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Hi, how do I change the text for “I wish to subscribe to Newsletter” in quick checkout. Awesome theme by the way :)

Hi, thanks a lot! That’s coming from the Opencart language files, look in “catalog/language/english/checkout/checkout.php”



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Themeforest new item support: does it mean people have to pay extra support to pinpoint bugs?

Hi, yes but that’s only after 6 months have passed so there’s plenty of time to iron out potential issues. Updates are always FREE so if you report a bug we will fix it and you get the update for free anytime. Cheers!

well, this is ridiculous. Now customers have to pay to send feedbacks. lol.

That’s not true actually, you can always leave comments and report bugs and we will always fix them and you can always download theme updates for free.

There is still a problem with the new Chrome, category images are missing. Need a fix really fast.

And Yess i have updated to the new version an hour ago

Hi, it’s been fixed in 2.6.3, try to update the theme again making sure all files are uploaded properly. Cheers!

Hi, I’m testing your theme on my multistore opencart.

My main store is working great with journal2. However, for my second store, if I remove or disable the module for example carousel, the module will also being remove from my main store.

How can I update my second store theme without affecting the main store theme?


Hi, modules are added to layouts so you have to first create a custom layout for your other store and then add the module to that layout.

This process is not part of our theme, this is how Opencart works. Refer to this post for more info:



The product and category images are suddenly gone.

What’s up?

Please need a fix ASAP.

Hi, it’s been fixed already, update to the latest theme version.

Hello what are the minimum requirements for the server to run a shop with 2000 items normally thanks

Hi, a VPS is recommended, that’s what we have on our demos. Other than that you can ask for more specific requirements on the forum. Cheers!

Hi, I am currently using another theme. But I have setup a second shop through multi-store. If I purchase this theme for the second shop, is it compatible for my second shop and not affect my main shop’s theme?

Hi, we’re not sure if your theme supports that but Journal does. In other words you can have Journal on one store and the default Opencart theme on a different multi-store. Regards.

Thanks! Will purchase!

after updating to latest version .3, i got installation error. Nothing helped. Reverting to .2 version fixed the issue

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so our developers can assist you. Regards.

hi dear my site is not showing images on the product page in chrome browser only in the rest its ok. please assist me what should i do