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“Jobify “Jobify

Finding a Job Just Got Easier

Creating a job listing website has never been easier with Jobify — the easiest to use job board theme available. Create a community of employers and prospective employees.

  • Simple live searching and filtering makes finding relevant jobs easier than ever.
  • A fully customizable homepage means you control the layout of your website.
  • Charge a fee for job listings, and easily monitor and approve submissions.

Create Your Job Site in Minutes

Famous for it’s five minute install, WordPress may be the part that takes the longest – installing the plugins and Jobify is fast and easy. You’ll be connecting businesses with people actively looking to fill positions immediately.

Resume Support Lets The Search Engine Do The Work

Today’s job search isn’t people reading and reviewing resumes manually. They let search engines scan and find key phrases in resumes. Jobify supports candidate resumes, so that employers, recruiters and prospects can find each more quickly.

Powerful Features in the Palm of your Hand

Like everyone else, your users carry their phones with them everywhere they go. Now they can browse job listings in the palm of their hand. Jobify is mobile-friendly with responsive functionality that allows users to search jobs, submit a listing, and more.

Get Started Now

Connecting people using Jobify couldn’t be any easier:

  • A company submits a job listing with details about the position and their company.
  • A prospective employee visits the site, searches the interactive map, filters the results, and applies for the job of their dreams.
  • Site administrators can require a subscription or a one-off payment to create a job listing.

Seeing is Believing

“Jobify “Jobify

Jobify Features

  • Integrates with Mike Jolley’s free WP Job Manager plugin—The first fully integrated theme of its kind!
  • Integrates with WooCommerce Paid Listings which allows you to create custom job packages which can be purchased or redeemed during job submission. Paid add-on. Note: This can only be used to sell job packages and not be set up as an entire store.
  • Integrates with Simple Paid Listings for PayPal and Stripe integration. Paid add-on.
  • Integrates with the popular Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress plugin. Paid add-on.
  • Integrates with Soliloquy Lite, the best responsive free WordPress slider plugin
  • Integrates with the free Testimonials by WooThemes plugin to display individual testimonials, as well as brands of companies using your service
  • Integrates with the famous GravityForms plugin so users can submit resumes from a convenient pop-up modal. Paid add-on.
  • Integrates with Restrict Content Pro by Pippin Williamson. Paid add-on.
  • Beautiful & Clean, Responsive Design (Optimized for iPad and iPhone)
  • Big, Stunning Typography
  • Crafted for Retina Displays
  • WordPress Theme Customizer Support
  • Full Design Customization i.e. Logo, Background, Text Colours
  • Page Templates (Home, Testimonials, Pricing)
  • Contact Form Support (JetPack Forms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms)
  • Custom Shortcodes (Register, Login, Jobs, Job Dashboard, Job Summary, and more)
  • WordPress 3.8+ Ready (Menus & Featured Images)
  • XML Dummy Content Included For Easy Setup
  • Full Localisation Support (contains .po/.mo files)
  • Extensive Documentation


Theme Documentation & Change Log

This theme comes with extensive documentation which makes setup a breeze. The latest updates and bug fixes for this theme can be seen below and inside the theme files in a file called “changelog.txt”

= 1.7.1: April 9, 2014 =

  • New: Turn off themed login by default. Can be turned on in the customizer.
  • New: Apply with Resume styling (requires Resume Manager update).
  • Fix: Soliloquy 2.0.0+ compatibility fixes. (You must update Soliloquy to continue using the widgets)
  • – For the “Hero” slider configuration, set a width and height of 5000px.
  • – For the “Content” slider configuration, set a width of 980px and height of 555px.
  • Fix: More map tweaks and updates.
  • Fix: Testimonials by WooThemes 1.5.1 compatibility.
  • Fix: Update a few incorrect textdomains.
  • Fix: Separate resume and job listing content (visually) when using the top information display setting.
  • Fix: Output proper duration and fee when using RCP.
  • Tweak: Update and organize file structure, update language files, and various improvements.

