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Isac99 Purchased

Still having problems. Can not access the help which documents how to make the template look like the example site. Currently just have a blue font and it looks nothing like the preview. Please could you send through the instructions as the website is down (as commented above).

please alan can you help me with this issue, wen i open the web site from IE8 or 9 there is a white space apears under the menu http://www.kasbstone.com/index.php

can you tell me how to fix it


Please, give me your administration parameters on PM, from this point I can tell that you call page without middle content, but didn’t disable main component area from homepage.

regards, Alan.

i sent you the information my friend

hope you can help me also in dis activating the “Cufon” module coz the Arabic doesn’t work with it

tajned Purchased

Hi Alan, I’m trying to customize your beautiful template: Where can I change the size of the icons on the menu (example typo-icon.png)? Thanks in advance for your help

merfi_g Purchased

When installing the template zip, I’m getting this error message….....JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /tmp/install_4e1477eeb1255/jmagic01/index.html

When I try to install the quick package, it is not showing at all in the Template manager.

How to fix this?

merfi_g Purchased

btw, i’m running JOomla 1.6.3

Why you dont have Live Preview? BTW , nice template.

this is a great template..can you do an update for joomla 1.7 or 2.5

Hi, I have installed the template and work fine but in ie9 titles of contents page don’t are showed, with firefox or with ie9 compatibility mode is ok….. how can I solve?