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how can i use a hercules twitter for my account on twiiter? how can i do this?


Hi, All you have to do is to:

Generate your:

- Consumer key
- Consumer secret
- Access token
- Access token secret

on Twitter for developers website: https://apps.twitter.com/ to have an access to your tweets. Create an application and then go back to wp-admin panel, Appearance -> Widgets -> drag hercules – Twitter widget on the sidebar widget area and fill in the required fields.


thanks !

Hey there! I want to translate “Close (esc)” into German for the search function. I cannot find the php file to translate it. Can anybody help? Thanks a lot!


My boyfriend bought it for me :-)


Okay but if you need any further assistance, please write to us using your boyfriend account :)


Allright, I´ll do! :-)


I want to modify the H1 tag and the breadcrumb trail on the “category” pages so that I can remove the word “Category” and have them show up like any other page.

Do you have any recommendation as to the best way to do that with this theme?

Here is the page in question, I want the H1 to show as: In The Media, not Category > In The Media and the breadcrumb trail to show as Home / In the Media instead of: Home / Category: “In The Media”


Hi, Please go to Theme Options -> Blog -> “Category word” option change on No. Breadcrumbs: Go to Appearance -> Editor and open the file called theme-function.php Now the following line of the code: echo $before . theme_locals("category_archives").': "' . single_cat_title('', false) . '"' . $after; change on: echo $before . single_cat_title('', false) . $after;

Hi I bought this theme, and long time ago, I sent you an email because I have a problem with the twitter widget, could you help me or answer my email please?

Once I configure the twitter widget, I load my website, but in the bottom side, don’t see the footer, and the widget do not load anything.

Best regards I wait for the answer


Finally I solved the issue without the help of the Hercules support team. Really bad attention, time ago sent an email explaining my problem but I never got reply. Recently I sent another email, but i solved the issue, so if you have the same problem with the twitter widget (don’t show the tweets and dissapear the footer) contact me across my website (fepezoabarca.cl) or in my email: fepezoabarca@gmail.com.

My answer will be more faster than the hercules support team, I’m really sure


Hi, that’s weird because I checked our mailbox and we never received any e-mail from you. Are you sure that you wrote to us on support@hercules-design.com ?

Hi! I have one problem. I use ’ Filterable Blog 2 columns’ and i want to change name of -> Categories, which i have rectagle with names of my categories under inscription ‘Filterable Blog 2 columns’? :) And how can i remove this section from my blog? :)

Hi, in the Appearance -> Editor section open the file called locals.php. Search for a phrase : 'categories' => __('Categories', HS_CURRENT_THEME), and change it on: 'categories' => __('', HS_CURRENT_THEME),

ok, thanks, this works, but if i want to delete this from my page on Filterable Blog 2 columns?

To remove all categories go to Theme Options -> Blog grid section and Filter option change on None. To remove only the word “categories” edit the blog-loop.php file and remove this code: <?php echo theme_locals("categories"); ?>
LiDear Purchased

Good day! Show you how to remove the comments in the post? Thank U


Hi the best way is to use some plugin like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-comments/

LiDear Purchased


Hi there!

How to remove the link from the featured image on the post page? Actually the link refers again to the same page, which is not very useful :-)

How to disable that? I don´t want any links on the single post page, only on the front page. Thank you!

Hi, open the file called post-thumb.php. It’s in the “includes/post-formats/” folder. Now this lines of the code: <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"> <?php the_post_thumbnail( 'standard-large' ); ?> </a> change on: <?php the_post_thumbnail( 'standard-large' ); ?>

Thanks so much! :-)

Hi ! I have a problem when i add my post to home page, in sometimes post i have a big white space, but in sometimes not, why? i dont want to have this white space? what can i do ? see printscreen my blog here https://www.dropbox.com/s/kznkbgriebe724y/wysylka.png?dl=0

HI, try to go to Theme Options -> Them styles -> Custom css and paste there the following css class:
.meta-space span {
  padding-right: 7px;
Also to correctly display polish characters on Your blog go to Theme Options General -> Body Text, H1-H6 Heading, Theme Options -> Navigation -> Menu Typography, and set “Character Sets” option on “Latin Extended”.
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Hello, I have a regarding the footer. I’d like to have the copyright text exactly in the center of the blog. How can I go about achieving this?

