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Hi I have a few things I cant figure out: (i followed the instructions and imported both files, but I got the message Failed to import “Incorrect Use of wp_register_script()”: Invalid post type deprecated_log) I dont know if that is causing all these problems or not.

1. The pages dont change when I click on the menu buttons, it comes up with the loading circles then stays on ‘home’

2. Along with that, there is not animation, sliding from one page to another.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

This is where I am building my site btw!/splash

interested in purchasing but have an issue…

On my iPhone, I click services (or any menu item) and it requires me to scroll down to see the content. Is this normal? I imagine older people visiting this will not understand to scroll. Are there options for different navigation styles?

Hmm. I don’t understand… The mobile phone is too narrow and you need to scroll down to see the content

It should jump to anchor? How about a drawer menu option?

Unfortunately, it isn’t realized


I just purchased this theme and was having some problems.

I followed the documentation, and everything works out fine except when I import, one thing fails.

“Failed to import “Incorrect Use of wp_register_script()”: Invalid post type deprecated_log”

My site only has the menu headers, but nothing else.


Please help.

Hello, open the ticket please and provide me admin access. I’ll help you

hey I’m thinking about buying this theme but I dont really like the blog layout. am i able to change it?

Hi, unfortunately our theme has just one type of blog, but if you want you can hire a programmer as freelancer and he add another view

I just realized, after having this theme for a couple of months, that the email form isn’t working. Any reason for this?

Hi, open a ticket please and I’ll help you

I just bought the Theme and I am pretty happy with it. At the moment I am working me thru the menus. Know I am at the point to put some Resume-files in… The problem at the moment is that the video is not starting (the window opens and nothing happens). The video is linked to youtube. Any Ideas?

Cheers Florian

Hi, Florian. Open a ticket and I will help you

Can I add an additional page to the menu?

No, it’s not possible. But you can create an inside page within this theme.

Just wondering what changed at the update on 19 October 13?

Thanks for the fast reply…. How do I update the theme (my website)?

Florian, we have already made update on your server. You don’t need make any changes

Ah ok :-) THANKS!

hello, great theme. is it possible to have a few custom pages instead of f.e. portfolio and services? (it doesnt say that in the documentation) Thanks!!

Thx m8!! Any instructions on how to make custom pages?

Sure. Open a ticket please here I will show you screenshots

just done it. thanks!

I am thinking about buying your theme for WP, and have a question about social media buttons. Is there a way I can add additional social media icons / buttons? There are 2 academic social networks – and ResearchGate – that I need to link to, and need to know before I purchase if there is a way I can either get social media buttons that will point to them (in addition to Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Thank you!

Hi, I can help you to change current icons with yours, not add. Also I notice what this template is very restricted. It’s best for people who needs just replace texts and images

I’ve posted a support ticket regarding a flaw in the code for social media links, as well as an issue I’m having in uploading an image to About page.

You may find it here:

Other than these kinks, I love the template. Thank you for your help! :)

Hi, insert links without http://

The blog is not working? How to fix it give an error page?

Hi, create the Blog page. If you still have diffculties open a ticket and provide admin access, I will help you

hello can i safely update to wp 3.9 ?

Hi, Which font did you use for the front page, I’m curious and lazy since I don’t want to test them all.

thanks in advance :)

In the logo the big text is Merriweather, small one is Ubuntu.

Hi, Thanks a lot! Now, I get on my first page (home screen) the ‘resume’ and ‘get in touch’ fields. I have no idea how to change this.

Would you like to help me?

Thanks in advance

Please open a ticket on and we’ll help you.


I’m really interested in buying this theme but there is just one thing I would change and if It can be done then I will go ahead and purchase this theme.

On the services page where it give you a number out of 10 for your skills. Would it be possible to change it to a % instead ?? So instead of having 6/10 you would have 60%

Hi, sure, you can write 60%, but i notice that the template is narrow. You can use no more sections than we have

HI there.

(1) how do you get rid of the twitter feed at the bottom of the pages. (2) everytime a page opens.. it covers the logo. How do I fix that?


Hello. Please submit a ticket on

Hi there i want to buy your theme for my portfolio. I am confused is it 100 % responsive or not ? and is there any demo content .xml file included ? and is it 100 n% working ? if everything OK I will buy one. I hope I am hearing from you very shortly. Thanks

Thanks for your reply. I need exact that i am looking there. not flexible means ?

You can’t add new pages.

oho ,, thats a problem

Hi i want to buy this theme but first of all can you help me with this problem im using wordpress to build my website but when i type the name of the company on google it shows something strange. If i type control payroll on google in the middle of the page it says :| Personal vCard WordPress Theme( in blue letters in big). Under that text it says . How can i edit the text:| Personal vCard WordPress Theme in something else. If you solve my problem i will instantly buy this theme. i wont with this problem because its annoying and people cant find my website. THANKS A LOT

By the way i have already bought it now but can you answer my question above here;also(Personal vCard WordPress Theme( in blue letters in big). Under that text it says . How can i edit the text:| Personal vCard WordPress Theme in something else)

Hi, open a ticket please here


Lukeken Purchased

Hey, every time I enter into my website, it redirects to …/#!/splash. How can I close this redirection?


Lukeken Purchased

Hello, how to turn off the Theme settings tab in front page?


Lukeken Purchased

I did just now, Hope you can solve it soon, Really appreciate it