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i want to charge job seekers and no employers is it possible with your theme ?


It is possible to remove the maps functionality from this theme and replace with a content page title or something like that? I don’t feel people would actually use this functionality for job site.

Pre sale questions:

Can I make it so the website is solely candidate based as well as freelance. So it shows people in your area as well and also can you make it so that people can pay to appear as a candidate with a monthly/annual charge?

Hi there,

Looks like you theme has a large success and I am sure it is really helpful.

I have a quick question: The website that i want to create is making our customer to have access to the phone number and professors details only after having paid the premium package.

Also, we want our professors be able to submit and have appearing the submission just after we have reviewed it, confirmed it and in one click we publish it.

Is it possible?

Please let me know. Thank you in advance,

Hello. This is my 2nd pre-sales inquiry. I have list of question as follows:-

1. how many languages does the theme support ? Is it possible that user can select his preferred language ? Also job seekers and employers can create profiles/job posting as per their native language ? 2. Multi-currency option as per the location of the user ? 3. Can we create some kind of badge (on profile/photo etc) for all the paid users ? – It will just be used to distinguish between the active and passive users. 4. Can we optimize the search option to include the paid user listings/profile on top of any search results ? 5. can we create a cart like system in which job seeker can select multiple job opening and submit his profile on all of them at once ? 6. Generally when we signup on any website, its asks for import contact details of all the contacts we have on our gmail/yahoo etc account. So is there any plugin to support that so we can utilize it for marketing purpose? 7. Does it support social network plugin’s like share it on facebook/google+/linkedin ? 8. We have some register vendor who has their own small job board on their website. If that vendor want to register on our job board , how can he import all the jobs on our job board from his profile? 9. I want to charge my user a fixed amount for posting. either he is a employer or job seeker. can something like pay per click ( as used in advertisement) can be implemented. i don’t know if its possible or not. 10. After user signup on our website. Is it possible to restrict user to view only the job listings of this country only ?

Sorry for so many questions. But some can be the good recommendations for the developer for the future releases. Thanks