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We have clients that want to post several sales jobs with the same basic job listing they create the first time. How can we efficiently republish the same job with the ability to change only its location?

happy holidays

This year was simply tremendous for us: our team has grown, we’ve created themes and plugins we are truly proud of and we couldn’t be happier. We’re just getting started, and we can’t wait to show more in 2015. Here’s to the New Year.

In order to allow Astoundify employees some time with their family during this holiday season, please note that our support office will be closed on December 24th 2014 until the 28th of December 2014.

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Hey! why companies can not upload PDF jobs? How can i add this?

2 Questions before purchase

- Does Apply with Linkedin work properly with Listify? Quite handy if you want to enable visitors to connect with listing owners using their LinkedIn.

- Is it possible to add custom fields to the listings and submit form?

Is there a way to make it so that only one person can post jobs? And everybody else can only post resumes?

First of all, i love the theme. There is another theme i was looking at but i think yours is more expandable and easy to use. I do have some questions about the potential of the theme in getting it where I want.

I really like the Listify home page and the slider video, Explore Your Community, Recent Listings features. Is there any way to get this into the jobify theme?

The explore your community would just open up specific keyword searches for a given area of where jobs could be for example.

The Recent listings could be some companies featured companies with custom photos that would link to company profiles.

Which brings me to another question. Can the company profiles be expanded to include more descriptions, photos, some profiles for staff members there, videos and more detail to give the company who would pay for the service more value? This is an example of something I would be looking to do?

It would also be good to have the search feature for companies to be a bit more searchable and have some more info with it: like this for example:

Another feature I would like to know if possible is a recommend button next to apply that would have a share feature so that someone can inform a friend via email, facebook, linkedin etc..

Is it always possible to have landing pages before the features like companies:

Is there anyway to get a plugin that could transform the blog to look a bit more interactive? like this for example:

The actual header bar. Is it able to integrate with mega menu and get it to follow down the page in a fixed position element and change up the look to it. Perhaps make it see – through against a revolution slider and then as it scrolls down goes back to a more normal header.

As you can see lots of questions, so thank you so much for any help you can give here.


Where can i find a demo account for the administrator?


Trouble in setup the demo site please help.