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Hi there. I dont know how many times I have tried to install the demo, but it never works I have literally followed your documents word for word. After I install everything and do as you say I still just get my blog. Check it out –


Benos030 Author Team

Hi tmbright, please open your ticked for Wordpress version, this is HTML Theme

no way to create a new topic for support documentation doesn’t cover much other than assuming it works (which it isn’t) have loads of questions and no way of asking other than replying to topics. get better from a free theme at the mo :( :(


Benos030 Author Team

Please send your user name and purchase code to, which theme version are you using HTML/WP? If you have something urgent send the questions to the same email for now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thought this would work for wordpress since it’s titled as a “Theme”. Guess I didn’t read into it enough. A bit misleading and I would like a refund.

Contact Envato Support regarding this.


bkrtron Purchased

Howdy, Thank you for the great theme

I was wondering when I scroll using the link on the top right Home, About, Portfolio etc once I click on About I lose my links due to them being white in colour on the white background. Once I scroll the page a tiny amount it becomes black and visible again.

Is there any way to change where the link goes to on the page? So if I click on about I make it scroll a little less or further to prevent my white type disappearing on the white background?


Any link to your site?? I”ll check that out for you.


I want insert a video from vimeo or youtube using the share <iframe> code but I can’t reduce the videos size. You can see from this url

Thanks, Pau.

I just purchased the Jarvis Theme and I tried installing the theme only to get this message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Why is that style sheet missing and where do I get it?

You’ve purchased the HTML version of the Jarvis. This is the Jarvis wordpress version :

If you want to still purchase wordpress version, you can contact envato support and they might provide a refund for html version if you purchased wordpress version.

Hello Guys, i’m having issues getting the twitter feed to work. Please help

Can you mail us the FTP credentials to your site.. We’ll check your issue.. Sorry for the late response.

I’ve sent you an email 3 weeks ago with my Credentials but still no word. I’ve had this issue for 3 months now.

I’ve asked for assistance 4 times already. On your 3 time on your support system and once here.

The more i ask for assistance from you guys the more futile it has become.

I’ve replied you via mail. Please check it.

Hello, great theme, but i was wondering where or if the color for the background to the headings be changed, for example ABOUT US the background is yellow like the rest of the site bits, but can this be changed to a separate color keeping the rest of the site yellow. is this fee sable with this theme?

Usually, It goes with the flow of the accent of the theme. But, if you want to add separate colors to different sections, you can do it manually using section ID.

Hello guys, I just download this template, and I’m looking for the option to change the default color, but I can’t find the option to change the main color, or do I need to change CSS directly?

Another question, I was watching the preview of this same template but in Joomla version and I like the google maps plugin added in the Contact form, the version HTML has that option? and also the Price tables are amazing, Is it included in the HTML version too?


Have you checked the documentation file we’ve sent you in download file?? I wrote a step by step instruction on how to change color :)

About google maps and pricing table, No it has not been added for HTML version am sorry. WE’ve added those for wordpress and joomla versions later on.

Horrible support. I’ve asked for help regarding twitter api as it currently isnt working and still no help.

Hey, I’ve replied to your other post. Am sorry to keep you waiting, I was working on a couple of bugs which took me a while.

Hi, Nice Theme…How to change the Menu Bar color..?

Usually it takes the accent color of the theme but I can help you give it a custom color manually. Any link to your site??

Hello, I’m having difficulty to make the blog post shortcode work. When I place it in my page, instead of outputting the latest posts, it outputs the actual text from the shortcode. [blog animation=”fadeInUp” posts=”8? title=”Latest from Blog” categories=”all” columns=”4? excerpt_size=”15?]

Please note that I am using Jarvis 1.2. This website was developed without a child theme, so it makes it difficult for me to update the theme.

I’ve replied to your other post regarding this :)

In my file script.js didn’t came the twitter codes… I need to put twitter on my site!

Follow this link for more info :

Also, register in our forum for quick support. Thanks for your purchase. :)

Hi, can the portfolio items be displayed in masonry effect? How do I do it?


quick question. After installing 3.7.1 I do have a a “load more” below my portfolio section. However, mouseover color is yellow and I can’t find any setting to change it e.g. to blue? Could you give me a hint where to change or even to disable completely?

Thanks in advance!

You can add the below code into Appearance->Theme Options->Custom CSS

#port-infinite a:hover{
background: #1E73BE;

That should do the trick. :)

NO SUPPORT GIVEN _ DO NOT BUY THIS THEME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The support team have LEFT!!!!! NO MORE SUPPORT!!!! LOOK AROUND – They have provided no feedback in WEEKS!!!!!!! TELL EVERYONE NOT TO BUY THIS THEME! Disgraceful.

Hey, I’ve replied to your forum query as well as Email. Please check and we’ll follow up in mail here on.

Hi guys! Im adding the following code [/one_fourth_last]

count="680" title="Pizzas Ordered"]
count="680" title="Pizzas Ordered"]
count="680" title="Pizzas Ordered"]
count="680" title="Pizzas Ordered"]

I want that to be shown in the same line but they are showing one below the other, how can i solve this?

Please register in our support forum for support related queries. Thank you!

Hi, How i can i add padding around thumbnails in the projects, i dont want them to be touching each other. Thanks.

Support related queries are handled from our forum. Also, send your website link when creating your topic.

Pre-sale: Can I add multiple galleries / portfolios on a single page?

No, Unfortunately this feature isn’t available.