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Great Stuff! Got to love the cup.


:) Thanks a lot! Yeah, and the steam :)

Mine is fully functional in IE, regardless of the CSS3 animation support. :)

there is an iPhone and there are tons of Chinese iFone’s…

Congrats! You’ve made an iFone!

I really like the animation of a pair of cup.


Thanks a lot Pixelous, I appreciate it :)

Every template here on Themeforest has about 90% similarities to each other and you are trolling this author because his “looks” similar to another? So what. The code is different and having a laptop as a slider is a common thing.


Thanks a lot havok! This is what I was trying to articulate… :)

the shape of the cup is different. The vapor pattern is different. Just because there is a coffee cup in both places doesn’t mean its got something to do with it. A lot of background images and sliders are used and re-used by many authors. Great page by the way. Good luck with sales!


I greatly appreciate the compliments eskimo! Thank you! And yes, you are right, there are many alterations with my design :)

The only thing copied here is the layout.

That’s your statement. Everything else is copied too, only that your graphics are lower quality than WunderKit’s.

Lesson learned, copy cat.

Really nice theme you have here. If it looks like the commented page, yes, looks like, but: how many items on ENVATO MP are really similar to another webpages?. Your item its really cool and have great design! Dont take care of bad comments, and concentrate in sales and make some more cool stuffs like this one!



Thank you so much efesuperstar! This has really turned my mood upside down :) I’ve received more negative vibes today than I have my entire life on the internet! I guess it’s true that when it rains, it pours…

Thanks again my friend, I will continue developing themes that are up to TF standards :) Have a great day!



Excellent! go on!

I’d say it was inspired by Wunderkit, but that takes it a bit far. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept. But that has been done before, elsewhere.

You took the programming to a different, expansive path, and that is good. But there is such a thing as originality of design, and the (for any designer/developer) often annoying thing of user perception.

I’m afraid that I can’t really say that it is an original or derivative work in its current state, as the average John Doe client would simply perceive it as identical – which unfortunately tends to be followed by comments like “rip”. Which damages the relation with the client. I have to take into account their perspective.

I can’t imagine today being an easy day, and I’m sure you did not intend to run off with an existing concept. But you get the point I trust, there’s no way for a client to differentiate.

So, here’s the question: how feasible would it be to sidestep the debate by recreating the template on a different layout basis? I can see plenty options for accomplishing that, there is a lot of creative freedom.


No, it hasn’t been an easy day, but I’m used to harsh criticism such as those comments. As far as re-creating the design, that is something I may turn to in the future. At the current time though, I don’t think that’s going to matter one bit. At the end of the day, these comments cannot be erased and most of these people now know the name “beetlesales” behind the so-called “rip” templates…

That’s quite a shame to say the least.

Anyhow, thank you for the comments! I appreciate them.

wow lol people who the cares. Sweet! Now we all have the script for the kick-butt steam along with a cool landing page. I bet you I can pull at least 10+ different templates that look VERY similar off of themeforest. Does that give us the right to call them con artists? Cut Beetle some slack. He felt inspired so he made the design his own way to share it with the envato network. If your a designer who has never been inspired by another design and made it your own then your the odd ball out.

No need for haters here :)


Finally! Some relief! Thank you so much for this!!! At the very least people will learn how to create the CSS3 animation for the steam! :) I honestly can’t believe I’ve been hit this hard today with all the hatred comments..

I’ve received everything from DMCA complaint threats to FBI pirated software! LMFAO ! I honestly believe some of these people are envious.. but why?

Thanks again abguerra! Have a great day!

This looks amazing! Great job and ignore the negative people.

Is there a way to just have a video and not the left and right arrows? Basically I want to replace the slideshow with just a video.

Thanks :)


Thanks a lot! I greatly appreciate it :) I am trying my best to disregard the horrible comments..

Yes, you can easily remove the slideshow altogether and simply put your video within a div, then use the (position:relative;) to align it in the middle of the laptop screen.

I always assist my customers with simple/intermediate additions, so this will be no problem whatsoever :)



Guys get a grip and give him a break. This is NOT a rip, inspired maybe, but not a rip.

