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migsl Purchased

Hi, how i can edit homepage? Thanks.

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with more details and screenshots of what you want to modify so our developers can assist you. Thanks!


I want to ask – whether there is in the module “Super Filter” pagination? You can in the next update to make it?

The fact that I have more than 1000 categories, and I am sure that without the pagination will hang the browser.

Hi, we’re not sure what you’re referring to exactly but if it’s infinite scrolling that is not possible with the SuperFilter active on the category page. Regards.

Can you make a pagination module “Super Filter”?

Hi, we don’t have plans for that unfortunately and we don’t provide custom development services. Regards.


osariz Purchased

how can i change side category menu passive background? control panel have active and hover background color in side category but passive color not…


osariz Purchased

when the next update? i need now, Is it possible with CSS?

Hi, next update is coming monday or tuesday. It may also be possible with css, file a ticket on our support page if you can’t wait for the update.


osariz Purchased

ok im waiting next update, thanks

Thanks for the help guys. Did the trick. I have just started using the blog module but seem to have a small issue. When posting my blog posts on to facebook, the image is not coming up. Do you know if there is any way to make the image responsive the the facebook architecture? Thanks so much for all your wonderful support!

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so our developers can assist you. Regards.


psxgamer Purchased

I implemented Journal a few months ago. The only template which allowed me to give my website the lay-out I wanted it to have. I made a few small changes to navigation today, next to a few other small tweaks the last months.

Everytime I want to change something again I’m impressed how powerful and easy to use this theme is. As said it’s a few months now that we’ve been using Journal and our sales have skyrocketed.

Thank you so much, psxgamer, your feedback is very much appreciated! Stay tuned for even more features to be added in our next updates.

Thanks again!

Why I visit your demo site, the pictures are empty? Btw, I’m using Chrome.

Hi, we don’t see any missing images in the latest Chrome version on either Mac or Windows. You must be using a beta or dev browser version, in which case you should use the latest production version.


Hello , i dont have any “edit” button on my moduls , only “add” – how can i fix it ?

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your admin so our developers can investigate. Regards.


tangara Purchased

Trying to update opencart from to have this error Journal Installation Error

Make sure you have uploaded all Journal files to your server and successfully replaced system/engine/front.php file.

Uploaded via Cpanel Ive also done this on 2nd shop folder eg shop2 not main shop

I also want upgrade journal theme to latest version


tangara Purchased

Ok worked out needed to upload 3 journal files that were removed are there any issues with latest opencart version and journal 5.5.5


tangara Purchased

Also found I needed to save images folder separately when doing a this normal?

Hi, yes you need to replace those 3 files or reupload the entire theme on top of the new Opencart version. Images are not included in the backup, only database entires, in other words the path to your images so you need to make sure the image folder(s) are transferred in the exact same location.


hi, does it work on vDeck4 ? thanks

Hi, if the Opencart platform works on that, so does the Journal theme. Cheers!


terence81 Purchased

Hello this extension is the best. I have a question: Will you in future include a gift extension? I bought one, but it is not working with your theme. Thanks in advance.

Hi, unfortunately we can’t say that we will. Best bet is to consult with the extension developer to have it modified. Regards.


How can I remove the woman background image on Demo 2?


Hi, look in Headline Rotator module in Top or Bottom Position Settings > Background. Cheers!

hello, i follow your all documentation steps for install theme but i select journal2 dont save from admin system > please help why not save ?

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so our developers can investigate and assist you. Regards.

Just sold our first 100K in 1,5 years! Thank you journal!

1000K i mean.

That’s amazing, we wish you the best of luck and many more sales to come!

I’m the same user problem: Hamagawa up in my macbook pro – chrome not appear in the picture when I open the QuickView . My version of chrome is : Version 46.0.2467.2 dev (64- bit) . The same problem occurred in windows machine on my client.

Im getting this error when trying to checkout with under min order value Notice: Undefined index: custom_field in /home/tata1011/public_html/shop/catalog/model/journal2/checkout.php on line 665Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/tata1011/public_html/shop/catalog/model/journal2/checkout.php on line 385

I got the version 2.4 from my friend which is now installed and running smoothly on my store but now i intend to buy the theme myself so i can get the latest version 2.5, i want to be sure i wont loose all my store details and configuration if bought and installed on current 2.4?