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The website is not compatable with WPML, but can I use the multisite plugin for wodpress? This one—http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network

I’m not sure. You would have to test it yourself. I do not provide support for 3rd party plugins.

How Do I remove the sidebar on a specific page?


Is this templates still supported, and in active development phase (like any plan for future update or so)?

There aren’t likely to be any future updates. If you are interested in similar themes that have been recently updated, please check out our other themes.

Hi there, I’ve a problem when I set the photos align left or right, that they lay above the text. So You see a few letters only half, because the photo/grafic is above it. Here’s a little screenshot to see what I mean: http://lydeke.info/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/screenshot-align-left.png

Any idea how to solve the problem?

Best regards and thanks for the awesome theme. :)


Add: This problem exists only if the photo/graphic is linked. If I remove the link it looks normal… :-/

Sorry it’s me again. I’ve a question we already had here, but I can not find the answer I’m looking for. :)

I’d like to have the featured images on the front page but not in the single posts. I searched through the web and find the info to delete:

<?php if ( (function_exists(‘has_post_thumbnail’)) && (has_post_thumbnail()) ) { the_post_thumbnail(array( 200,200 ), array( ‘class’ => ‘post_thumbnail’ )); } ?>

... in the single.php . But I can not find this section in the single.php .

It would be awesome if you could help me to solve it.

Lots of thanks and best regards

JÆY :)

When I post a video in a posting, I get this message:

Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/edens-lys.dk/public_html/wp-content/themes/journal/functions/helpers.php on line 112

And the video does not show. Any ideas why?

OK, problem already solved. Just use the iframe code and not the http link in, that’s all. Great theme!


How do I remove the sidebar from this theme and resize the content section so it is the full width of the page?

You can remove the sidebar by removing the call to sidebar.php and then adjust the CSS styles of the post content to full width like “pages” are.

load more posts fail after 5-6 pages

something loop

What error are you seeing?

Hey! Updated my client’s WP to 4.1.1 and it shows “Internal Server Error”. WP-admin works fine. The site is up when I deactivate your theme (only then).

To be honest, the site was not working even a few days before 4.1.1 update. Error logs on the server show nothing (timeout without error code).

I’ve deactivate all the plugins installed and still doesn’t work, so as I suppose it’s not plugins fault it seems like theme error.

What can be a reason of this? Could you give me any solution? I can provide any information for you.

Please respond, it’s an urgent matter. Thank you in advance. Lucas

Could you email me the login credentials to your site? I’ll take a look.

Hey, thanks for a quick response! I’ve just uninstalled and installed Journal again. I’ve lost some things but that’s not a problem and it works fine finally.

The only one issue I need is that: I have a subsite with one short article and comments below. But the theme is not showing anything apart the article. Comments are missing but I can see all of them in WP admin. And again, when I switch the theme to another, all the comments are there.

Where should I search a solution? Thanks.

There’s probably a PHP error or a JavaScript error if you have a plugin enabled. I can take a look if you have a URL handy.


EMerz Purchased

Hi Alex! I love your theme so much, I have had it for quite some time now on http://blog.evamerz.com ! Lately, I haven’t been able to click through the little thumbnails in the gallery posts with Google Chrome when I’m in the grid view. Is there a fix for that? The only way you can see more than the first image in the Gallery is clicking on the post so it is the post page and then using your keyboard arrows, clicking on the small images doesn’t work. What can I do?

Hi! I bought and installed he theme yesterday but unfortunately the gallery function doesn’t work. When I chose an image that I want to add to the gallery, the “pop-up” window gets white and nothing happens. I am using the most recent version of Wordpress. Do you know what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance, Gregor

I’m having difficulty with on both Safari and Chrome with the gallery post function. The dialog box pops up when I click upload image, then takes me to the upload window where I can upload from my computer, URL or browse the Media Library. When I go to the media library and choose an image, clicking “Use this Image,” the dialog box goes white and nothing happens beyond that. Do you have any suggestions?


kaapso Purchased

Hi, the theme seems no longer to work with the newest WordPress version. My website isn’t available since the new update. I tried to re-install the theme but it does no longer open and my theme runs on 500/504. My webhost tried a much more intensive theme and it worked well. Any idea how to fix the issue?

Best regards