Hi, go to Appearance -> Editor and open a file called wrapper-footer.php. Now this lines of the code: <div class="span6"> <?php get_template_part("static/static-footer-nav"); ?> </div> <div class="span6"> <?php get_template_part("static/static-footer-text"); ?> </div> change on: <div class="span12"> <?php get_template_part("static/static-footer-nav"); ?> </div> <div class="span12"> <?php get_template_part("static/static-footer-text"); ?> </div> At the end add the following css class to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css field:
.footer-text { text-align: center; }


In previous versions, the “Hercules – Recent News” widget had options to set thumbnail dimensions. I used 100×100 and had small, thumbnails, that all looked the same.

Now I cannot find this option and the thumbnails appear very big. Moreover, they don’t all have the same size; because some of them are portrait etc.

What can I do to set that thumnail dimension again?

The same issue happens with the “Related posts” thumbnails at the end of each post. Their size is no longer consistent.

Thank you! By the way, after the updates, the menus etc seem to work much better, good job!



Is there any way to control the number of “blog pages” independantly? e.g. show 4-5 post in the homepage, but 6 in the category view?

Thank you!

Hi, yes. You need to edit functions.php. Go to at the end of the file and just before ?> add this piece of code: function number_of_posts_on_archive($query){ if ($query-> is_category()) { $query->set('posts_per_page', 2); } return $query; } add_filter(‘pre_get_posts’, ‘number_of_posts_on_archive’);

This will show 2 posts for each category page.


Awesome! Thank you very much!

Hey There! I hope all is well. Quick question:

This was my first attempt at making a website and I definitely messed up a lot so I’m going back and fixing some of my issues.

Might be a stupid question but how do I get all the typography aspects that comes with the website?

I would like to start using the list items, drop cap, text highlight, ect. I have the theme downloaded, I just didn’t know how to get those features into my wordpress site.

Thanks for your help and I hope and trust all is well.



HI, You can install sample data to see how everything has been configured on the demo page. Go to Documentation/documentation folder, open the index.html file and read “Setting up the Theme”, “Adding sample data” chapters. Sample data are in the “Sample-data” folder. There are videos as well. Then let me know how it goes.

I am looking a PDF documentation that could guide me on how replicating all I saw in the demo. I am not finding it in my download. Is it normal?


Hi, We celebrated Easter so sorry for the delay. You can install sample data to see how everything has been configured on the demo page. Sign in to your ThemeForest account. Go to Downloads section and download All files & documentation package. Unzip it on your computer hard disk. Go to Documentation/documentation folder, open the index.html file and read “Theme installation”, “Setting up the Theme”, “Adding sample data” chapters. Sample data are in the “Sample-data” folder. There are videos as well. Then let me know how it goes.

I would like to change the background, install social links a the bottom of the page, in install the photo and text box that introduce the blog. Do not know how to do.


Thank you for your theme, it’s really great but I have few questions :

I would like to know how to put the meta informations under the title on the blog posts, so I dont have the little left sidebar anymore. Is it possible ?

see my url : http://whatsupinbeauty.com/wordpress/natural/new-tailor-made-skincare-from-paris/ -> I would like to have the informations (date + tags) under the title.

Also I would like to add more space (height) between the lines of categories (on the homepage) because I have a lot of categories and they are too close. How can I change it ?

Thank you !


Hi, please update the theme to the latest 1.7.1 version. Then go to Theme Options -> Blog -> Post publication date. set on No. This will disable the left sidebar. Now edit a file called post-meta.php. It’s in the includes/post-formats/ folder. Right under the following line:
<div class="meta-space">

paste this one:

<span><?php if (of_get_option('date_format')) { the_time(of_get_option('date_format')); } ?></span>

That’s all :) 

Thank you very much ! The new theme option panel is really better !

Hello, I would like to report a small bug. Step to reproduce:
  1. Use the “sticky header” that has the shrinking effect
  2. Open any page and let it load normally
  3. Scroll until you get the shrinking effect and stop with the head shrinked
  4. Reload the page without moving and wait for the reload to finish
  5. Now the sticky header covers part of the page when it is fully expanded.
Same happens if you start scrolling before the page has successfully loaded (case b).

Browsers: Firefox and Chrome (OS X). Safari seems to trigger the bug only in (case b)


HI, thank you for this information. We’ll check it out and hopefully be able to fix it in a future update :)


Thank you! If you find that there is a simple fix, do no hesitate to post it here so that we can change it before official fixes :) Thanks again!

In which file i can add to my page meta tag and for examples this:


??? :)


and how can i add one?


and body where is ?

Go to Appearance -> Editor and of course open a file called header.php. Under this line: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> put your code. Body tag is also in this file.

Simple question. Is there an easy way for me to remove the bread crumbs?


Never mind, some how I missed it in the admin tool.


Yes :) Theme Options -> General -> Display breadcrumbs?