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Hi, is there any way to group images in post. If someone click image to see it large to be able continue via arrows or keyboard to next/previous image? Image by image makes me sick. Thank you.


Okey, I have found it in custom.js with parameter gallery: { enabled: true },


Hi, I’m glad you found it.

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Hi, this theme is really useful and simple. The only thing which is wrong, H1 tag is used for logo element. This is not good for google SEO, because there are two H1 elements in all pages (logo and page heading).

Anyway, i have changed logo element to DIV from H1 in static/static-logo.php file. For your information…

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How do you create the About Us page demonstrated on your site? http://www.johndoe.hercules-design.com/about-us/

Specifically, how do you get the parallax photo on the page?

How do you add social media to the pages?


I found an issue with the contact form fields responsiveness on mobile:


I’m using Contact Form 7 and considering this theme was built using Bootstrap, this shouldn’t be happening.

BTW the problem is present on your demo site as well:


Let me know what your thoughts are.



Simple enough fix, would have done it myself but felt I should notify you since you have the same issue on the demo.

NOTE: I modified your code snippet to the following:

@media (max-width: 768px) {
.wpcf7-form input{

Limiting it to just “text” didn’t resolve the issue for “telephone” or “email” inputs.

I’m having another little issue: on the drop down menus of the mobile site, I am getting a white-ish background with white text (which is hence, invisible). Is there a control for this in the styling options? If not I’ll just edit the CSS but I don’t want to override anything if I don’t have to (so that I can keep it simple for the client.

Thanks again.


Yes you’re right. As for the whiteish background with white text, could you send me some screenshot on info@hercules-design.com ?


Oops, I thought I had added another response. I fixed the white background, I went through your theme styling panel and found the settings that I had mixed up. Sorry for the useless question/late reply.

BTW this is the second theme I’ve purchased from you. Good job, nice, clean and simple. Great for personal blogs and I can attest that everything works the way it is supposed to (with the exception of this ultra minor contact form issue). As usual though, the support is top notch. I just gave you 5-star ratings for both.

Is there a way to add a SKYPE icon to the icon widgets?

I’m still waiting for a response about adding a Skype icon to the social media icon widget…


Hi, It’s very hard to describe here but you have to edit the file named my-social-widget.php in the includes/widgets/ folder. Open the file and If you are an intermediate programmer you will know what to do :)

Hi ! I’m using your tamplate for my blog (wordpress) and it is lovely. The only thing is since I installed it I can’t see my menu anymore… I’ve tried several thing but the menu never appears on my pages. Could you please kindly help me out ? Do you have any idea where this can come from? Thank you very much !!


Hi, did You set for your main menu “Theme locations” in the Appearance -> Menus ? If so and it’s still not working just activate some default theme, delete JDBlog theme and install it again. Then set Theme locations for the main menu.

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I would like to know how to make the date to show up smaller in size.. I ont know why on my blog looks huge.My related posts has disappeared too. How do I fix this?? Thanks

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I restored to default settings and now the date disappeared completely! What is going on???

The only thing I want is to make the date show like on your preview or to have the post tittle centered with the date smaller underneath or to the right side of the tittle in order to have the post area be wider. And how to have the comments bubble at the bottom of the post? On the right side where is the sharing buttons.

Thanks and I really appreciate some help


Hi, please send me a link to your website and login data on info@hercules-design.com. Then I’ll be able to help you. Maybe you are using previous version of the theme.

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How can I add icons in the social widget? I’m a developer and I need at least GitHub and StackOverflow icons. I already checked, and either FontAwesome and the pack included in the theme include those social icons.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, is template WP 4.1 safe?