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djyak Purchased

Hey RocknRolla :)

First up, you have an amazing template here. I looked for hours for a suitable style to my personal website, and this ticked all the boxes. Congratulations on your hard work. It was definitely worth the buy.

I had a quick look through the documentation, but couldn’t find any info in regards to:

- The ‘home-slider’. Is there a quick piece of code I can put in there to make the 3 slides ‘automatically play’ or ‘slide’ ? IE: after a 3 second period, how can I get it to auto scroll to the next

  • ?

    - link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald|Open+Sans:400,600' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’ Seems to slow down my load time considerably. Especially as I’m editing this locally and it will be hosted on a very fast local box. Is there some way I can host this font stylesheet within a css/ directory and not call out to googleapis.com every time? I’ve tried to copy + paste the contents of this file into a css stylesheet, then changed the location of this file.. it kinda broke the page. I’m fairly good with this stuff, but no where near a ‘guru’ status, so excuse a rather nooby question :)

    - does the documentation tell you how to change that orange colour on the home-slide background? I couldn’t really work out where this colour is located in any of the style sheets. Also, if you want to change this to a high rez background.

    thank you once again. it’s fab how much you support your users.


  • RockNRollaDesigns

    Thank for your purchase djyak and your words, Much appreciate that :)

    1. If you open scripts.js file, at the bottom you will find a flexslider calling for #home-slider in line no. 877. Change to your preference there, in our latest version, we’ve kept the slider auto scrolling at a period of 3.5 Seconds.

    2. Remove the link from HTML and paste the following code in style.css line no. 1

    3. We are not allowed to distribute copyrighted images along with download file, so we’ve used flat colored images. Sorry about the confusion. Go to images > parallax directory and you will see flat colored images and you can replace theme with new images for an easy & fast edit :)

    @import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald:400,700|Open+Sans:400,600,700,800&subset=latin,latin-ext,cyrillic-ext,greek-ext,greek,vietnamese,cyrillic);
    djyak Purchased

    Legend man. thanks heaps for the quick reply. Will try all this tomorrow and get back to you. Legend again.


    You can register in our support forum to check out if you are facing any other issues too :)

    We’ve resolved almost all the topics so far. It might help you customize a little more :)

    I have just purchased and downloaded the template. I have not started editing the files yet and have noticed that the Portfolio doesn’t load for me.

    When I click an image… I get some text saying “The Content can not be loaded”.

    If I try and view the project page it’s trying to load, it works fine eg: jarvis/jarvis-v1.3.1/package/jarvis/projects/project-11.html

    Please help! Running Windows/Chrome latest/Jarvis 1.3.1

    cheers Andrew


    Are you working with the theme on any localserver like WAMP or XXAMP??. If you view the site directly, it shows error.

    The support email address you have on your website “help.rocknrollas@gmail.com” bounces…


    Use the email Address in our Profile page here i themeforest :)

    I’ll update the email ID o our site :)

    Hi, will this template compatible with bootstrap soon?

    Thanks, Raymond


    Unfortunately, that is not possible as we are using a totally different grid and changing to bootstrap will change the theme grid completely.

    iiconic Purchased

    Hi guys, thanks heaps for this awesome theme, really love it. But as our password wont work on your support site, I’ll have to post the question here.

    We are having trouble getting the content for the site to display in a local server development environment (WAMP). We can view our progress on our own pages by loading the main HTML file into the web browser, but we cannot get anything to display when on our local server. Could you please help us.



    I see that a new user registration has been done by name iiconic. login once again and try :)

    Back to the Question, yea its because of the new twitter API 1.1 that needs authentication.

    Check out our FAQ and after you are done with that, the site will work 100% fine :)


    Hi great work. wanted to know if there was any possibility in getting this theme as wordpress? It’s brilliant one of the best I’ve seen.. should be wordpress :)


    WordPress version will be releasing soon. :)

    Hi, is the wp version coming any time soon?



