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I would like to replace the ”+” with a new menu item that directs to a new page. Could you tell me all the thing I need to take care of when adding a new page? I have managed to create ”#references” where this menu item is linking, but I seem to have some problems as this page is appearing on other pages and no styles are applied to this one.. Thanks in advance for your help!

Thanks for the nice work by the way!

What is the best way to update the template without having to copy and paste all the content on the website?

Can i get PSD files… if i purchase this theme?

JSD doesn’t have PSD files.

is it possible to get the PSD?

I would like to put my own background in the back an image..Also I would like some of the menu items to go to an external site…like when I click resume I would like that to go to another website another than the page it self. Are both these things possible?

will you do wordpress version of this theme

it’s not avaliable