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This is really nice Alex – good luck with sales bud.


Amazing theme, good luck with sales ! ;)

Nice theme… Documentation page says: “Purchase Journal for $35” but price ise $45? ;)


It was a placeholder before the theme was reviewed.

2 more questions…

1) Any thumblr version of this theme? Plan? 2) Update for missing contact page?


No Tumblr version. And no need for a dedicated contact form when you have the super awesome Contact Form 7 plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7/). You can do way more with it than any theme will offer by default. Just create your form and drop the shortcode into any page.

:) 3) Any options for social share buttons on main page and detailed view?


This is a wonderful plugin by ThemeZilla called ZillaShare: http://www.themezilla.com/plugins/zillashare/

Very nice theme, Alex. Good luck with sales!

Nice work Alex!

question: Does this themes support HTML5 audio ?


Not self-hosted, no. Or at least not in the post’s header (could still put it in the post body). May come in a future update if the demand is there.


There is something special about your theme, that I really like… but I have a few questions before decide to buy it or not:

1) Is it possible to fix the header? As we scroll down? 2) I would love this design with 3 columns instead of 2… possible? 3) Auto-loading of new posts as we scroll down instead load more button?



Would you be available to hire to do the change?


Absolutely. Please contact me through my profile’s contact form regarding any customization work after purchasing the theme.


I’ve sent you an message through your profile.

I’ve decided to buy your theme… but would still like about the changes.


Awesome job. Really nicely done.

Is it possible to make the picture to link to the post when you click on it? Now you show the picture but want to link it to the post if you understand.


Yup, there’s an option for that. By default, image and gallery posts expand into the lightbox and standard posts continue to full post but you can change that on a per-post basis from the options provided.

Looks good bud. Good luck with sales!

Does this theme have any built in slideshow for sticking images in fullwidth in the top of the blog?

Bizarrely, the colour overlay on my install shows about ten pixels too wide on hover on images in posts (not the headers).

When I look at your demo of the theme (with the pinkish overlay: http://themes.pixelb.in/journal/documentation/) the overlay stays within the borders of the inline image?

Any ideas what might be causing that?


Strange indeed. Could you provide a link to where this is happening and also, what browser and OS are you on?


Wow, speedy response!

A good example would be:


Does the same on Safari on Mountain Lion and IE9 on Windows 7 (although colour comes out as black on IE9).


What do you think the odds are that you’ll ever incorporate a paging system for the thumbnails?

It would be a super-neat addition. As only having a set number of thumbnail visible is slightly limiting my use of what is otherwise a fantastically nicely implemented feature.

Thanks again for your responses, I’m stoked that your an author that cares about their client’s.


It’s actually not up to me but rather the FlexSlider plugin I am using. It simply doesn’t allow for such functionality without essentially doubling each gallery (having 2 galleries running for every one) which would seriously slow down the page if you have a number of gallery posts on one page.

I could theoretically implement this for you but it would have to be a paid customization; it simply doesn’t fall under theme support, I’m afraid. If you’re interested, please contact me through my profile’s contact form, otherwise, I’m sorry I can’t be of any more help.


That fixed it beautifully. Thanks!

Will consider the option of a paid customisation.

Thanks again.

i hafta say, i think this is one of the nicer / more multi-functional “minimalist / tumblog” themes i’ve seen yet.


I appreciate your kind words.

ashimdey Purchased

Hi, I just bought this theme as I have been waiting for something like this for my photography site.

1. The logo, somehow is behaving kinky. The uploaded logo, the site title and the theme logo are all mixed up. Pls have a look at


and let me know the fix quickly.

I have made my logo to the size of 25pxX76px. Even with a logo of another size, the same issue happens. This is across browsers.

2. Also the accent color (Orange) is working only in Chrome. IE and Safari are showing the theme’s default of Blue.

Thanks in anticipation,



Hi Ashim,

Yes, you’re right, the logo does look funky. Please e-mail me through my contact form on my profile so I can send you the updated files while I upload an update to the theme.

I was not able to reproduce the accent color issue you mentioned. It appears as your selected color (orange) on Chrome, latest Safari, and IE9. What versions are you using?

Amazing theme, i want to buy it please HELP ME, I have a PayPal account, i have deposit a 50$ on it, and i can’t to buy, it message me: Return to merchant and try a different payment method We are not able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please return to the merchant’s website and try using a different payment method (if available).

I don’t have a debit card only PayPal acc with money, how i can purchase ? Please Help me, i Need It.


I am sorry, I don’t think there is anything I can personally do for you. Please try contacting Envato Support at http://support.envato.com and see if they can help you.


Which method are you using? Deposit to Envato or direct payment through PayPal? Try using the method you’re not currently using.

thank you, i was trying aboth of them, i’ve write to tech support of themeforest, and to support of Paypal :D Now i can just wait, waiting is terrible for me, i need this great theme :)))


Thank you for your patience and support. I’m sure one of them will be able to solve your problem if you already have the money ready to go in your PayPal!


I have it :) it was a paypal problem, thank you for your fast reaction. Wish you a lot of sales ;-)


But i have some problems with install ((

Oh God i have an another problem :((((, i’ve installed the theme via documentation, i have some small experience with installing, but now i have everything ok expect main page :( PLease give me some advice www.creativelife.cz