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hi, how could I change the theme-colour of the project-X.html?? I’ve tried in the same way that the home page but i didn’t get it…



Not all the stylesheets have been included in the project-x.html. That’s why they don’t show the theme color change. WE’ve not added them since they are being called via ajax and don’t need any stylesheets as only content will be called and nothing else.


Then, do you know how I could change yellow to green? Thanks.


Hey, sorry, got caught up with offline works last week. Yea, link the colored stylesheet you are using in the project-x.html files too and it will change the color.

If you are talking about changing theme color of the theme instead, then go to css/colors folder where you will find skin stylesheets. Link theme in your HTML file and the color will change to your custom preference.

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Latin language problems !!! you posted the solution on the support! but impossible.

I do not find “css” with …

1 .home-slide .home-slide-content { font-family: “Bebas Neue Regular”;}

where is it? I’m looking for a week!

Another problem

does not the blog post.




I’ll reply to your post in the forum :)

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Hey I’m using “one_fourth column” setup for services section but for my layout the default width of 22% is just a bit too narrow.

If I change .one_fourth width to 25% the fourth column drops down to the next row even though there’s plenty of space left on the same row. Is there a way to make them all stay on the same row with the item width of 25%?

Thanks for the help.


No, it’s actually the grid that gives 22% width and rest for the margin left and right. If you are going to use 25%, there wont be ny gap left between any of the 4 columns.

Hi there! I’m trying to change the slider text in the slider home of the index home-5. But I’m having problems because the slider text don’t show up in the html code. ¿How can I change it? and ¿how can I add more images to the slider?

Thanks :)

Hello. I’m trying to change the color of the flex slider on the index page. The background is partially transparent and I want it to be a solid color. How do I change this? Thanks!

Can we create individual pages without being part of the Paralax?


You can but separate pages has it’s limitations of being able to use only content and shortcodes only. Ex, shortcodes page in our demo site is an example of how a multipage looks like in our theme.


i think you guys must be very busy but i’ll be very happy to have an answer to my issue about integrating revolution slider in my site mafigurine3d.com . i’ve sent you by email my login wp to have a look on it. David (librexpo on forum support)


Oups! i wrote a comment on the wrong section… (it should be on jarvis WP theme…) Sorry!


I’ve replied to you via mail :)

Hi! Is there any way to force the fullscreen video background to only appear on desktop devices? Want a video background but it crashes iPads and doesn’t look very good on mobile handsets.

Great theme, love developing my site with it! Thanks!


This isn’t possible. Also, the video background works fine. Where are you having the problem, can you mail us screenshots?

Hi I was wondering if I can get custom work done. I would like to add a form to the template.


You can use the default form, If you want to customize the form you have to do it yourself. We don’t offer any customizations. :)


Is there any reason link on navigation doesn’t stay highlighted?


It works fine, It won’t work well if you have used logo with large size in the navigation. The recommended height is 80px. Send us the link if logo height isn’t the issue. :)

Help with registration the support forum!

I have purchase the template and trying to register the support forum using the username and purchase code, and after submit it keeps saying i had the wrong username or password.


You should give the Envato’s username. In your case it is “Gstudiodesign”


Ok thanks

I sent a private message… Please get back to me.


Replied you mail buckles. :)

Is it possible to add a Sign up and a Sign in aspect to this website. I really want to purchase this theme, but thats the only aspect that I really need. Thanks


No, this feature isn’t available.

PreSale questions:

Really like your theme! and wish to purchase it but I’m having problems viewing this on iPad with iOS7 and the last os.

1. I just tested home-11 on two of my iPads with each OS and the background image seems really zoomed it and pixelated. Can this be adjusted so the image is normal? I wasn’t able to see any background images working on any of your demo pages.

2. Will I be able to re-arrange the menu items? I prefer to have the about at the end next to the contact item.

thanks in advance!


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disregard my last message. Your demo doesn’t work on my ipads but I ended up purchasing your theme and installing it and it works fine on my iPads… thanks!

Hi there, I am having hard time to include a regular image gallery which opens images in prettybox. How do i do that? I dont want a separate page for each image like it is in portfolio now.

Since you use prettyphoto in your template, can you tell me how to open image in it instead of separate page?



Did you post about this in ou forum? I’ve answered a buyer about this. Just making aure :)

If you are not the same person, please post in our forum and we’ll handle it from there :)


Any idea on how to create drop down navigation?


No worries. Took care of it. :)


That’s a great design, love it, just one question, in “Mobile” ( mine is an iPhone 4s) when I click on the menu (For example to go to Contact section)it works perfectly but the problem is I don’t see any scrolling so as a user I don’t get it if I’m in the new section or not because opened menu masks the whole screen and doesn’t get closed after clicking and it has to be closed manually, I had this experience from 30 seconds ago that I clicked too much time on the menu because I didn’t get the page is already moved, so my question is: is there any way to click on the menu and it gets close automatically after clicking so the user understand that one click was enough and page is scrolled to the new section?

Best Regards



And I have to add that from last two days I checked “All” the one page HTML websites in Theme Forrest and yours is the only one that has the %100 features I need, but as I personally had the small issue I explained I’m asking if there is a solution for it.

Looking forward for your reply

Best Regards



That feature for mobile version is not available yet which allows you to scroll when you click on menu items. WE will however change that layout to a much better user experience soon :)

Also, thanks for your interest in our theme :)

Hope someone can explain a little

1) I dont understand how/when pages do or do not appear on the frontpage (because now they dont)

2) where one decides how pages are linked to sections? (I know every 1 page needs to have a section like [Home]) Bu how do I place a page underneath, or in, or above that section?

3) how do I sort pages (not set as section)

In general: I dont know why pages od/do not appear? and how they ar elinked to the sections (where the order is set)

many thanks, Sean

1) I dont understand how/when pages do or do not appear on the frontpage (because now they dont)

Did you configure the menu items in WP Dashboard?

The pages you add in menu will be displayed on frontpage. Also check and see if the “frontpage” page is assigned as a “frontpage” template.

2) where one decides how pages are linked to sections? (I know every 1 page needs to have a section like [Home]) Bu how do I place a page underneath, or in, or above that section? 3) how do I sort pages (not set as section)

The links are automatically created. All you have to do is add pages to menu and assign them to “primary navigation menu” at the bottom and save it. Again, when you reorder the menu items in WP dashboard, you change the order of hows sections are displayed.

http://www.techertz.co.uk/mwproduction/#portfolio My Porfolio is not allign in right way there are 12 videos in portfolio and show only 3 videos in 1 line.. i want to show 4 videos in 1 line. \please help

The alignment depends on your screen resolution size. For highers resolutions say > 1500px, portfolio shows 5 items in a line, for a resolution between1200px and 1500px, it shows 4 items in a line and for much lowr resolutions it shows 3 items in a line. What is your screen resolution size?

Hello, how can I make the portfolio 3 columns and not 5? I have horizontal images and they look really small.



open js/scripts.js file and go to line 213 where you will find following code

        function splitColumns() { 
            var winWidth = $(window).width(), 
                columnNumb = 1;

            if (winWidth > 1200) {
                columnNumb = 5;
            } else if (winWidth > 900) {
                columnNumb = 4;
            } else if (winWidth > 600) {
                columnNumb = 3;
            } else if (winWidth > 300) {
                columnNumb = 1;

            return columnNumb;

In that, look for (winWidth > 1200) { columnNumb = 5; }

make columnNumb = 5; as columnNumb = 3;


great!! thanks man!