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Pretty cool! Simpsons FTW !


Thanks, got it right away huh? heheh

There’s some problem in the live preview…. seems like css can’t find images


Sorry, I just made a demo video using Jing?

Watch it here:
Watch the jPress 5 Minute Demo Video of the Admin Panel!


Ok, now that’s fine!

anyway, I like those jquery feature.

Good job ;)

I was recording a demo video.

Oh yeah and this is IE6 compatible btw!

I just added the WP-Ecommerce plugin functionality too and this can be seen here.

Anyone who buys this now can simply add the plugin at the following download page.

To view the eCommerce plugin at work, simply click on any of the “product page” navigation from the menu.


WP-Ecommerce Plug-In video tutorial showing basic features and custom admin options from the WP admin panel!

It’s awesome, check out the video here:
Watch Me!

P.S. Sorry, I am kind of tired during the making of this video tutorial because I have been working on this file/cms for a loooong time today.


Sean Wichert, Sr.

Is there a PSD for the top banner available with this theme?


What are you wanting specifically because I designed it so I can get you one after purchasing if you need something specific?


Interesting theme!


Thank you.

I’ve added the Envato MarketPlace API Plugin to the sidebar btw!


p4n Purchased

To get the sidebar_left widget working when sidebar is on right, I replaced:

<!- widget -> <?php if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) || !dynamic_sidebar(‘sidebar_right’) ) : ?>


<!- widget -> <?php if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) || !dynamic_sidebar(‘sidebar_left’) ) : ?>

Thanks for purchasing btw p4n, post a link to your work as I am interested to see what you can do with this and others too.

Just added PNG Post Date Icons!

Check the Live Preview again, they look great and fixed a couple bugs.

Awesome banner! Buy me add list.. Thanks guy!


Thank you sir, we put a lot of work into it.

rykibbs Purchased

Hi. Great theme. I just purchased it. How can I get the PSD ? I saw in an earlier comment that you can provide it upon purchase.


I will work on it for you and send over the .png, .psd, and .ai

Please provide a valid email I can send it to.

Additionally, thanks for purchasing.


PSD and PNG ’s are in the que for update as of today.


Additionally thanks for updating this file and IE6 compatibility that was not showing up before though it does work in ALL major Browsers.

Call me for the fastest response and custom support requests please, Sean Wichert, Sr. http://roqstar.net 512.701.2491

nice theme


Thanks mdsn, I am glad it finally shows the ie6 compatibility.

HI -

I bought a theme TYLIUM and all I am looking for is a shopping cart plugin that I can use with the theme so we can sell our products online. We just need one page (PRODUCTS PAGE ) with maybe 20 items -

can we use this for what I am looking for?


our site is www.thehookahcleaner.com— THANKS !


This wordpress theme uses the wp-ecommerce plugin.

wow – I am so sorry Im not familiar with wordpress – I just learned it a few days ago when i got the theme…I do learn quickly – so a liitle xplanation should do…

sp what does that mean? Yes I can use it or no?

I just want to set up a simple shopping cart without changing the current theme ect

I tried some other free shop cart but it looks shitty (you can see it on our site under STORE _ECWID)

well thanks for your help – please let me know



Go with a flash cart. It looks better and functions faster to the end user.

Is it allowed to build on a theme available from Wordpress.org and sell it on Envato, as you have done with this one?


I got written permission, though it is really not required with the GPL .

i purchased the flash cart but i do not know how to get it working in my wordpress theme…please advice


It needs to be embedded and then you must add your PayPal email address in the “cart actions” layer. Press F9 to open the actions panel.