. Willing to see your response from you. Thank you.



Sorry for the delay

1- In the two columns layout : Theme content columns width is 620px – sidebar width 300px http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?demo=col2

2- http://goo.gl/703w9W where is the gallery? ... you can use the built in WordPress gallery feature to add images gallery in a post or page

3- Unfortunately, this is a change you would have to make on your own as it is not an automatic feature of the theme.

4- Could you show me an example please

5- You will need to install a facebook comments plugin

6- Related posts based on category, tag, post author


Theme preview not working??

Great looking mag theme…only the preview isn’t working!! You might want to check this out! Cheers! :-)