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jozarpe Purchased


My only question is about the blog and the system of send post. Does it work? How?



For hat, you can buy the wordpress version of JARVIS to get blog work like in CMS.

Check out our portfolio for the wordpress version.

scottexpo Purchased

Love this theme! ... any chance of making pricing tables to match the services section?? That is the only thing missing :)

Hello, I’ve got same problem than juliendum. Portfolio doesn’t work, even with Chrome. Wordpress is installed on a server. URL : http://www.lafilierechinoise.com/ Thanks


could you mail me your credentials ?? I’ll look into that for you :)

ianx0114 Purchased

wondering what’s the RGB color of the blue skin, I am trying to use the same color in my logo design. Thanks.



Use rgb(255, 214, 0) for the yellow color :)

I’m having an issure with the Jarvis Theme. Im hosting on Go Daddy and for some reason my Portfolio wont work in Ajax mode. Please help!


Please hit us with the queries in the support forum.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

^Did I buy the wrong one of your packages?? If so can I please get a refund or $15 towards the WP one?

....If not I will leave a bad rating, as this is mislead.


You can get WordPress version here. There is no mislead, we also provided the backlink to the WordPress version in the description. Regarding the refund, you have to contact Envato Support.

This theme is beautiful! (You have great taste in TV shows btw)


Thanks :)

Yea, I watch a lot of TV shows :D

Sure a beautiful Theme, but it’s a torture to edit the code.


It’s easy to use but hard to make custom changes to the code. That I agree. :)

Hi, great theme! I just purchased it! But I can’t get access to the support page!! Can you help me?


Hit us via mail. :)

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

You’ve purchase the HTML template. WordPress version is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/jarvis-onepage-parallax-wordpress-theme/5370691

hi, great theme, only one error – when i back (in demo) from shortocodes.html to one page version (by clicking any position in top menu) – there is no menu on top – i must scroll page to get menu on top visible. can you help me with correct this ?


That is one small bug that we have to ignore because of the stick nav.

hi, I’m try to add a youtube video on a home page. Same as your sample page. http://demo.rocknrolladesigns.com/html/jarvis/home-13.html but nothing load up. It’s show only background. I don’t know what i have did wrong. kindly please check. <!-- START HOME SECTION --> <div id="home" class="home-fullscreenslider"> <div class="home-text-wrapper"> <div class="home-logo-text light"> <a href="#about">Ever Emotion</a> </div> <a class="player" data-property="{videoURL: 'http://youtu.be/28u3Fd-n2S8' , containment:'.background-video', autoPlay:true, mute:false, startAt:0, opacity:1, ratio:'16/9', addRaster:false}"> </a> </div><!-- END HOME TEXT WRAPPER --> </div><!-- END HOME SECTION --> www.ever-emotion.com Thank you

I’ve answered it t here :)


Super fast support !! 5 star for you. Thank you again ^ ^


Glad to help :)

Thank you for the lovely HTML one page Template.

Just wanted to ask you do you by any chance do you have the [ Language Icon or Drop Down ] please do let me know

Much appreciated!!!!


thank you for your help


I’m having an also one more small request with the HTML Jarvis Theme. I’m hosting on Go Daddy and for some reason my Portfolio does not work.


What’s the issue? You can post it on our forum regarding this. :) Thanks for your patience. :)

Hey man i really want to use this theme as it looks awesome. Just wanna check “Can we have sub Drop Down menus on the navigation bar with internal/depth linking to it…??”


Sorry but the feature isn’t available

Where do I fill the SMTP settings for seding out emails from contact us page ?


Sorry for the trouble, I solved this.

Hi Team, i just bought this template. but i dont understand how i can make my pages show up on one page. and i dont know how to get the sliders working. can you help me. thanks


Which theme have you bought WordPress version or HTML version??


is the PSD included with the purchase?

Thanks T.


No there are no PSD’s available.

Is it possible to add a youtube video on the homepage? I mean instead of the big picture. If possible, then I’m sold. :)


No, we strongly recommend you not to make any changes to the back-end code. Parallax code is really complex which rises a lot of issues if code isn’t well implemented. So, we recommend you to develop with features available. :)


OK, well I’ll make a backup and see what i can do. Thanks.

This looks like a great theme and I am interested in purchasing it, but none of the parallax effect is working on ios7 devices (my iPad or my iphone). Is this by design, or should the parallax effect be working on mobile devices?

Thanks in advance for the response.


Parallax doesn’t mobiles. So it will be disabled in Mobiles. :)

gravix Purchased

Great Theme.. and in general no problem to customize the coding except for the service-box Icons.. I can not find the path in any Css files to the actual location of the icons.. for example rocket.. and can’t find that one either in the folder; images/icon/icon… can you help me out.. Cheers


Images Location: ./images/icons/icons/
Rocket image location: ./images/icons/icons/paperplane.png
and location of icon can be directly given inside the HTML part of the code of Icon Service boxes using “img” tag.

<div class="service-features">
<div class="img-container">
<img src="images/icons/icons/paperplane.png" alt="Service Features" />
</div><!-- End of IMG Container -->
<p> Pellentesquemattis arcu malesuada in. Donec urna sem, rutrum sit amet pellentesque vel, suscipit at metus.</p>
</div><!-- End of Service Features -->