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Great work. Good luck.

One of the best personal portfolio design

Welcome to the forest! It is new start for Gavick themes!

Good Luck Bro Nice Design :)

Welcome to one of the best Joomla template developer ever! :-D

can you change the opening images? If so what size are they

Can we add multiple pages on your one-page theme…i.e standard joom pages? and would like to run theme full width, can we do?

Clean fresh work again, sleek extensions too…check them out!



You can create more pages like frontpage – you have to only use proper page suffixes – the same as on the frontpage. The width of the theme can be increased in the settings.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for this great looking template. I was just wondering how I can change the Google Map in the contact form. Couldn’t find it in the documentation so feel free to point out where I can find it!


That’s Ok, I figured it out after a while!

Any way I can add an instagram account next to twitter and Facebook on the contact page?

+ please tell me where i can change the photo’s displayed at works. I’ve been looking for hours and can’t find it. I’ve unpublished articles and modules without any visible difference!

Regarding adding the instagram icon – please write a ticket in our ticket system – it is a more complex custom work. Regarding photos – it comes from the K2 component not Joomla com_content component.

Hi is there, link of some sorts where i can copy the demo module code? I changed the client images and now the animation is broken. Instead of putting a heart in between I and DO it now says I do my clients, not exactly the message I want to convey! Thanks!

Hello, please just use the “none” editor, instead of the wysiwyg editor – it will help.

Right, just got no clue where I can change that editor

I found it, changed it to codemirror, works fine now! Thanks