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If this is loaded up with content- images and what not- and you go to the website… does it load EVERYTHING in one shot (since it’s all on index.html)?

Yes, it does. I decided that would be the best way to do it. Otherwise, each page would have to load when clicked, causing extra load time (and possibly images not appearing on time)—which would ruin the point of it being animated.

True that. Great, thanks!

Looks really good, i love the jquery animations. I have a question about it though. If the user’s browser has javascript disabled, can the site still function?

Yes it will. Since all the content is on one page, all the content will just display under one another. Clicking a navigation link will ‘jump’ the page to that section.

See Here

Wow, i’m very impressed now. Great work on it mate.


As a flash user, I’m quite impressed with your preview, can it be XML driven?

It looks amazing ! Good job!

This looks great! I was wondering if I would be able to change the background image… Can that be done pretty easily?

@LGLab – I have no experience with Flash or XML , so I’d guess no.

@lmarshall – Sure can! In the style.css file, on line 7 is:

background: url(“images/bg.jpg”;) repeat #282828;

Change images/bg.jpg to the path to your image.

Thanks for the site, the 15 bucks saved someone I know the time of helping me build a dummy site. I have a question though…

darrenphillipjones.com is where it is posted – so I don’t have to bother her is it easy to link the files (preview pictures) to the “lightbox” thing? If I could figure it out without asking her it would be really nice.

Also how hard is it to add another tab to the home contact portfolio area? I’m guessing it would require another div? Also I wanted to add more pages to the portfolio section is that easy to do as well? I’m grouping them into categories and it would be nice to have a few more.

Thank you.

hi, nice file, but there is a bug in Safari with the browser scrollbar.

when you click on any tab with large content and go back to home for example, the scrollbar is not hidden correctly. You must refresh the content to correct the problem.

could you fix it ?


dan do you come here anyone?

I can’t group files…

tried the [group1] and it’s not grouping them. Is this an up to date lightbox?

Hi, sorry for not getting back to you. I’ve just replied to your email.

1. How might I change the color of the grey transparency background box?

2. How can I keep the box a fixed height and simply add a scrollbar for the content within an item, such as I’d like to do in the portfolio section?

3. I’m trying to link to my “contact” page within the main content in the “Home” section by using something like “If you have any questions, please contact me.” Yet nothing is happening when I click on the link. What am I supposed to do to have the page go up and down just as if I clicked on the “Contact” link in the main navbar?

P.S. I tried e-mailing and haven’t yet had a response so figured I’d post here.

Thanks and it’s an excellent template.

your website template is great. I really like it thanks.

Can anybody tell me where he got that wood tex he’s using?

Great site. How do I add images to the lightbox? Currently it shows 1 of 15 images, but I don’t see where to change that. Thanks

Having a problem with the contact section. I finally finished my site (way too long in the making) and there is no way for me to do email. I asked a few people and they said it is missing some sort of php attachment… etc… any help would be greatly appreciated. Was the contact form / send link something we were suppose to work on ourselves? Thanks!

Is there a way to add a blog feature to this? And does it work with Chrome?