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Thanks Bro :)

Marvelous… All the best my friend! :)

Thanks Bro :)

Good Work, GLWS ;)

thanks :)

thanks bro

Good job!Good luck :)

thanks bro

GOOD WORK Bro!! like it

thanks bro

yes bro it’s very similar to your item .. i think i am the first to do it .. sorry .. similar ideas :)

Cool, np. Very nice item by the way. Good luck with sales 8-)

thanks Bro :)

Dude this is plagiarism and is illegal. The author can report. Your item is a copy.

For any scam you talking about?

The creator has something property rights than believe, it is called copyright. If you would copy is conducting a scam. The author, mustachethemes can report.

this is mustachethemes comment:

Cool, np. Very nice item by the way. Good luck with sales

If there is any problem with mustachethemes i will delete item. Thanks bro for following up

@imagineallt My friend , You have only one point, I visit your complete history on themeforest , You always comment worng on all product and your mind is only this to loose sale. This is not good my friend.

@haroldtarry My company buys in ThemeForest, not sold. Well thanks for your words.

I see your newly created user

This is great :)

thanks bro :)

Also, I am going to say that I am not satisfied with the way you’ve been inspired by our “Faculty” item. There is a difference between copy and inspiration. Your “EMPLOYMENT” section is same as http://themeforest.net/item/faculty-responsive-academic-personal-profile/full_screen_preview/6093859

Hey Bro, my section is not copied. This section is present in more than design, ex: http://themeforest.net/item/gridly-responsive-vcard-html/6185561 without :after and other old items.

In the next update I will make changes to many of them to change the design section

hey man, this theme seems really awesome and i want buy it but 1 question is it possible to put youtube and vimeo videos to portfolio ? If its possible then can you guide me after purchase the theme ? Thanks

yes, you can add youtube and vimeo in portfolio

check demo again ;)

Good Work bro

thanks :)

i love the style ! Very nice theme :)

thanks bro :)

The template is nice but I have a 2 problems.

When I click the social icons, the view is changed to blank. I wish to keep the view the same.

Also the social Icons do not respond to my click, I put a link in the href attribute and nothing happens.

this is my website: http://oranaviv.com

Unfortunately, these problems will be solved in the next update

when is the next update?

Updated :)

Hello, I need to remove the Portfolio-Section incl. Menubutton. How can I do that without break the website? I tried remove the menu-entry and the section but then hell break loose.

Thank you!

Oh and I need WIKIPEDIA Icon in the Social Section. How to do that?

- to add wikipedia icon add code in this text http://4smart.us/1.txt.

- about your first question please send your website link in message from my profile.

Great work my friend :)

I have one question before I buy the theme: I want to have my website in both English and Arabic language. Is it possible for me to add an icon or a tab on top so the user can choose? Which means I will have dual interface (RTL and LTR). Thanks.

Hey Bro, i think it’s not possible to do it now, JSD not able to add it. i will add it in next update v2.1.

I have it here on http://uzairahmad.com and I think it’s a nice template. Keep up the good work. :)

thanks bro :)

Hi bro. I’m having the same issue of bxslider not working in Chrome. And your own demo didn’t work either (in Chrome). Most of the people who visit my site use Chrome for browsing. It’s frustrating to see an empty white space there. What’s this and how to fix it?

Alternatively, how can I just replace the slideshow with a simple photo.