Journal - Advanced Opencart Theme

Journal - Advanced Opencart Theme


Journal is the ultimate OpenCart theme with best in class features and more than 2000 editable options giving you total control over your store. Journal can be as simple and clean or as complex and colorful as you want it to be.


Compatible with Opencart: 1.5.4.x / 1.5.5.x / 1.5.6.x / 2.0.x /








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    Finally, a flexible category menu that lets you build complex navigation systems with custom items or existing categories, or sub-categories. All you have to do is name your menu items whatever you want, then add sub-menus consisting of other custom items (with custom links) or existing categories. You can create unlimited nested sub-categories and they will be displayed in a multiple-level drop-down menu. You have full control over what categories you want to show in your menu.

    Choose from 1220px wide screen layout offering more room for everything or standard 980px width, showing more of the background. Both options are ultra responsive all the way down to 320px.

    Create unlimited fullscreen backgrounds or slideshow modules and place them anywhere on your site. (Different backgrounds on different pages). You can position modules globally on all pages, or on a page by page basis. You can have Fullscreen Backgrounds on some pages, and a nice pattern on others. The module offers 8 transition effects, timing and autoplay options. Every module instance has its own transitions and settings. You can create custom layouts for every individual product or category and place a different module on any particular page. You have total control over your store’s backgrounds!

    Tired of the same old “Featured, Specials, etc” modules you find in every theme? Finally, you can create your own custom product sections and name them whatever you want. You can add any number of products to any of them and place unlimited modules with different sets of products on different pages. One module instance can have one single section or as many as you can fit on the page. You can still use the standard OpenCart modules (Featured, Specials, Bestsellers, etc.) if you want to, now you just have more control over your products.

  • \\
    Modify any of the provided skins and save your changes as your very own custom skins. Customize and save every setting from the control panel, including colors, background patterns, fonts and even any custom code. Endless creative possibilities!

    Responsive Camera slider module with 24 transitions editable from the Admin Panel. Place multiple modules on any page. (Top sliders, Side Column banners, etc) Every module instance has its own transitions and settings. The slider module is not constrained by the main content width and can accommodate any image dimensions. You can make a 2000px wide slider and it will stretch the full width of the window, scaling down proportionally if you resize the browser.

    Place any number of promo banners on any page. Modules can have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or any number of images per row.

    The discount badge automatically calculates the % difference between the old price and the new price. You can customize font, font options, color and background color.

    We’ve included the option to have incremental buttons on the product quantity input box, as well as the ability to replace the select list for product sizes with buttons to save your users unnecessary clicks. Check out the product page. All these are optional from the Control Panel.

    Change nearly every element’s color or background color from the Control Panel.
    Transparent colors are supported. This is very useful for hiding and showing certain elements. Just leave any color’s field empty and that item becomes transparent.

    Choose from millions of patterns readily available on the web. You can add background patterns to Body, Header, Main Content, Side Module and Footer to create unique and distinct looks.

    Choose from over 600 Google fonts. You can fine tune sizes, weights, styles and text-transforms on over 20 individual elements for ultimate control over your typography.

  • \\
    Use the default OpenCart top menus or create your own with custom icons. You can create static announcements like phone numbers or hyperlinks. Additional custom menus and sub-menus can be added to the main navigation bar, appended after the OpenCart category menus.

    Social icons with optional Facebook Like Box. Custom contacts sections with custom icons. Custom HTML text block. Custom payment cards and custom copyright notice.

    Sky’s the limit with the ability to add custom code to your site. You can customize absolutely everything to your liking with custom CSS or Javascript. And best of all, it’s all saved on a per skin basis giving you the possibility to create unlimited themes, drastically different from one another.

    Get going fast with our extensive documentation and quick response support system.



Journal comes with a very powerful admin panel where you can customize hundreds of settings. Change nearly every element’s color and choose from over 600 Google fonts to create unique combinations and save your creations as custom skins instantly.


This is not a scaled up slider to 1920px or any fixed dimensions, this is true fullscreen from edge to edge, always fitting your images proportionally within your screen. This is a module, you can place it on any layout, not just the home page. Moreover, we’ve realized the need to have the same fullscreen module on ALL existing layouts without having to add modules to each layout, thus creating the Global layout, which places the module on all pages in your site. There are 8 transitions to choose from (each modules has its own settings) and the ability to turn it off on mobile devices in order to preserve valuable resources.



