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Hi, I purchased the jobera and installed it, but i am still awaiting for my user name and password to download the extra plugins.

I went to the adress below as required and i created an account to be able to see the download link.

I am still awaiting for an email from you to give me the password and to finally be able to make a move on this asap. I sent my purchase id along with the Neatnet email id a few hours ago and still nothing…how long do you think i have to wait?

Thank you, Manu

Hi Manu,

if you tried to register at the support forum and didn’t receive a password then please use “Lost my password” feature you should receive it then. It happens from time to time that the password isn’t sent but you can always use that link to reset it.

If that doesn’t work, then it means you didn’t complete the registration process and you can try again.

If none of this works then please let me know and I will check it for you.

Best, Cohhe


We have moved all support questions to our support forum where we can better serve our users. We can answer pre-sales questions and a minor theme questions here in the ThemeForest comments but anything else will need to be handled in the support forum.

Why do we use our own support forum?

1. Our forum is searchable, plus anyone else can respond.

2. Many questions are asked repeatedly so performing a search allows you to find answers quickly.

3. This allows us to answer quickly & efficiently since we only have to respond in one avenue

To access our forum, you need to create a free account with your ThemeForest Purchase Code.

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Is there an option for adding portfolio to job pages?


you can add it in the description field or use this plugin to add additional fields.

Best, Cohhe

I’m having a few problems with the theme, there are quite a few bugs in this new update. Ive opened a ticket in your support forum but no response.


we usually respond within one business day. Please post he URL of ticket if you still haven’t received a response and I will check it for you.

Best, Cohhe

Hi there, some pre-purchase questions here.. 1. Do i have to buy the plugins to make the site full functional? (WP JOB MANAGER, Resume Manager etc)

2. Where/how does a user (company or simple) edit his personal info? (could not find it) 3. How does a user selects if he is a company or just searching for a job??

Thank you, Kostas

Hi Kostas,

Re 1: Job manager is for free, but you will have to purchase and if you want to use features they provide. We are using both of those plugins on our demo website.

Re 2: For jobs they can do it here and for resumes here You can just simply submit dummy resume or job on demo website and you will gain access to those pages.

Re 3: They can submit both a job or a resume.

Best, Cohhe

hello will you please tell me.. the plugin name i will gain with this theme..

you have write only wpml compatible.. but didn’t give and other plugin name with this.. as i ahve to purchase the plugin too.. after purchasing the theme..

hello will you please tell me.. that 1)after posting a job or posting a resume .. well i will get an email. 2) is it have inbuilt post resume page.. 3) the looking which is shown to us will remain same .. or i have to purchase some theme.. actually i don’t know about the resume manager , job manager, and wp paid listing which was written on the above comment.. 4) please explain me your them.. i an interested to purchase this theme


you will receive Visual Composer and Revolution slider, rest of them is free or sold separately. You can get more info about that in the description

If you want to use plugin then you will have to buy it separately.

By using Ninja apply feature you will be able to configure it in 3 ways, the user which added the resume will get an email, you as a site admin will get an email or you both will get an email. All those are possible.

Can you please clarify your 2 question about resumes?

WP Job manager is for free, but Resume manager and WC Paid Listings plugins you will have to buy separately.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Best, Cohhe

Hi i installed the theme and cant find the plugins resume manager and paid listings. . please let me know were can i download them.. .

what about support RTL ?

Out of the box it doesn’t support RTL, it will require some customizations.

Best, Cohhe


Farrow Purchased

Ive waited 2 weeks for a fix to my theme, all support have done for me is activate my theme. Can you please address the resume form error on my site.

Can you please post a link to the ticket, so I can take a look at it?

Best, Cohhe

Sorry for all the waiting you had to do, I replied to you! Please check it.

Best, Cohhe


BradElin Purchased

Hi. how can i make the footer logo bigger, i cant seem to find where to make the change that as well as id like to know if its possible to move the stats that are on the front page banner to be placed in the footer at the bottom of the page,

Hi there,

please register at our support forum We try to keep our support in one place. Thank you!

Best, Cohhe

Pre-purchase Question: our buzz is providing quality talents. Is it possible to mark new added talents for our internal verification before they will searchable / viewable for public? (internal verification is our management step we use for manually checking of these talents.)

Hi there,

yes such option is available, you can set it in settings.

Best, Cohhe

Can I use S2member plugin with this theme?

Can I change GEO JOBS search menu? Want to delete ‘Sort by’. And when I see GEO JOBS page in my cell phone, it doesn’t have clear view. Is there any possibility that you can adjust? Thanks.

Hi there,

we haven’t tested Jobera with S2member plugin.

Yes, “Sort by” field can be disabled.

Can you please post a screenshot of the issues you face while checking jobs page on your mobile phone?

Best, Cohhe


I really need your reply asap please as I have a client waiting for my response. Can you take a look of what he said here and tell me if this is possible using your theme please?

What I want the website to do; I would like a website that works in the same way as upwork, my website however is for sitters. I would like users to sign up, say if they are a parent/pet owner or a sitter. If they are a sitter I would then like them to create a profile about themselves, detailing their experience levels (if any) their hourly cost, where they live and information about themselves. From there, their profiles will be uploaded to the site, ready for them to be hired buy a carer. On the parent/pet owner side I would want it to be very simple for them to find sitters, I want there to be an area where they can input their postcode and choice (pets sitter or child sitter). Then a list will be shown to the carer all the available sitters starting from closest first radius of sitters, from there, the carer will be able to scroll through sitters profiles, read them, read comments left by others that have used them and choose a sitter they are happy with. Once parent/pet owner has picked a sitter, they will go through a checkout system, this is where they will fill out how many hours they will require and on what day and time they need the sitter, they can pick a sitter 7 days in advance. Once they have filled out this information, they will pay through the site; this cost is calculated by the sitter’s hourly fees. Once they have paid, the money will go into a holding account that I will own. When the job is complete the sitter and carer will both log back onto the site and agree that is has been completed, from there the money from the holding account will be transferred to the sitters account, with a small fee taken out . Other things I would like on the site

A login page and register page

I would like a feedback system for the sitters, once a job has been completed, parents / pet owners can leave feedback on the sitter’s profiles, leaving a comment and 1-5 stars on how they felt the sitter did.

Cohhe Author

Hi there,

you can use Resumes manager plugin for sitters (Jobera if translation ready so you can easily change the word from Resume to Sitter). If you want to add additional fields for Resumes/Sitters then you can use this plugin

Postcodes feature isn’t built in, but you can use this plugin to make jobs/resumes search more geo-friendly.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to add public comments to Resumes/Jobs without customizations.

The checkout and jobs completion process also isn’t built in so you will have to create your own.

I assume you will have to make some customizations to the theme to provide all the features you client wants.

I suggest you to check admin demo

Let me know if you need more info.

Best, Cohhe

Please, how do retrieve the rss feed for the theme. I am using it on multisite. I have tried but it shows only the feed for posts and not for the jobs listing.

Unfortunately there is no feed for job listings. You will have to create your own or use third party plugins like this one

Best, Cohhe