For help and troubleshooting upgrades, please be sure to review all documentation at

= 1.7.0: March 18, 2014 =

  • New: Resume Map and Resume Map + Resume Listing page template.
  • New: Mailbag styling support.
  • New: NinjaForms support for applying to Resumes and Job listings. (Requires the Apply with Ninja Forms for WP Job Manager plugin.
  • New: Resume count in site stats widget.
  • New: Control the number of markers output by map widgets via widget settings.
  • New: Job expiry widget (requires the Job Application Deadline add-on)
  • Fix: Don’t output markers with no location to avoid map errors.
  • Fix: When more than one listing are in the same location make the cluster clickable to show all listings.
  • Fix: Avoid conflict with Gravity Forms when submitting a resume. Enable Gravity Forms AJAX support.
  • Fix: Save form values when registering an account with errors.
  • Fix: Don’t redirect to WordPress login form during a failed login attempt.
  • Fix: Make sure the WordPress admin bar responds alongside the theme.
  • Fix: Various string context and spelling fixes.
  • Fix: Show a loading icon when job listings and resumes are loading.
  • Tweak: Update and organize file structure, update language fields, various improvements.

= 1.6.2: February 27, 2014 =

  • Fix: Use the Jobify login page for the Resume Manager link.
  • Fix: Contact Resume permissions popup.
  • Fix: Form errors use proper width.
  • Fix: Make sure registration form is loaded in the correct order.
  • Fix: LinkedIn field output display issues.
  • Fix: target=”_blank” on application URLs.

= 1.6.1: February 26, 2014 =

  • Fix: Make sure widget files are loaded properly to avoid fatal errors.
  • Fix: Add Candidate Skill archives.
  • Fix: Only show candidate file if it’s filled out.

= 1.6.0: February 25, 2014 =

  • ** Note: You may need to remove your Map widget and add it back if the pins do not appear.
  • New: Widgetized job listing/resume sidebars.
  • New: Restrict job listing/resume widgets based on RCP subscription level.
  • New: Alternate job listing/resume widget layout at the top of the page.
  • New: Blog/Single standard sidebar.
  • New: Map improvements: Lighter-weight libraries, marker clusters, widget options, and only load when necessary.
  • New: Generic “Slider” widget that any slider shortcode can be placed in.
  • New: Use standard sharing buttons for sharing content.
  • New: Company LinkedIn field.
  • New: Show RCP discounts on pricing options.
  • Fix: Update Magnificant Popup CSS to fix Android display bugs.
  • Fix: Use WordPress’s default role when registering as an “employer”.
  • Fix: Make sure the logo looks good at larger sizes.
  • Fix: Make sure the job spotlight collapses when needed.
  • Fix: Make sure template files respect capabilities for resume viewing/contacting.
  • Fix: Use the “Primary” color for the RCP pricing table.
  • Fix: Make sure the map category dropdown uses the same order as the filter.
  • Fix: Make previewing a job listing much more accurate.
  • Fix: Update screenshot.png
  • Tweak: Update and organize file structure, introduce Bootstrap grid system, and Grunt.

= 1.5.3: February 6, 2015 =

  • New: Ensure compatibility with Indeed Job listing addon.
  • Fix: Class independence from the Gravity Forms Apply plugin. Check for existence of options.
  • Fix: Typo in registration form.
  • Fix: Update Entypo Icon Font to avoid conflict with Chrome 32.
  • Fix: Make sure there is no extra whitespace on mobile browsers.
  • Fix: Make sure resume category filters display properly.

= 1.5.2: January 29, 2014 =

  • Fix: Make sure Gravity Forms load properly.
  • Fix: Make sure roles are assigned properly.
  • Tweak: Various tweaks and improvements for a more stable experience.

= 1.5.1: January 23, 2014 =

  • New: Select role when registering if using Resume Manager.
  • Fix: Avoid testimonial archives breaking when not using the widget.
  • Fix: Make sure all taxonomy archives load properly.

= 1.5: January 7, 2013 =

  • New Feature: Support for Resumes Addon
  • New Feature: Support for 3rd-level dropdowns.
  • New Feature: Add LinkedIn to share popup.
  • New Feature: On the Map + Jobs Page template hide the map search and update when searching through the Jobs table.
  • Fix: Various addon support improvements.
  • Tweak: Various tweaks and improvements for a more stable experience.
  • \\