    Yes, will be releasing soon. :)

    We also require the Wordpress version.. PRESSURE PRESSURE :)

    Juanprimo Purchased

    HI I’ve just buyed your jarvis template html…wonderfull! But…I have a dream, is it possible to include in your template the “style switcher” for to change colours live…like in your demo, on the left side?


    Thanks! :)


    No, the Style switcher is for demo purposes only. :)

    art90 Purchased

    hello! and will be available in the wordpress version?


    Yea, we are planning on releasing the WP version of Jarvis this month. :)

    Hello, simple question:

    Is it possible to change the font? And does it support google web fonts?

    Thank you!


    Yes, it does support Google Web Fonts and yes you can change the fonts. :)

    ole18 Purchased

    Oh sorry I bought today your Jarvis theme and I now read so its only HTML Template, can you refund me money or can I pay second part of full price to Wordpress theme?

    Thank you for your understanding.


    You will have to contact envato support for that :)

    We don’t control the purchases part out here on themeforest.

    I am sorry if my question seems inane.

    I am planning to build a multi-page website with a booking platform, multiple profile pages, p2p messaging system, payment gateway etc.

    Does this ‘onepage’ template support all that?

    Hope to get that sorted out before buying the template.

    Thanks in advance!


    We have checked only for paypal.

    We don’t know about the stuff you are saying, never worked with them :)


    lol. ignore “booking platform, multiple profile pages, p2p messaging system, payment gateway etc.”

    just wish to know if I can build multi-pages website with this template.


    Yes, it supports onepage as well as mulipage website :)

    Maxo_ Purchased

    Awesome, exactly what I was looking for! great design, responsive works like a charm. I bought it, wish me luck with the HTML editing :)


    Am glad you like it :)

    Maxo_ Purchased

    Sorry for the ignorance, Is it CSS3 and HTML5?


    It’s HTML5 and CSS3 template. :)

    wing_nut Purchased

    I would like to add my own logo in the home page. How can I do that?

    Thanks !


    you can use the following code :

    <div class="home-logo">
       <a href="#about"><img src="IMG_SOURCE" alt="logo" /></a>
    Kala0 Purchased

    Hi, I have made a big mistake. I thought this version was a WP version so i bought it. but know i can’t do much. Is there any WP version and if so how can i get it in stead of what i just bought?



    Right now, there is no wordpress version for purchase. It will be available next week :)

    But my guess is envato might not refund your purchase right now.

    Kala0 Purchased

    i spoke to them, they wanna help so i just have to wait until next week for the WP version, Purchase and contact them again. But thanks for the respond.


    Alright great then :)

    Hi, 27/06/2013 I bought a theme version 1.2.1 which contained errors of parallax. can I get the latest version 1.3 free or I have to buy it?


    No need to purchase again :)

    Go to the same place where you download the file after purchase. You will get the latest version on downloading this time.

    DKOATED Purchased

    One word: OMFG!

    This is surely the best piece of code I have encountered on Themeforest. Congratulations.


    WYSIWYG with this template :)

    Am glad you like it :D

    eDub Purchased

    AMAZING! One question.. How do I go about making the portfolio smaller? Meaning make the boxes smaller and moving it all in more..?

    Great job!


    You can do that with a small change in the script.js file. Here’s the code

        if (winWidth > 1200) {
                columnNumb = 5; <-----change the number here
            } else if (winWidth > 900) {
                    columnNumb = 4;
            } else if (winWidth > 600) {
                    columnNumb = 3;
            } else if (winWidth > 300) {
                    columnNumb = 1;

    I think the theme is fantastic and well documented.

    The real bonus with this purchase is the customer support which was second to none… I wrote an email and expected to wait an inordinate amount of time for a response (that’s what you expect for $15 … moments later a reply, another query and then solution.

    Id sincerely recommend Rock n Rolla Designs for their customer support alone, simply brilliant… The theme’s rating’s do the talking I don’t need to repeat the obvious :)


    Thanks a lot, glad you like it :)