Finally, a new and better way to showcase your products on any page. Each Custom Sections module is comprised of one or multiple sections that each contain its own set of products. You’re not limited by the “Featured” or “Special” or “Latest” modules anymore. You can name your modules “Popular”, “Sale”, “New Arrivals” or whatever you like and attach any products you want to them. When a module with multiple sections is added to a page and one of the sections is clicked on, all products assigned to that section will filter in view, while all others will hide, with smooth css animations. Click on the image below to check out the Admin Panel for this module.







Images used in the demo are not included with the purchased item.


Update instructions are found in the Documentation.

v. 2.6.7 – November 23, 2015

  • Fixed an issue with Journal Push Options selectors
  • Fixed an issue with Google ReCaptcha in the Popup module
  • Fixed an issue with the Recently Viewed module on OC 1.5.x
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.6.6 – November 12, 2015

  • Updated Google Fonts library
  • Fixed an issue with the date picker option
  • Fixed an issue with main menu category images
  • Fixed a voucher issue in the Quick Checkout
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.6.5 – October 8, 2015

  • Added OC 2.1.x compatibility. NOTE: The new Opencart version has been considerably changed and the upgrade script is buggy so you may encounter various database errors not related to the theme. You can file a ticket on our support page or look for posted solutions on the Opencart forum
  • Added support for product modules to display related products on blog post pages.
  • Fixed an issue with SuperFilter price slider on touch devices
  • Fixed an issue with the Custom Sections “Default Section” option
  • Fixed an issue with the Mobile Detect class
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.6.4 – September 16, 2015

  • Redesigned the Disable on Mobile / Desktop mechanism to also include tablets. This will reset the previous Disable on Mobile options to OFF. You can now turn them ON/OFF independently via the new Enable on: Phone/Tablet/Desktop mechanism.
  • Added tooltips to the Push Image Options to display the option name
  • Fixed a Quick Checkout issue with the date/time picker
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.6.3 – September 3, 2015

  • Fixed an issue with the main product image on the latest Chrome update (v.45)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.6.2 – August 27, 2015

  • Added text align option in the Header Notice module
  • Added “Random” option in the Text Rotator module
  • Fixed checkout issue with products having files as options
  • Other css fixes and improvements

v. 2.6.1 – August 18, 2015

  • Fixed an issue with text captions letter spacing in Revolution Slider
  • Fixed an issue with company ID in Quick Checkout
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.6.0 – August 11, 2015

  • Added Flyout Menu module. See documentation entry.
  • Added language based caption positioning for the Revolution Slider. This helps to better position text captions when word length differs from language to language.
  • Fixed some small issues with the Quick Checkout
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.5.5 – July 11, 2015

  • Added Title Align option for the Popup module
  • Fixed an issue with shipping costs in the Quick Checkout
  • Fixed an issue with default customer address in the Quick Checkout
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements
v. 2.5.4 – June 17, 2015
  • Added “Header Notice” module which can be used for Cookie Law or other messages. The module renders above the header.
  • Added “View Cart” and “Checkout” buttons to the Add to Cart Notification
  • Added Carousel Mode option to the Banners module
  • Added new stop positions for the Sticky Header, “Full” and “Menu”.
  • Added possibility to change next/previous image in the Photo Gallery large image by clicking on the left/right halves of the screen.
  • Other fixes and improvements

v. 2.5.3 – June 9, 2015

  • Fixed issues with tax rates in Quick Checkout
  • Fixed an issue with saved addresses in Quick Checkout
  • Other Quick Checkout fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue with CK Editor vertical scrollbar
  • Added option for input fields on the Price Filter
  • Added “Disable on Desktop” option to the slider modules
  • Other general fixes and improvements

v. 2.5.2 – May 26, 2015

  • Fixed an issue with custom fields in Quick Checkout
  • Other Quick Checkout fixes and improvements
  • Added multi-language images to the Text Rotator

v. 2.5.1 – May 22, 2015

  • Fixed Quick Checkout issues with default shipping and payment methods
  • Other small fixes and improvements

v. 2.5.0 – May 13, 2015

  • Added option to remove non-required fields (Fax, Company, Address 2
  • Added more checkout styling options (page background, padding)
  • Fixed Quick Checkout issue with customer group
  • Other Quick Checkout fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue with blog category pagination
v. 2.5.0-dev – May 11, 2015
  • Added Journal Quick Checkout (One-page). See documentation entry.
  • Fixed an issue with current product showing up in People Also Bought module
  • Fixed an issue with fixed product labels in Quickview
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.12 – April 14, 2015

