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looks really cool …

purple is my favourite ;D

looks great :)

I’m glad you guys like it !

I added a fully working contact form with both Javascript and PHP validation !

When I try to change the style with the style switcher I have to click both of the other choices before it changes. I just tried your live demo and its not acting like that, can you check your download file?

Disregard my last comment, it was Coda’s preview that was doing that!

Good to hear it turned out ok. By the way, the style switcher is only there to help people preview the styles, it’s not supposed to be used on a live website.

If you plan to do that (and if I have the time !) I’ll add some improvements to it (such as a loading screen while the new stylesheet loads).

Ya I think the style sheet switcher makes the site so much cooler! It would be cool if the chosen style was stored in a cookie so when they went to a new page it stayed the same.

Love your stuff, 5 out of 5 stars and a post on my blog coming soon!

Good point about the cookie. I’m also looking for a way to know when the new stylesheet’s background images have finished loading.

maximedt Purchased

Hello, Good template. I would like delete table border, how I can make that ? Thanks and sorry for my English ^^...

PS : cookie is a good idea yes !

maximedt, what do you mean table border? This template does not use any tables.

I started a thread in the forums regarding a cookie to save the color choice:

Click here for the thread

Cookie support is now built in !

Any chance of getting the live demo to work?