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when the 2.0 version will be released?



Hi, we don’t have an exact ETA, could be a month or more. Thanks!

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i need some changes for mega menu.my some categories names long and i have much categories.Is it possible, each per row 3column ?(Maybe like bootstrap css span class management.)I am sorry my English bad.Thanks.


Hi, not sure exactly what you mean but file a ticket on our support page with a screenshot so we can determine if we can help. Thanks!


My client has recently purchased Journal theme. Its brilliant. However, I come across an issue which I am unable to sort out yet. For some pages I get the error message “Journal not installed – Read full installation instructions http://journal.digital-atelier.com/docs/#!/installation".

For example, I have created a Mega Menu for my product categories. In the Mega Menu I have a category called “New Arrivals” with a sub category Apple Store. Now the actual url to Apple Store is http://mydomain/index.php?route=product/category&path=34 however the url show on mouseover and subsequent click to the link in Mega Menu is http://mydomain/APPLE-STORE. This results in the above mentioned error.


Hi, support is only provided to verified buyers, please have your client file a ticket on our support page http://journal.digital-atelier.com/support Thanks!

Hello, I will buy the theme, but I’ll edit it to a client as a final product. It is possible to buy the license in my account and get the license legal name of the company?

This transfer to the final use of a client is free?


Hi, yes, the license allows you to built a site for your client. You would need to buy additional licenses for each client. Thanks!


when can we expect the magento version? Thanks


Hi, we don’t have an ETA but it’s coming this year. Thanks!

hi i want to use this extension in jurnal theme https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=account/download/info&order_id=361527

i add this extension and dont show nothing! :S


Hi, not all third party modules are compatible out of the box. File a ticket on our support page with access to your admin so we can take a look at it and tell you why it isn’t showing up. Thanks!

Request for 2.0

- Add custom html in megamenu. - Mega menu and custom html combined in 1 menu item



Hi, yes we’re considering that option for the mega menu. Thanks!

Hi Journal,

My better half bought your theme and has not opened it because he says that it has to be on a web server software to be opened? Does this mean the theme cannot be worked on offline? I lack understanding here. We are working on – Mac computer (his) and IPad(me). Can the theme be installed on both machines so that I can also input information?

Since I am totally new, does a single payment get you all 3 themes or each theme requires a payment. What if I work in one theme and decide later to change to another theme?

Also, my products are shot in black background and I am at my wits end to come up with a fantastic web design for my jewelry collection that is beyond the normal cliche for jewelry websites which is normally dark on dark.

In a nutshell, do you offer services to design for a client? I am amazed at the 5 min demo you made of the Beach Theme Design. Just imagine if you have a week! I know I won’t be able to do that – and my jewelry range is in need of a great design.

Last but not least, do you themes support multiple currencies?

Thanks and all good blessings!


Hi, this theme only works on the Opencart ecommerce system which in turn requires a server to run on. However, you can install a local server environment on your machine (like MAMP) and that would allow you to run Opencart locally for testing purposes.

All 5 skins you see in our demos are included in the same price, you can pick whichever one you want and of course customize it to fit your needs.

We don’t, unfortunately, offer any design or development services except technical support for bugs and errors with our theme, if you encounter any. You would need a designer and/or developer to help you customize the theme beyond what you see in the demos.

Yes, it supports multiple currencies, languages and all the features Opencart has to offer.

Thank you!

Hi – great theme, really pushing the features along compared to other themes. Worked out of the box for me after following installation instructions to the letter. Documentation is top notch – thanks.

Have tried to submit a support ticket but getting 500 errors from your support site. Your megamenus (and possibly other modules or the control panel) don’t handle ampersands correctly when saving in the backend. On first save, they are correctly converted to & but on subsequent saves you end up with &

Similarly, ampersands in links (...&product_id=40) get converted when they shouldn’t, resulting in broken links on the site. Again, this is on second and subsequent saves of the module.

+1 for suggestion above about megamenus, plus could you add a ‘single category’ menu type as I have some top-level menus for which I only want a single list of subcategories (like the ‘information’ menu in Journal II) and it’s a pain to have to manually enter them and remember to update when categories change in the future.

Thanks for listening :)


Yes, it is the latest then, try with the ticket again or send us a private message with temporary access to your admin so our developers can look at it . Thanks!


Ticket answered and issue resolved in under 4 hours. Superb support, thank you.


Thanks for your comment, let us know if you need any other assistance. Cheers!

I just want to add a testimony to this great theme and to the developers behind it.

It works like a charm, is lightning fast. As I’ve been told and read, there are many important changes coming on Version 2 so it gets even better.

The support staff or whoever it is behind the desks answering and addressing issues is doing top notch work. They are very serious with their business and I am happy I chose their theme to have my website migrated to Opencart.