  • Fixed an issue with Bootstrap modal windows
  • Fixed an issue with the new Google reCaptcha in Opencart
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.11 – April 8, 2015

  • Fixed an issue with category image dimensions
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with Opencart
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.10 – April 2, 2015

  • Added Opencart compatibility
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.9 – March 26, 2015

  • Added “Disable on Desktop” option – now entire menu systems or modules can be built specifically for mobile or desktop
  • Added sort order for custom products in Carousel and Custom Sections modules
  • Added Maintenace page styling options in Settings > Global > Pages > Maintenace Page
  • Updated Google Fonts library with the newest font additions
  • Updated ShareThis button list with the newest button additions
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.8 – Feb 27, 2015

  • Added Blog Posts / Blog Categories Multi-Store functionality
  • Added Blog comments logged-in user support
  • Fixed issue with Text Rotator image
  • Other fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.7 – Feb 19, 2015

  • Added Recently Viewed module type
  • Added Most Viewed module type
  • Added time in/out options to the Popup module – can now open and auto-close popup after predefined time
  • Added option to move product page title on the right above the options
  • Added blog category page meta data options
  • Added module title option for the Text Rotator module.
  • Fixed specification tab color settings for OC2
  • Fixed issue with sitemap when Journal blog is not active
  • Other fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.6 – Jan 27, 2015

  • Fixed issue with blog categories sorting
  • Fixed blog name in Opencart sitemap
  • RSS Feed improvements
  • Other fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.5 – Jan 20, 2015

  • Added Blog RSS Feed
  • Added Blog Categories to Opencart Sitemap
  • Other important fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.4 – Jan 5, 2015

  • Added styling options for page title at the category page
  • Fixed issue with Page Split settings for Opencart 2.x
  • Fixed issue with auto-update option price
  • Fixed issue with Add to Cart for out of stock products on the Compare page
  • Fixed issue with config file in Opencart 2.x
  • Other important fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.3 – Dec 17, 2014

  • Fixed issue with image manager in CK-Editor for Opencart 2.x
  • Fixed issue with image resizing algorithm in Opencart 2.x

v. 2.4.2 – Dec 15, 2014

  • Fixed in issue with blog seo urls for Opencart 2.x
  • Fixed issue gap on search page for Opencart 2.x
  • Other fixes and improvements

v. 2.4.1 – Dec 12, 2014

  • Fixed 2 compatibility errors for Opencart 2.x
  • Fixed issue with Newsletter email not being cleared from input field

v. 2.4.0 – Dec 11, 2014

  • Added Journal for Opencart 2.x
  • Fixed an issue with popup module on mobile
  • Other fixes and improvements

v. 2.3.3 – Nov 17, 2014

  • Added individual Push Options at the product page
  • Added information page separate font settings
  • Added product page separate title settings
  • Fixed empty gap issue at the search page
  • Fixed issue with image not found error
  • Other important fixes and improvements

v. 2.3.2 – Nov 7, 2014

  • Fixed an issue with image resize
  • Fixed an issue with missing classes on Quickview
  • Blog styles for default skins

v. 2.3.1 – Nov 4, 2014

  • Added Multilanguage images to the Fullscreen Slider module
  • Added “Send Enquiry” functionality to the product grid/list Add to Cart buttons
  • Fixed image stretching issue
  • Fixed issue with blog author name at post page
  • Other important fixes

v. 2.3.0 – Nov 2, 2014

  • Added Journal Blog. See documentation entry.
  • Added Multilanguage Images for Sliders and Banners modules.
  • Added Contact Form functionality to Popup module. See documentation entry (Contact Form section)
  • Added ability to open any Popup module from buttons or links. See documentation entry (Buttons & Links section).
  • Added ability for Add to Cart button at the product page to be replaced with “Send Enquiry” type buttons that can open a Popup module with a contact form. See documentation entry (Description / Enquiry section).
  • Added ability to use any Product Tab as the original product description (hides the original descripion in the tabs area to allow for different placement).
  • Added option to show the number of products sold at the product page. Settings > Product Page > Product Details > Product Stats > Sold Count.
  • Added “Push Select” feature for checkboxes, radio buttons and images for product options at the product page.
  • Fixed Cloud Zoom issue with the fist image not loading the larger size.
  • Fixed Quickview issue with Brand link.
  • Fixed issue with SuperFilter multilanguage tag fix.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