I could point out 100’s of themes on here that look similar or inspired by, hell I’ve even spotted authors who just seem to change the name of their previous theme, add a new feature and release.

Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Period. Even better, go make your own?

Either way, cant say anything nice? Then don’t say it at all.




Thank you very much for this comment! I can’t seem to express how I honestly feel about the situation because of all the hits from different directions…

You basically summed it up however in one single sentence :) “Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Period. Even better, go make your own?”

Brilliant! Most of these people are exclusive authors who will probably file a DMCA complaint on my design, then turn right around and use it as their own…

Thanks again Scott, have a great day!



Let them file what they want. This has no copyright infringement at all.



That’s good to know Scott. I just hope it’s not a spontaneous take-down without any forewarning just because the DMCA has some “pull.”

Thanks again for the comments sir, I honestly do appreciate it. I know you’re an honest individual who isn’t afraid to speak his mind (I’ve noticed you in the forums.. lol) so it’s truly appreciated coming from you.




dont let the naysayers get to ya. Great theme here!

If I buy will you provide psd’s for buttons so I can customize text and layers?

If so I will purchase right away!



Thanks a lot yecidsm! There are 16 PSD files that contain everything from the buttons to the steam on the coffee cup! It’s very simple to customize.



Well, its has some similarities, but I guess you can find similar websites for more items here on themeforest. I dont think it a “iFone” though as some user say..


:) I’m glad you feel it’s not a cheap knock-off. It certainly wasn’t intended to be.

I think you got inspired, but i dont think you are violaiting some “inspiration rule”. Maybe your design have a similar stracture, but so are MOST of the designs in TF.

As humans we are act/react based on the things we are see and inspired of .. i’ts inevitable, that is NOT wrong. In a way, I’ts a good thing.

Guys, at least be polite and don’t confound the buyers or try to ruin the sale. That’s not professional. If you really care then act as mature and send a form to TF staff and I’m sure justice will be done.

brettfox Purchased

Hey mate, Purchased your theme. Love it by the way. Quick question: 1. What do I need to add or change in order for the content slider in the laptop to automatically rotate and also to pause when the mouse hovers over a slide.

Cheers Brett


Thank you for your purchase!

Navigate to Work.php and locate this line of code:

play: 2000000,
pause: 2000000,
hoverPause: true,

It’s lines 18-21 and change the 2000000 to a lower number in order to speed up the auto-rotator. The hover pause should be set to “true,” for the slides to stop on hover.

Hope this helps! Thanks!

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Daniel_R Purchased

I always leave reviews from the items I purchase around the Envato Marketplaces. In this case, this file is definitely not what I expected.

The support is great but the lack of help files or even more details (just check the item description of this file and compare it to the vast details other elite authors provide) is disappointing.

This author really needs to improve more if he wants to get more sales around here. I love this template and is what I was looking for but I will never purchase again from this author. What it was going to take me 1 hour to set up took me 3 days to finish.

Probably other buyers are satisfied with the purchase but not me.


I’m very sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the purchase. The reason the documentation isn’t as elaborate as expected is solely due to the simplicity of the template itself. There isn’t much required to get this landing page up and running.

All you have to do is simply upload the files to your server and you’re good to go. If paths need to be altered or changed, users need to change them. It’s almost impossible for me to hold your hand and walk you step-by-step on an issue as basic as uploading files.



dulee Purchased

Hi beetlesales,

first let me say, great Temp, congrats, hope to see more of this kind in the future :). as next let me say i don’t understand how to get this landing page to working, i upload it and whenever i’m navigating to the “work.php” i didn’t get anything then a blank site on the server :/ i don’t know why…do you have a idea why it doesn’t work?

have a nice one ;) De


First off, let me greatly apologize for not answering this inquiry sooner. I have been off on vacation for a little while and have just now gotten back to my computer.

Regarding your issue, I would assume you have a problem with the paths to the files within the Work.php file. Make sure the paths reflect the location of the template.

never mind my question