Thanks again, keep up the good work.


Thanks so much for your valuable input, we appreciate it! Stay tuned, we’re hard at work making this theme even better. Cheers!

Hello, is it possible to extend the logo area to the entire header?


Hi, not in the current version, we’re working on more header options in our 2.0 version but I don’t have an exact ETA right now. Thanks!

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Just a quick question – as part of this template does it have a page design to say website coming soon and is currently being built page.



Hi, the template doesn’t have this feature but Opencart has something similar in System > Settings > Server > Maintenance Mode. You can customize the the maintenance message in “catalog/language/english/common/maintenance.php. Thanks!

If anyone wants autocomplete search function to work with descriptions edit ‘catalog\controller\module\journal_cp.php’ file, go to line ~725 and modify:

$data = array( 'filter_name' => $filter_name, 'filter_model' => $filter_model, 'start' => 0, 'limit' => $limit );


$data = array( 'filter_name' => $filter_name, 'filter_description' => $filter_name, 'filter_model' => $filter_model, 'start' => 0, 'limit' => $limit );

Hi, 1.Now i am having a problem is that When i search using google and i try to click on a search result i am not able to open it.instead it is redirected to another site(http://409.epac.to). How can it be fixed? Any help will be much appreciated. 2.Can’t add sub-sub-categories and if add,linked to 404 Error. 3.Need to activate & Register site with purchase code? But I didn’t see any info inside documentation.

Remark:I open a support ticket with purchase code into.(Ticket number: 1321)



Hi, we’ve responded to your ticket. Thanks!


i’m planning to buy this theme for my online business. You have a very good theme. But i would like to know

1. whether i can have newsletter subscriber box for the customers to register their emails

2. whether if i buy http://journal.digital-atelier.com/4/..can i still have the social tabs on the right and left of the website as in http://journal.digital-atelier.com/1/

3. whether i can move the promo banners below the slide and on top of new arrival and other tabs.



hi, i have one more question, can i put a video on one of the banners on the website? i understand that i can hv youtube tab on my website but can i show that on the website? thanks


Hi, you can have videos in the main slider, the side blocks and the product tabs. Thanks!


cool!! thanks

hi you have very fast support….. But…!!!...

i want some changes in jurnal_filter.tpl!

i know tha is for third party extension ….. I KNOW THAT YOU DONT WANT TO HELP ME – BUT I AM STILL YOUR CUSTOMER!.,... but i have only ONE SIMPLE QUESTION!!! OR LITLE HELP!


I did explain, I’m sorry it seems so hard to understand. You can add 7 lines of code anywhere you want, however it’s not as simple as that. Your 3rd party extension needs to be customized in order to work on the Journal Custom Sections module.


it’s not hard to understand….. you never explain before!


Ok, I’m glad we’re on the same page now. Thanks!

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I would like to have “Add This” share plugin, but when I set on “Add This” in control panel, I cant see any icons or buttons in product page. “Share This” is working, but I prefer “Add this” Could you help me?



Hi, Add This servers might be down, we’d have to take a look at it to determine what it is, please file a ticket on our support page with temporary access to your admin. Thanks! http://journal.digital-atelier.com/support

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Good day. Today I bought this theme. Everything installed fine. I have a problem in the administration of the language selection. I use the Admin module Language Selector Permanent. Link (http://osworx.net/en/downloads/cat_view/48-ocie--opencart/83-vqmod-files?start=5). When installing this module, I can not open the CP Panel. He still shows loading .. and the page is still loading. The basic theme OpenCart all is well. In other theme also fine. I use version 1.5.6. Can you please help? Thanx


Hi, please file a ticker on our support page so our developers can look at it. Thanks! http://journal.digital-atelier.com/support

Hi again. How can i add 1900 px wide layout like as overstock.com.


Hi, it’s not possible with the current code configuration, you’d have to recode the entire grid. Thanks!


Ok i try. Thanks.

Hello, Sorry if that was already answered previously but i just can’t read the 25 pages ;)

i was thinking about buying this template but i realised that the custom block on the product page ain’t responsive. (doesn’t show on mobile view)

Can this be fixed?

I’m also wondering how the product page look with the option section for the products (like colors / sizes…), can you maybe enable it in the demo so i can take a look? thanks,


Hi, the custom blocks are not meant to work on mobile, only on desktop view. The product options are default Opencart inputs, I’ve set one up for you here. Thanks!


The thing is that i need that custom block to appear on mobile view , so…


Hi, they are not activated on mobile because of performance reasons. Absolutely positioned elements are bad for mobile (very resource consuming) especially with third party content in them (like videos, facebook or twitter feeds). You can have your developer modify the theme to have them appear on mobiles but it’s not recommended. Thanks!