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Hellow, If I want to use this theme with Jomres, for a new Real Estate site, where all the service will be free, but I consider to get small commission on booking, can I use standard license, or I have to buy extended licence ? I m not a profession, so I cannot anticipate haw the think’s will work. This meaning that i cannot afford to pay extended license.

Thank You.

Ps. I already have JSN purchased.


If you want to use Jomres Extension (for Booking Function), you need to buy it via their website: http://www.jomres.net/. In JSN Sky PRO Edition, we do not provide Jomres Extension, just only provide extended style for the extension. If you are JoomlaShine customer, you will get 25% OFF for Jomres products in Partner Discount section in Customer Area. Thanks!


I am about to purchase your theme with jomres.

Playing with the free version of Jsn Sky and Jomres, can’t get them to work together as in your demo site. No matter what, Jomres will display with it’s own style like it has been embeded in the theme.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your time!


Hello Evan, In our demo site, you can see the extended style for Jomres in JSN Sky: http://demo.joomlashine.com/joomla-templates/jsn_sky/pro/index.php?option=com_jomres&view=default&Itemid=1209 If you have purchased both JSN Sky and Jomres, all function will actually work. One thing to notice, in our PRO Edition, there is only Extended Style for Jomres, it does not include Jomres Extension. Feel free to ask me when you have questions. Thank you!

Hello, I would like to buy your template for jomres (which I have already bought), but I noticed that there is an error on the main page of your demo site and the jomres-page is completely blank. Is this template still supported?

Thank you!


Thank you for reporting us. We fixed it and you can easily check extended style for Jomres here: http://bit.ly/1p7sLJI

Let me know if you need further information.

Have a nice day.

wikibu Purchased

hello buy your template and I would like to purchase the jomres but ecnuentro code off anywhere, can you help thanks


Hello wikibu,

Did you have an account in Joomlashine? If yes, please go to this section to reveal the Jomres coupon code: http://www.joomlashine.com/partnership.html

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know here: http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

Have a nice day,


I was thinking of buying this but I have a few unanswered questions:

1) You sell this same product on your own website, but with 2 different version names – pro standard and pro unlimited. One offers 3 months’ support, the other 12 months. What is on offer to people who buy this template? It is not specified anywhere and I think that’s kinda important!

2) The current version of Joomla (at least the version I downloaded yesterday) is 3.3.6 and your descriptions say this template is for joomla 3.1.x Has this template been tested with 3.3.6?

3) Your product description says “In order to get the latest version of a product please kindly submit the account request at Contact Us form. The latest version of a product is provided at NO additional cost.”

Does that mean that you do not provide the updated template here on Themeforest so that buyers can download the latest version, the same as other sellers? I thought that was a standard policy for all themeforest products.

If you don’t provide updates here, I’ve got to ask, how would buyers know there was an update available, and why should they have to email you to request a copy? I’ve never heard of anything like that happening with template sellers. It seems very strange. Can you please clarify what this means in simple English, because I think I must have misunderstood something.



It looks like this theme is no longer supported. Either that or the author doesn’t want to answer the questions above.

Having followed the links to the jomres website and looked at the free demo theme they provide, I decided to use that instead.


Sorry brian7454 for my late response as our office closed at weekend.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at ella@joomlashine.com

Look forward to serving you soon.