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hi there,

the theme is looking good and i want to buy it but i have few questions.

1) It supports new wordpress 4.3 ?

2) it supports SEO on all the pages if i use yoast SEO ?



hi thank you very much for your reply. What i meant by SEO is that i should be able to put different keywords / meta description and title on each page using the SEO plugins. Can you check with your theme if its possible please ?. I need to buy it as i really liked it.



Also do you provide test data to be imported in to the theme ?

hi vishal yes you can do it with SEO plugin. yes sure we provide demo content xml to be used. you will just need to login into our support page FAQ, you will find link for demo xml.

Thank you

Hi, my website is After i update to the latest version, i cannot get my company slogan and name on the homepage back. Also, on ipad version, one of the menu is positioned lower, is there any solution? please help with thanks!

hi ashleybaby, do you mean you don’t have option to change it again? its on page that having template front slider.

Thank you

ok thanks

you are welcome :)

Hi, I recently requested the demo content file which you gave very swiftly – much appreciated. The only thing is now, I deleted the dummy images on the portfolio section and tried to upload my own images but it shows up blank, can you have a look please as it’s very urgent!

hi imran_07, please put your question on our support forum at

it will be easier for us to help you right there.

Thank you


siusang Purchased

how to make the Front Slider orders? is it order by date or what? thank you.

hi siusang, please go to jphotolio admin panel > page setting > front slider > Arrange Front Slider. Here is where you can order your front slider.

Thank you

I set this up ages ago, and now I can’t remember how to change the info in the signature of my blog posts – I need to update my address. Help please!

hisparky19081985, which signature do you mean? on contact form?

hi sparky19081985, we notice that you are not using our themes to for building those website.

Thank you


rjugon Purchased

Hi There,

Love the theme (which is obviously why I purchased it) However, one thing I’ve realised is that the video file which I have on the front page will not play on mobile and tablet devices. It will only show pictures. Is this the case or have I just set it up incorrectly? Obviously I would like the video to play on mobile and tablets, it would be a real shame if this wasn’t possible.

hi rjugon, yes we disable this feature for some reason. the problem on mobile device is when you play video, it will overlay everything. so you unable to click any link and it cause much more problem because people need to wait until video finished till they can browse the website normally. That is why we remove those feature, and only showing image on mobile.

Thank you

Hi, I can’t find any helpful info on wordpress threads. With your theme installed, I am getting errors about page speed:

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Your page has 12 blocking script resources and 15 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.

None of the above-the-fold content on your page could be rendered without waiting for the following resources to load. Try to defer or asynchronously load blocking resources, or inline the critical portions of those resources directly in the HTML.

Does this have anything to do with coding in your theme? I’m sure others have this problem, even with other themes. Do you know what I can do to solve this?

hi felishag, its notice from google page speed right? unfortunately it will be very hard for WordPress themes to pass this. because it will need to have revamp how WordPress work. if i talk about technical, it will need Javascript & CSS to be rendered asynchronously. im not saying its impossible, but for themes starter like what we sales, it will be very hard to do it. you will need per page css setup to achieve prefect result on google page speed.

Thank you


anian25 Purchased

Hello is there a way to have specific html code on each page. I want to have a check availability link in the footer of each page

hi anian25, can you please send your question on our support forum at We are not doing any support on themeforest thread. but we do it on our support forum instead.

Thank you

I love this theme, I do have a question though.

Masonry layout in particular

1. What happens if I have hundreds of photos/videos? is there a Load more button that allows it to be manageable and not overload the page..?

hi mapalmros, yes we have load more functionality for alot of item.

Thank you

I purchased the theme and seem to be having a lot of issues. I have registered for support but have not received any email. Please advise. thanks

Received password link lastnight. It is invalid. Please push out link at your earliest. Biggest issue i have right now is the theme reflects the blog section and not the theme/demo you have up. Also, i have added pictures but they are not reflecting in the site.

hi mapalmros, i will check it on our support forum.

Thank you


Leo-on Purchased

Hey guys I recently updated my wordpress it was shortly after that that i noticed I cant edite the text in my sites anymore… Its still displayed on my site and the wordcount shows the amount of words but I cant see the words neither can I edit them… Can someone help me pls

hi Leo-on, we reply your question on email. please take a look

Thank you


eochoa Purchased

just updated to wp 4.4 and this theme work.. btw wp change the comment order the name, email etc… is on the bottom of the message…see this link –

hi eochoa, thank you for your information.

Okay I just purchased this theme template and I would like to know how to access the .xml Demo content. Can you please send me the file to upload to my WP Account. Also I set up an account in your support area, and there is no area to contact you directly with questions. Is there a reason for this? Please advise.

Not impressed by the response and not impressed by the service. There are many other templates I purchase that provide so much more quality service. If this template was not what my client chose, I will never purchase again from you. I should not have to chase down an xml file when requested. Plus you should have requested that I email you from my first request. Which if you read I mentioned that I was searching for an email and you didn’t provide me one to get a hold of you directly.

Just to show you this is the response I had 4 days ago. “Also I set up an account in your support area, and there is no area to contact you directly with questions. Is there a reason for this? Please advise.”

you have already create account on our support forum right? why don’t you just go to url i provide above and download the file? i try it thousand time to download the file and i get no problem at all.

I really like this theme however it seems to be very slow to load. Any chance to get it to load faster?

hi perkiekat, well its depend on your server actually. for me its pretty fast to load. also when i try to test it on webpagetest, we get 3400 speed index which is pretty good. please take a look right here :

Thank you

Thats cool. Thanks for sharing. It’ll probable load faster for me by placing in the cloud. I’m gonna buy this and see what I can do with it. Planning to use it for a Wedding Venue.

great perkiekat, hopefully you become our customer soon.

Thank you

Hello! I’ve been happily using this theme and now would like to take advantage of the info box for the frontslider.. but the option doesn’t seem to be there anymore! It should be present when I create a new slider, correct? I’m running on the latest version of the template. Thank you in advance for your help.

hi kleio, its still there. i don’t see anything change. i also use latest wordpress version also latest theme version.

Thank you

Hello! What is the header color number in the default light theme? I cannot figure out how to make my logo background the same color. Thank you.

hi successpl, its f7f7f7

Thank you

Thank you

You are welcome :)

Helloo!! =D Nice day!

I have a question, we migrate a project with your theme to our client domain, but the fields don’t work, if i put the image URL and then click Upload, the URL desappear: and the gallery looks like this: This problem happens in all site, front Slider too.

Can u help me please??

Thanks very muuuuuch, we are in love with your theme, is so beautiful, hugs!!

hi incubawebmx, its work on my side. i don’t know what happening on your side. is it work on your local server? is it work on your local too?