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Perfect theme! Good luck with sales mate ;)

Very nice work… I would recommend you to make the menu a little bit smaller I fell it kind of competes with the logo.

Hi, I’m trying to upload this theme by WP 3 .0.1, but it doesn’t work. There is a WordPress Failure Notice with following message:

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try it again.

What could be the problem?

Greets Tim


Can you send me your login information? Are you uploading the correct file? Check the documentation.

Only Youtube support, why no Vimeo?


I thought more people would want Youtube

There are some problems to solve:

No upload by theme interface.

Descriptions in interface are wrong, e.g. Header pic is not 892×260 but 940×340.

No support for vimeo.

In some cases video screen doesn’t close on IE.

Summary: when is there an update available???


What do you mean no upload by theme interface?

Thank you for notifying me of this

I thought more people would want Youtube

Can you show me a specific case of this that I can look at?

One more thing:

he/she doesn’t respond.



He does respond!

Hello thank you for the wonderful work, I love it, my question is can I have the layout that you presented on this page, if you could tell me how can I get the one with the purple water it would make me very happy. Thank you, Madalina


To change the design go to the jinxfolio plugin > design.

Magish Purchased

Hi, I was curious about how to add more navigation links to the top bar, and also how to change the names of each navigation item. For example, how do I change “portfolio” to “photos?”



It explains the navigation in the documentation.

Great a reaction…

First things first: please don’t ask for login information.

I’ve read your documentation and followed it step by step. But if you want to upload the jinxfolio.zip in the wordpress interface. It gives an error, so you have to manually upload it (so not the way noted in the documentation).

Vimeo support is highly recommendable, are you whiling to implement this option?

Hope to hear from you soon,

best regards Tim


First things first: If you don’t feel comfortable giving me your login info that is totally up to you.

Thank you for pointing this out. I didn’t realize the theme was as large as it is, which is why it’s causing problems. I added instructions in the documentation to upload via FTP .

I do not intend to add Vimeo to this theme.

hi there - awesome theme. love the flexibility.

question: i cant seem to get the theme color changed to white. I have adjusted it in the theme options and even specified ffffff in the color selector but its still black.

can you help out? not really sure what to do at this point.



that was the first thing i tried. nothing. can you think of some reason why that and the background changer wouldn’t work?



dont you just hate it when customers keep asking stupid questions. anyway – i just reloaded the theme and the color / background options seem to be working fine.

the next question i have is how do i shrink the font size of the main menu? this particular site has fairly lengthy page titles and they’re not fitting.

any thoughts?



Open style.css and find:

#navigation ul a{
        padding:0px 12px 0px 12px;
        color: #bdc2cc;
        text-transform: uppercase;

Downloaded template…like the look…but cannot get the template images and background to show up. Any ideas?


Please send link.


Your options files are getting messed up. Try deactivating all of your plugins and see if it works.

Tried it…still not showing any of the images


Please email me (go to my ThemeForest page) your login credentials so I can take a look.

Hi, I want this theme, but I want to know if it supports WPML plugin for multi-language sites.


I downloaded the plugin and set it all up just fine but I’m not sure how to implement it and not sure to what extend you need it so I honestly do not know.

gayan Purchased

Hey SEO _Scholar,

I bought this theme. It works great except for one thing:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function twitter_messages() in /home6/websurge/public_html/sltour/wp-content/themes/jinxfolio/footer.php on line 31

How can I fix this?

I think you did an excellent job creating this theme, but I have one criticism apart from the error above, and that is

I wish the portfolio was wired up to work with the media library, rather than require the URLs to be cut and pasted. I am planning on making this modification myself for the client.

Hope to hear from you about how to solve the error in the footer.

Thank you in advance, Gayan

gayan Purchased

So it turns out that you just need to install the twitter for wordpress plugin (http://rick.jinlabs.com/code/twitter/) for the error in the footer to disappear.

hi there, hopefully this is a dumb question. I uploaded the theme through ftp, and when i went to activate it, it says that it is missing the style sheet. I wen’t through the file and can’t seem to find style.css anywhere. Did I get the whole file?


Did you install the correct file? It should be the jinxfolio folder you install. I assure you there is a stylesheet in there.


I did, but apparently I unzipped the wrong file, or did not get all of them… anyways, problem solved, my bad.

Next question, and hopefully just as dumb. This is only the second theme I’ve downloaded and installed, so I’m not really sure what to expect. With the other theme I could go to a settings page in the admin panel and change what background and everything that I wanted… In this, I don’t see where any options like that are. Could you help direct me here? Sorry for the n00b questions, but I want to make sure I get it right. Thanks again.


You can do that with this theme. You just need to install the plugin. Read the documentation.

Hello, yet again. I have installed this theme more than once, to make sure I was getting it all right. Installed per instructions in the documentation using my ftp client. I am having the same issues as ‘sethmcrae’ above in that the background images do not load. Also getting the footer issue with twitter, which probably won’t be to much of an issue since I won’t be using twitter, so I can just delete it. Mainly need to figure out what is going on with the background theme images.

I have also tried deactivating all plugins except jinxfolio to see if that had anything to do with it, and no luck.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

i’ll be fu*ked if I get it… I’ve hit refresh a thousand times and nothing happened… I hit it again and the background appears. Skip previous request for the time being.

Thank you.


Could have been cached.