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I have some questions… Alissa from chat asked me to post it here, cause as themeforest customer I’m not allowed to post at your forum …

I installed the theme via the Quickstart option. But after that, the result shows a few differences to your demo store :-)

1) There is a “book symbol” at every element the cursor is over – it looks like Magento is in some kind of edit mode ?! Could this be ? And this icon shows up everywhere … in the main menu … in the slider … in the footer … always in the block the mouse is … You can see it here http://screencast.com/t/QomL0XOoH9H (this time in the corner of the slider)

2) This script sign above the product slider: http://screencast.com/t/y6Ejuercpm 3) Red dotted borders around some elements … http://screencast.com/t/hYxHX4mqk 4) This error @ Quickbuy extension: http://screencast.com/t/A5VNhFcsWvfz

Thanks in advance Tom


Thank you so much for contacting us

Please PM me your site’s url, admin credentials, I’ll detect the root of issue for troubleshooting.

DISCLAIMER: We support through JoomlArt system ONLY. Comments in this thread barely reach our Technical Support team. Should you have any technical issue, kindly follow these steps to contact us:
Step 1: Submit your ticket to JoomlArt
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2. Select “Technical – JMTC” and click Next
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webmojo Purchased


We purchased your theme and all is working fine except for 1 thing. When we view it in in tablet mode (iPad) on Safari something doesn’t work. When we press the top left (square) categorie button, no categories are showing, only the darker overlay of the page shows and nothing happens. We also checked this in your live preview and this has the same bug.

Could check this out and let us know how we can fix this?

Thank you!


Thank for contacting us. To fix this please go to skin\frontend\default\jm_hawkstore\js\jm.script.js file

Find the following code line
jQuery(".btn-toggle").on("click",function () {<br />

change to

jQuery("#ja-quickaccess .btn-toggle,#ja-search .btn-toggle,#ja-mycart .btn-toggle").on("click",function () {<br />

We will update our theme and export it within 24 hours :)

muzzle Purchased

Hi Beau Barnett,

Thank you for providing us your info. However there’s one thing I need to confirm right now. In your previous message you mentioned you have bought our JM Sporty theme on Themeforest and you would like to install this theme. However in the latest message you wanted us to install JM Hawkstore instead? Please clarify which template you have bought and would like us to install again so we can avoid misunderstanding in future.

Looking forward to your reply.


Hi, Please follow up ID JHE-457-92777 for more detail.

Thank you


Are you guys able to change the Menu Structure? Would this be considered a TWEAK service?

This is what I had in mind:


Hi, My team would love to help with this.

Please kindly buy tweak service at https://www.joomlart.com/member/signup.php with detail information :)

Any chance of a working demo?



Please navigate to page http://builder.joomlart.com/ You can build demo version for the theme easily

Make one for Woocommerce ;D

I have checked your demo builder (http://7e33ea57195a1064.builder.joomlart.com/admin/) and was trying to change the menu in demo. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any option to edit or add the menu items as discussed in this tutorial http://joomlart.s3.amazonaws.com/tf/Magento/Hawkstore/Guide/index.html#!/how_to_configure_mega_menu. Under menu JM Mega Menu I only have Manage Menu Groups & Settings. Whereas in Settings (Config General) I don’t see any thing to manage menu items.

Let me know how to achieve that.

Moreover, I am unable to understand the usage of JM Masshead. Where it is used?


Please ref the document to change settings of mega menu http://www.joomlart.com/documentation/magento-extensions/jm-megamenu

Document of masshead : http://www.joomlart.com/documentation/magento-extensions/jm-masshead

Please let me know if you need any further assistance




Thanks, it looks good. One more question, theme renders all text in small letters, is it possible to revert the settings to sentence case? especially the currency codes should be in capital case.


Please open \skin\frontend\default\jm_hawkstore\css\style.css


text-transform: lowercase;

Replace with

text-transform: none;

It should work as your expectation :)

Hi, your demo doesn’t appear to be working… :(


Thanks for reporting the error, we fixed it please visit our demo sit at the link http://jm-hawkstore.demo.joomlart.com/ :)

Please let me know if you still get any problem

Hello, Can U help me and tell which file I can modify to translate Cookie restriction, because i can’t with inline translate


Hi kriscross1895,

Did you buy our theme on themeforest? Please kindly login using account using to buy theme, we only support user with label [Purchased] next to nickname.

Very nice theme .

I have noticed one bug ->jm quickbuy for configurable products not working when Use Web Server Rewrites is set as ‘yes’ (no popup working for attibute selection )

can you reply on this asap .site is live


Could you please submit a ticket on our support system, please kindly send us the site URL,FTP and admin credentials , we need to have closer look to debug this issue

Does the JM Hawkstore theme support Magento If so, please send me the installation instructions


Yes, this theme supported magento . New package will be commited end of this week, I will send you the msg when this done

Your installation instructions are very poor.

Upload folders skin and app from our download package to your Web server's document root (from here on, referenced as {docroot}


• You should unzip Magento template with JM template for Magento package, then copy 2 folders skins and app to the root of your magento engine on the server.


I have even paid for the installation but the support person can’t complete the install!


In document, we mention the location of each folder on package

When you download templates from the JM Magento download section, you will get a zipped file. Once unzipped, you will see following folders:
Documentation : contains userguide
Extensions: contains all extensions built in the template
Quickstart: is a full Magento CMS version with our template already integrated to match demo
Theme : contains the template files only
PSD : contains all source files of the theme

I have been working with your team for over 2 weeks and they havent been able to install on my current web hosting company. I changed web hosting companies so that you can try to install the theme there but now you guys are not responding to my ticket. Pretty poor service! PLEASE HELP!!!!


Could you please leave you ticket ID here, I will check the status of your ticket soon