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how can i use a hercules twitter for my account on twiiter? how can i do this?


Hi, All you have to do is to:

Generate your:

- Consumer key
- Consumer secret
- Access token
- Access token secret

on Twitter for developers website: https://apps.twitter.com/ to have an access to your tweets. Create an application and then go back to wp-admin panel, Appearance -> Widgets -> drag hercules – Twitter widget on the sidebar widget area and fill in the required fields.

Hey there! I want to translate “Close (esc)” into German for the search function. I cannot find the php file to translate it. Can anybody help? Thanks a lot!


I want to modify the H1 tag and the breadcrumb trail on the “category” pages so that I can remove the word “Category” and have them show up like any other page.

Do you have any recommendation as to the best way to do that with this theme?

Here is the page in question, I want the H1 to show as: In The Media, not Category > In The Media and the breadcrumb trail to show as Home / In the Media instead of: Home / Category: “In The Media”