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Great looking theme.

I have 3 questions/issues: 1) I’d like to add 3 more ‘Boxes’ (where the ‘clear messaging’, ‘advanced options’ and ‘bootstrap’ boxes are on the demo site). Can you advise? 2) I’m working locally and have installed the icons are not displaying. 3) Again working locally, using the child theme, it all looks wrong.

Look forward to hearing from you.


You will need to edit home.php and admin/theme-settings.php. You can PM me if you need a hand. You may need to re-upload the box icons to fix the image path for your local machine.


Great thanks, I’ll have a look shortly and get back to you if I need help.

Hi I am trying to correct the following

When I type in the editor: I need a break? The front end will show: I need a break ? (extra spacing before the question mark)

This also happen for words in brackets.

Could you advise on how to correct this, appreciate your help


Can you PM me a link so I can take a look.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I followed the documentation, uploaded the theme as stated, imported the demo-juiced.xml but it looks really weird. I am p.m you the link of the site, please help!


Can you PM me again – I don’t see your email. Make sure you check the documentation. It will look strange until you assign the emu and set the static home page. – Cheers

bavaria Purchased

Hi, great theme, I have a problem with the menu of the tour page. Shouldn’t it stick a bit higher or something….? http://www.seo-bavaria.de/seo-leistungen/ I don’t know, but it is too little. Even on a realy big screen the hole menue does not apear. the lower parts are hidden. Also when I look at the page on a mobile device: the menu is on the bottom of the page, it should apear on the top and above the content, should’t it?

Thanks a lot in advance.

proco Purchased

How do you stop the logo from ‘wobbling’ when you hover over it?

There are a few different ways to do it. You can go into js/plugins.js and remove the function towards the bottom.
$(function() {