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apaceit Purchased

Update Instructions at first Download the latest version from Themeforest it’s ok, Upload the 4 folders (admin, catalog, image, system) to my OpenCart installation replacing all existing Journal files. it’s ok But if i am replace this all file then, my old images folder and file. how to get? I can replace without images folder ? and have any problem ? pelase ….

Hi, your images or original Opencart files are not changed, only the theme files are transferred over so you won’t have any problem with your existing files.


Hi, how can I translate blog labels like “Posted by”, “Comment(s)”, Leave a Comment and etc ..

Hi, look in Journal > Settings > Blog > Blog Language. Cheers!


hooch Purchased

Hi, how to delete User Website Placeholder in blog comments?

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so our developers can assist you.



Biitnik Purchased

How do i get the slim sticky header looking always like it looks when page is scrolled down?

Hi, unfortunately that’s not possible without modifying the header files. Regards.

Hello.Just discovered your theme. Looks pretty big, but i have a specific requirement so i would like to get an answer to know wether i should buy it or not. Is it possible with your theme to build smth close to ??? Very looking forward to receiving your answer. thx

Hi, we can’t say you can replicate that look exactly but your have lots of control over your layout as this is the most customizable theme on the market, however we can’t guarantee certain layouts.


Is this theme user friendly? Can I preview the back end. I am a novice to making websites. I purchase a different template that was NOT user friendly and I was not able to use or modify it

Hi, yes it is user friendly but at the same time is the most advanced and customizable theme on the market. Check out these videos to get an idea of how Journal works before you decide. Cheers!

hi we need this theme by infinite scrolling because we have a lot products .. is this possible ? please keep us informed

so ? no answer ?

Hi, unfortunately that functionality is not available in the theme at this time.


Using v. 2.6.6. Postcode on quick checkout is not required by default. How can i fix this? Have checked most of the files, but can’t located the file which contain the string where the “required” is missing.

Hi, the post code is made required in the admin, look in System > Localisation > Countries > Edit > Post Code Required.


Oh.. That easy.. :) Searched within files for hours.. Knowledge is the power! Thank you!

hi, i’m already upgrade that theme, but i had problem when to add product . I can’t add product because doesn’t have any input field. can u solve my problem?

Hi, yes of course, if you can prove that 1you purchased the theme from Themeforest, our developers will help you right away, just file a ticket on our support page.



ckhaimun Purchased

Hi! My website become very slow when loading the images. Can you please have a look? My website is

Hi, you should file a ticket on our support page so our developers can assist you.



yubnub1 Purchased

Hi, I must say this theme is excellent and the support (if required) is fast and spot on. These guys know their own product so well. One “feature request” – could you make it so that the journal push options can work with Openstock/openbay. The push options look amazing, but at present welford media can no/will not patch their openstock module to be compatible with the push options. Therefore it means turning them off which takes away from the beutiful styling of the push buttons.

Thank you yubnub1 , we appreciate your feedback! Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the push options can be made compatible with that extension but we will look into it.

Thanks again!

I wanna ask a question about products carousels, what happens if we add for example 20 products to a carousel? are they displayed at once like 5 in each row or can we slide them to left to right automatically or via an arrow etc. ?

Hi, they slide in from out of the screen. You will only see 4 or 5 or however many you set to display per row in the viewport, the rest will be accessible via arrows. They can also slide in automatically.


How to re-design the My Account page look like the one on demo 3?

Hi, not sure exactly how you mean, please send some screenshots in a ticket on our support page. Cheers!

Well, I love the features of this theme. You have done a great job and I am about to buy this. Still, one important question : How does this theme perform in terms of page load speeds & overall performance in comparison with the default opencart theme? One of my top priorities is the page load speed. Can you help me out of tweaking the theme to perform the best in terms of pageload speeds?

Hi, considering how many features it adds on top of the default Opencart theme, it performs very well, just take our demos for a test drive.

We also have a powerful cashing system in place so make sure to check that out as well.


How do i Remove the store logo on mobile device?


Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so our developers can assist you.


Installation seo pack pro 8 journal blog’s SEO url will fail

Hi, blog SEO is based on the default Opencart SEO mechanism, we’re not sure how that extension modifies this mechanism, please file a ticket on our support page and our developers will tell you.


This is without doubt the greatest OpenCart theme ever! If anyone has any doubts about buying it, don’t. It functions perfectly and looks beautiful. 10/10.

Thanks for the feedback, neljan! I assume you must have purchased the theme with a different Themeforest account. In case you have any questions or need any assistance please use that account when communicating with us so that we know you’ve purchased the theme.

Thank you!