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An excellent job. Congratulations!

Many thanks VickyStudio

I have just purchased your template but am unable to extract the jzip files without getting an error message.

I have used jzip and winzip but both give me an error.


The template is very good and easy to work with.

I have one question: Is it possible to increase the size of the Bulletin Module Heading and text.


hi my friend again! Could you please email your website in my support email support@joomlaman.com, we will look and response you very very soon! thank you


Please could you rate on theme forest so we can keep improving our service and providing premium joomla templates

No problem. Many Thanks, for purchasing our template.

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)


Thanks for Love bdayh

Hi Bdayh, Thanks for the Goodluck ;)

Great work! really cool menu!


Thank you, loving the feedback on this template

Nice theme great job


Thanks Pablo, The next template is now in development

Helix V2 (y) but the credit link is always appreciated. Good luck with sales.


yes, Thank for your great framework my friend ;)

Congratulations !! i like this template


thanks Joomlabuilder, we too (rock)

Congratulations bro! I love it :inlove:


thank my Bro \m/

I am surprised to see that you have renamed everything. It took a lot to develop the framework. This is totally not acceptable.


Hi Joomshaper, We are nearly done putting everything back to origianal Helix framework. We will have all this done by Wednesday and we will re-upload files to themeforest and our main site. Please accept our apology for this error. Thankyou.


Good to see that you are coming back to Helix :)


Hi JoomShaper, thanks for the support :) We have now submitted the files for review and all should be as required in next 24/48hrs.

Many Thanks, JoomlaMan Team

Hi, 100% agree with JoomShaper. The team really worked hard for all joomla lover to give such a light weight joomla framework. And you changed everything even the framework name. Its really very sad. Although its under GPL but you need to give them credit. Thanks

Hi, I think you need to study more about GPl and the framework provided under the licences. In you comment you had write “If you know JoomlaArt and T3 Frame work, many template clubs use this frame work and develop it then change to their name” Although t3 is now open project but you will not able to change the file credit line like you had done here http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html. You can customize and re-brand it but you will not able to change file credit-line as you had done. Like for gantry we are giving hundreds of extended features but always put the file credit line as the team worked hard and really we should give them credit for their great work. I think you need to study more because for t3 if you done this again you will violate copyright license again.So my advice is to keep original credit-line in their file and make extended author copyright for you like we had given like this in our template
#package     Rox Xyst Template
#version     1.0
#author      ThemeRox http://www.themerox.com
#copyright   Copyright under commercial licence (C) 2010 - 2011 ThemeRox
#license     http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html GNU/GPLv3

#Helix Framework Credit
# Author - JoomShaper http://www.joomshaper.com
# Copyright (C) 2010 - 2012 JoomShaper.com. All Rights Reserved.
# license - PHP files are licensed under  GNU/GPL V2
# license - CSS  - JS - IMAGE files  are Copyrighted material 
# Websites: http://www.joomshaper.com

Hope it will help you to understand more about this . Have a great journey in the template world. Best wishes for you :) Good day


Thank you ThemeRox, We appreciate the help and advice.

Hi OriginalJoomlaMan,

According to your comment

If you know JoomlaArt and T3 Frame work, many template clubs use this frame work and devlop it then change to their name, so we though this would be ok.

Its not true, really. I know JoomlaBamboo. They used T3 but not remove the prefix T3 on functional or script code.

See their latest template Nebula for example. If you know how to inspect then see on menu:

<div class="t3-megamenu animate elastic" data-duration="400"> ----------------------------------------- </div>

See Menu script also: MenuJs

But what you have done on Helix, its tell total Robbery.


Hi Riyadh, Please be patient with your comment. We are new to developing templates and we did not know that we could not do this. We have spoken with Joomshaper who developed the Helix Framework and by Wednesday at the latest, we will have changed everything back to the way JoomShaper wants it to be. We had no intention of robbing anybody and all files will be updated and correct.

Hello I purphase this template and installed the quickstart.

I am getting the following error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/mobilebr/public_html/modules/mod_jmstyleselector/mod_jmstyleselector.php on line 1

Anyone encounter this error. I am running Joomla 2.5.11


do you mean admin login for the site?


Hi Mobile branders, I have resolved the error. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Hi mobilebranders, How are you finding our template & support? Please could you rate on theme forest so we can keep improving our service and providing premium joomla templates



You need to click the purchase button at the top right of this page.


but i already click purchase button an pay 47USD by paypal.com,i can’t see hot to download this theme.help me please, thank you!


When you are logged in to theme forest, in the top menu bar, click on your user name. Then you will see button called ‘downloads’. Click on this and you will have download link. On your profile, it does not say you have purchased this template, so please purchase to download.

This is only a Jomla 2.5 compatible template? Not 3.0?



oke ;) i hope you can purchase our theme asap ;) have a great weekend!


Hi Ryan, I will have updated files on themeforest for J3.1 in the next 2hrs.


Hi Ryan, This template is now available in Joomla 3.x :)

It is very nice!Thank you.


Thanks my friend ;)

macslink Purchased


The file I downloaded is corrupted, jm_comporate_quickstart_j25, I’ve already re-downloaded the item 3x but I still get the same problem. I cannot extract the item, its says that “The archive is corrupt”. I get the same error even if I extract it in the server. This is what happens to my site when I use the template http://www.macs-link.com/.


hi Macslink! please email your cpanel info to support@joomlaman.com we will support you right now! thank you

i can’t through paypal.com payment. how to get your theme? i like JM-corporate. please help me.thank you. i’m in china,can’t payment by visa or mastercard.


hi, conatct with us via support@joomlaman.com we will find best for way for the both us ;) thank you