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Hi, which demo version has the homepage background video on it? I swear I saw this here before…Also, if I purchase do you guys provide free installation. I’ll need several of these for various projects I’m working on… : )




Benos030 Author Team

Hello, you would need to use home-13.html file.

Hi, i have installed NextGEN Facebook (NGFB) plugin and i got this error warning on articles

NGFB Warning: Possible conflict detected – your theme or another plugin is adding a meta name=”description” HTML tag to the head section of this webpage.

NGFB Warning: Possible conflict detected – your theme or another plugin is adding a link rel=”publisher” HTML tag to the head section of this webpage.

i disabled all plugin but the problem is still there. i have changed theme and all is ok so i presume it is a theme related. how to fix this? ty

Unfortunately ,this theme is not compatible with the plugin.

Howdy! I cannot understand why, testing the contact form, after “submit” instead to have a confirm about the succesfull sending… I’m redirect again in the homepage beginning. Is it possible to publish some “thank you for your email” or other nice confirmation? Thank You!

Better: I have tried with another home-x.html and it works with the confirmation… So I have to understand what’s going on with the home I’m using right now… I’ll let you know… For the moment please: don’t consider this post.

Hi it has now been 6 days since i wrote to you guys in your forum, for some help, now i write to you here in hope that you see it and help me out!

thanks! take care!

Sorry for having to wait. We are waiting for your site link please :) Replied on forum.

Hey there!

I was curious what the process is to center a smaller set of columns.

For example, whenever I change to the section is moved to the left by 2 columns rather than centered.

Could you send your request to our Support Forum please:

hi, i install this theme. i have error of installing theme. there are appearing a message as The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. I don’t why? Please tell me, all

Hell, it happens when HTML version is being installed as Wordpress theme. Make sure you have correct theme version.

I have problem with the contact form , it links me to “index.html/#” instead of showing the message that the form has been sent succesfully , why is it happening? , thanks


Benos030 Author Team

Our support team is waiting for your credentials( FTP admin access login) via private reply on support forum please:

Hi.first of of all i must say that it’s a very nice template but when i used it on my website,loading bar stops between %90-%98 and i cant enter the website.what is the problem? can you help me? This is my website:


Benos030 Author Team

Hi, could you contact our support team via forum please: