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I am a newbie with Journal

I have want to have a product with option of dropdown box.

Is it supported?


Hi, if you have the Journal Push Options enabled you need to turn them off in order to get the default select dropdown. Go to Settings > Product Page > Product Details > Product Options > Push Options to turn them off. If you’re referring to something else please file a ticket on our support page with more details so our developers can assist you. Thanks!

HI, is it OK if I have the original OC 2x theme already configured and with all products added, with other words I have ready the shop for selling, and then I install and use Journal instead of the original OC theme?


Hi, sure all you have to do is install Journal and choose it from the template selector in Opencart admin. Cheers!


Thanks, but what will happen with my shop after importing some of your demo stores? Or I should not import a demo in this case and configure my shop manually using your theme?

HI Guys,

More and more features and improvements within this great theme.

One question. A conversion killer is that the add to cart button on product detail page is below the view port. Is there a possibility to make the add to cart button movable or duplicate this button within your theme features?

So that there is an add to cart button more towards the top of the product detail page.

Also these days there are flying add to cart buttons more in the positions of a right side bar. This shows an add to cart button and even products added to the cart that flows along with your scroll to the bottom of a page for instance.

Aren’t these features you guys would like to add to the journal theme?

We have done multiple a/b tests on more than 100K visitors of product detail pages and these tests have shown that the conversion on add to cart buttons and even towards checkout had improved with more than 80%.

Also bundeled products for instance. In steps you add products to the cart forward to the last step of the order proces. The flow cart is then very good to have conversion wise.

i mean bundled products like for instance

Flowers in step 1 and gift in step 2 and card in step 3 and so on.

Maby you guys would be interested to add these kind of features in the journal theme.

Thanks so much for this great theme and keep up the good work.



Hi, unfortunately we’re not sure if we can move the Add to Cart button on the product page because that would break all mods that have been adapted to work with Journal.

3rd party mods don’t usually work with custom themes because the code is modified. Now a lot of product page mods have already been modified to work with Journal and we don’t want to modify it again so that they will not work. For your case we recommend a customised solution, consult with your developer on how to create a vQmod that moves the Add to Cart button in a different place. It’s the best way to get what you want while preserving the theme code intact.

As for bundled products that is not a theme related feature, we just enhance the Opencart engine in regards to product management but we do not modify the product catalog. Perhaps there are some 3rd party solutions for this but we don’t know any.


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Hello dear developer,

I bought your theme there a few months and everything has been developed from the Firefox browser.

I just tested my https site in OC V. and Journal2 v.2.5.2 on InternetExplorer v.11. I do not understand : some product images are displayed in the carousels and others not. Top banner images are not displayed. Thumbnails of related products; most viewed in side and footer does not display. Including those brands carousel.

All is well on Firefox.

What the problem while I see your theme No.4, which performs well in the ie browser?

It is not understanding anything. I despair

Thank you for your support

JLDPCH Purchased

Dear developer,

I bothered you for nothing and I offer my sincere apologies. I just suddenly think of the .htaccess protection. And to the point! For those to whom this would happen, it can help! ...

Thank you a lot. Best regards


I m getting error in Quick Checkout screen with Payu. When it is defult payment screen it is Ok. I also opened a ticket and gave you the all acceess info.

I realy appreciate it if you can solve this.



Hi, you filed a ticket one hour ago, we respond as soon as possible but on vey busy days it may take 24h. Thanks!

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It is Ok. I will be waiting for you.


I am currently creating a Head line rotator with a call to action button. Is it possible to link the button to a download I have added in the admin panel?

How can I realize that?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, How to set default value new letter, privacy policy, terms & conditions on quick checkout page? Thanks!

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hi when multimerch extension come for opencart or latest

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problem in: http://www.centurionepi.com.br/estrado-isolante-preto-orion, reviews not work. please, verify.