v. 2.2.5 – Aug 20, 2014

  • Fixed an issue with Cloud Zoom image source and upgraded the cloud zoom script.
  • Fixed a Countdown issue related to server timezone
  • Added individual color/hover options to buttons in Popup module
  • Other minor fixes

v. 2.2.4 – Aug 13, 2014

  • Added Popup module. Read documentation entry
  • Added Countdown feature for specials. Read documentation entry
  • Added Today’s Specials option to modules. This will only show products with specials expiring the same day. Can create “Deals of the Day” type modules.
  • Added external Cloud Zoom option
  • Added option to show the brand image at the product page Settings > Product Page > Product Details > Product Stats > Brand Image
  • Added option to include “product description” in search auto-suggest results
  • Added Super Filter tags alphabetical sort
  • Fixed Super Filter price slider touch/drag on mobile
  • Fixed issue with photo gallery carousel in autoplay with images open.
  • Fixed issue with revolution slider height
  • Fixed issue with revolution slider video play
  • Fixed issue with Google Fonts on Journal cache
  • Fixed issue with mobile menu +/- button change
  • More minor fixes and optimizations

v. 2.2.3 – July 7, 2014

  • Added Newsletter subscriber list with Unsubscribe & CSV export options
  • Added lazy load on images
  • SuperFilter improvements
  • More general fixes and optimizations

v. 2.2.2 – June 26, 2014

  • Fixed issue with Also Bought module with Caching System
  • Fixed issue with Fixed background image
  • Fixed issue with Side Block button dimensions
  • Fixed issue with photo gallery image not found
  • SuperFilter fixes
  • More general fixes and optimizations

v. 2.2.1 – June 15, 2014

  • Added Newsletter custom message fields (Setting > Modules > Newsletter)
  • Added Search Autocomple custom item limit with link to the search page
  • Added Pause on Hover to Text and Headline Rotators
  • Fixed issue with Latest products source
  • Fixed Multistore issue with the caching system
  • Fixed Product Compare count issue

v. 2.2 – June 9, 2014

  • 10 skins added to the admin
  • Added Advanced Grid module – can combine other modules (banners + revolution sliders) into different split grid ratios.
  • Added Newsletter module
  • Added Side Products module
  • Added “Mixed” section type in the main menu – can now combine content from the 4 different sources (categories, products, brands, html)
  • Added Import/Export mechanism for backing up your theme
  • Superfilter fixes
  • Improved Revolution Slider text captions
  • Other general fixes and improvements

v. 2.1.4 – May 8, 2014

  • Fixed an issue with main menu columns width
  • Fixed an issue with product tabs overlapping the container

v. 2.1.3 – May 5, 2014

  • Added MultiStore mechanism to skins
  • Improved mobile performance
  • Added Tags section to SuperFilter
  • Changed Fullscreen Slider engine to Supersized plugin (better performance)
  • Added more font settings (product page ex tax + options, checkout headings)
  • Added Site Map custom style options
  • Updated Blog Manager styles and vqmod xml
  • Fixed Quickview overlay issue on Chrome
  • Fixed “Random from Category” issue
  • Fixed z-index issue with header cart
  • Various other fixes and improvements

v. 2.1.2 – April 13, 2014

  • Fixed Caching System issue with combined js file name
  • Fixed contact page issue
  • Fixed an issue with Catalog Mode (add to cart and price)
  • More minor css fixes

v. 2.1.1 – April 11, 2014

  • Fixed Google font issue with minifier
  • Fixed fullwidth modules issue
  • Fixed centering issue with main menu (Table mode)

v. 2.1 – April 10, 2014

  • Added Page Caching System – Read documentation entry
  • Added new header type “Mega” with logo on the left and larger search bar in the center
  • Added new Main Menu type “Float” – can now position menu items on the left or right side
  • Added additional Catalog Mode options
  • Added Pause on Hover to Revolution Slider
  • Added Main Menu category image position options + links to html titles
  • Added Main Menu category image position options + links to html titles
  • Added individual image sizes to Main menu, Carousel and Custom Sections with Fit/Crop option.
  • Added support for up to 10 items per row in the Items per Row editor
  • Added custom dimensions to Side Block buttons
  • Fixed Blog Manager comments issue
  • Various other fixes and improvements

v. 2.0 – March 10, 2014 Initial release of Journal 2

v. 1.0 – March 13, 2013 Initial release of Journal 1