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Hello! How to fix it, did not find the settings?

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to that page so our developers can assist you. Regards.

I have try journal source on other website, not purchase just for demo on localhost to my boss before I buy one for my company. The Seo URL friendly seem not work for Menu Mixed Mode for Category. I have side Category, work great with seo url, but Main Menu -> Mixed Mode -> Category still have “index.php?route=product/category&path=”

Hi, we can only provide support to verified buyers, please file a ticket on our support page. Regards.


rabtoy Purchased

I installed your theme in my existing site.After the installation site shows blank on front-end. I am using some modules here is the list of them : Ultimate Shipping / Power image manager / PDF invoice / Admin Quick edit pro / Questions & Answers pro / email template- advanced / Product bundles Pre order 2.2 / NotifyWhenAvailable 2.2.5. Don’t know exactly if any of them is affecting the theme framework. Please let me know what I have to do fix the issue asap. Also I tried your theme backup in fresh opencart backup it works fine. Only in my site it cause issue. Please advice me to fix the issue

Hi, 3rd party extensions are not guaranteed to work out of the box with custom themes so you may have to disable the ones which are causing incompatibility issues. You can also file a ticket on our support page with access to your store and our developers will tell you which ones are incompatible. You may then have to consult with the extension developers about making adjustments to the modules.


Is it possible to customize the Order Confirmation Page? We do not like the look of the standard page and think it should include the summary of what was ordered and a better style.

Hi, there aren’t any options in the admin for that, you’d have to consult with an Opencart developer to include more elements on that page. Or ask on the forum if some 3rd party extensions might exist for this. Regards.

need to update my journal theme, how do?

Hi, simply redownload the theme from your Themeforest downloads page and you’ll have the latest version. Regards.

I need help with setting my theme, display products and edit pages, if any one has idea please contact me I will pay for this services, please make an offer.

I apologize for DigitalAtelier support team for posting this request, but I need help immediately.

Thanks guys who contacted me, please make sure you have enough experience with Journal 2.

Hello journal 4 theme dont have currency and language section pls confirm??


The recent flyout menu is very nice addition to the theme, a suggestion if you can extend it more, to be able to add it to the main menu as a dropdown, so when entering other categories it will follow with, some examples is banggood . com or dx . com